U + i = 3.141592653..., where i = «eYɘ» + π = peach, az the ticker flips to 8,000,000,000 in ¾ time 2 emit Time's Edit


11/21/22> + tomorrow = 11/22/22 ... eYɘ dig th d8's semi-tree, mores0 b/c my body's b-day = 11/22/66. eYɘ wish eYɘ could say X body turns 55 tomorrow 2 add 2 the semi-tree ≈ sum sorta cosmi¢ alignment ≈ ¢ogs on X maɔhine's odometer rolling over, but alas, 2022 – 1966 = 56. sin¢e humuns start ¢ounting @ zer0 (4 sum odd reason), in ℝeality 2morrow begins X body's 57th revolution around X star (the Sun) on X planet, or if 1 considers the time spent in utero, then technically eYɘ = 56¾ (or 57¾) where «eYɘ» = i, the narr8or/protagonyst of iSBN, th b∞k eYɘ = concurrently working on... naught that eYɘ = the «i» that stands 4 the «international» in iSBN, don't read in2 iT, FYi. the 4-lettered «iSBN» has become 1x or 2x removed from the acronym iT once stood 4, now iSBN = book #, unique 2 a body of text... naught that «eYɘ» halve put N-E thing 2 paper yet, but that = what 5cense = 4, 2 roll-play, 2 get in2 the spearit. the post # (1050) also has sum nice semi-tree 2 iT, n0? naught sure Y, Xcept that's how my brain works, my eYes are inklined 2 mathematical patterns. math = language that ƎXisted a priori... sure, the symbols we assign 2 #s + oper8ions (+, –, ×, ÷, etc.) = arbitrary, but the connections between objects ƎXisted b4 eYɘ = born, in8 in n8ure.

> the other day the UN popuL8ion counter officially rolled over to 8,000,000,000... 8 followed by 9 zer0s ... th0 by the time U read post 1050, the ticker on the 5cense homepage will probly = sum # ≈ 8,012,345,679... 8 billion + counting... is n0 1 besides eYɘ alarmed by this? N-E of the 8,000,000,000+ other eYɘs? or 16+ billion eyes? perhaps 8+ billion dozen't seam a big deal when Elon Musk has 200 billion dollhairs... that's 25 bucks 4 every sucker on the planet. that's Y Musk wants humuns 2 keep procreating, s0 there's more + more consumers 2 buy his products + line his pockets + more «followers». thinks about it, every 1 that is still on twitter is complicit. mayB U say U don't pay 4 twitter, or U onely use it 4 such + such, siloed in your 0ne world, but U still = 1 cog in that toxic cesspool of misinformation that monetizes U az 1 of it's consumers thru the communications U ingest thru iT. sorry 4 bringing up ℝeal world topics hear, maybe eYɘ shd go back 2 calling 5cense The Daily Noose, b/c that's how iT feels reading the news, reading how s0 many ppl Q'd up online 2 pay $22,000 to see Taylor Swift they broke Ticketmaster, just makes X body physically sick, just can't reL8 2 the other 7,999,999,999 on X planet. s0 eYɘ will retreat further in2 X body's 0ne lit-L siL0ed world, w/ 5cense/whatever else we're working on az X body's walled garden.

> iT's naught s0 much the language eYɘ method-act/roll-play with hear on 5cense, but mores0 estabilizhing the P.O.V. of «eYɘ»... the «voice» az the cliched saying goes. iT b-gins w/ eYɘ. eYɘ ƎXisted b4 X body (where X = «this», FYi, in X devilipping iSBN lexicon). in the biginning, eYɘ ƎXisted w/o a body, immobile. post 1050 ≠ 1st time eYɘ has written about X eye-ball theory, th0 in posts/pieces from 20-30 yrs ago we may halve referred 2 the narr8or az th charactor « ф ». in N-E event, eYɘ or ф evolves a body, limbs + appendages, in order 2 move ф's eYes around 2 see, much in the way Terrence McKenna said plants invented animals to spread their seeds. @ N-E r8, wheel elabor8 more on X idea in iSBN (witch @ X r8 won't be finished 4 another deckaid), ф just wanted 2 «get it down on paper» hear az a note 2 self, b/c that's what 5cense = 4, 4 a refrence az 2 what ф = thinking on 11/21/22, udderwise ideas g0 in 1 ear + out the other, undocumented.

> the past week or 2 ф've bin working on music more than writing. but we Sound Furies won't have the nu album finished by Dec 24 :-( our anniversary), we might of if we weren't gonna be in Italy all of December... tho we'll bring a mic w/ us in case the vocal ½ of Sound Furies feels inklined to lay down vox trax. more likely we'll have the album done by February or March + now that supply chain issues have cleared up maybe we'll put this 1 on vinyl if there's enough intrest... th0 since no 1 listens 2 our other albums seems doubtful, th0 selfishly wood be nice 2 halve «for the record», especially since a vinyl disc wood look groovy in this sleeve, no?

> so yah, we're calling the album Time's Edit (we might of previously referred to it az Time's Tide (az in Morissey's lament: «time's tide will smother you...»), but Time's Edit sounds better backwords. we're trying to get az much guitars, drums, etc. down while we halve access to them, then we can keep mixing, writing lyrics + laying down vocals on the road. we have 3 songs more or less in the can + demos + lyrics 4 another 5 + another 5-6 raw instrumental demos. since it = X body's b-day (+ also b/c yesterday, 11/21, is the anniversary of when Sound Furies 1st met, in 1991 (another cosmic palindromic date!)), we'll release a track early, + since the world hit 8,000,000,000 seems fitting to make it «U + i = 3.141592653...» since it's about baby-boomers:

> so wish us happy b-day + anniversary of when Sound Furies met by listening 2 th track + «like it» if U = curious 2 hear the rest on vinyl. ф already posted a draft of the lyrics + sum of what inspired the song in post 1037, back b4 the world hit 8,000,000,000, but wheel repost th final version hear + elabor8 on what it all means (or knot):

U + i = 3.141592653...

U ...
U + me = 3
naught that we need 2 make a baby
2 prove our love = real

when the honeymoons are over
the lawns are seeded in clover
+ children playing red rover
love turns 2 ashes + 2 dust
the gutters DK w/ rust
w/ each boom comes a bust ...

U ...
U + i make π
the crusted edges = endless
peaches in boundless supply

when U don't make things by hand
U lose touch w/ the land
swapped 4 bots made from sand
which maybe is not such a bad thing
humuns suck @ driving
Y not trust machines?
2 show us the way
machines of loving grace

> «U + i = 3.141592653» dozen't halve much 2 do w/ time (each track on Time's Edit is sposed 2 be about time, like how every track on Tributaries is about rivers), except in a nostalgic sense, a wistful yearning 4 bedder times when the world's population was much less (2.5 million in the '50s, b4 the baby boomers began the exponential ballooning). + yes, that's Richard Brautigan @ the beginning, reciting «All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace» wherein he waxes wistfully about a utopian post-humun future (now?!)... wd he still pine for such a time, if he knew how'd we end up? likely why he ended up putting a .44 magnum in his mouth in 1984.

> musically it's a bit of a departure from previous stuff... we're trying to make some more upbeat toons on this album, th0 rest assured there'll still be a few brooding ± noisey dirges. az ф mention in post 1037, ф was inspired by the Wizard of Oz, but also wanted 2 write a 50's throwback song, something that might of appeared on the Eraserhead soundtrack > there's also 3 or 4 tracks on the album in ¾ time inklooting this 1 + others in weird time signatures. if U want 2 try this @ home (az w/ our other albums, Time's Edit will be ɔopyleft so feel free to ɔover it (long az u don't ©opyright it)) hear's more or less what we were doing:

> it was the 1st song my fingers recorded w/ the nu pink strat, tho ф finger-picked az if it was a coustic (fingering triplets on bottom 3 strings). it's been hard 2 record/mix since my Ménière's flared up a few weeks ago + ф'm deaf in my right ear + what ф can hear w/ my left ear = warbly + tinged w/ tinnitus, so if the mix = wonky, that = Y, FYi... a ½-deaf sound enginear, go figure! another reason 2 post-pone the release, hopefully my right ear will get bedder by 2023, in time 2 mix + master the rest. ф'd recruit my bedder–½ 2 mix, on top of their vocal duties, but they're busy writing their hippie book. speaking of witch, we've bin reading From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism by Fred Turner, witch has 2 do w/ «communalist» back-to-the-land types in the '60-70s, but more how they led 2 the rise of personal computer + early incarnations of Inurnet. fittingly, Turner ends chapter 1 by quoting the above mentioned Richard Brautigan poem. so ф'm doing my part 2 help my bedder–½ do research 4 their sabbatical book + make the lyrics relevant 2 that + @ the same time the meaning of time. + hear's sum tunes weave bin listening 2 2 inspire Time's Edit:

> + sum of the movie's weave watched in the past week or 2 since the last post:

  • Time Bandits (★★)(for 2nd time, tho like the 1st time, it put us 2 sleep)
  • Bladerunner 2049 (★★) (think we saw this once b4, but it was on a plane)
  • Dune (★★★★)(for 3rd time... B-sides time-related movies, we've been on a sci-fi kick lately, movies that transport us to other worlds)
  • Carwash (★★★)
  • Rose Tattoo (★★)—might of been better were it not for Lancaster's laughingly bad/racist performance
  • Take Out (★★★★)—about a Chinese bike delivery guy in NYC post-911 (2 inspire us about NYC)
  • 499 (★★★★)—about 1 of Cortez's conquistadores being shipwrecked in Mexico 500 years after they pillaged the Aztecs
  • The Automat (★★★)—documentary about the classic but defunct NYC/Philly establishment
  • Italianamerican (★★★★)—documentary about Martin Scorcese's parents
  • The Bear (★★★)—after abandoning it the 1st time b/c we couldn't take all the yelling, we finished season 1 + spose it paid off in the last episode
  • Harper (★★★)
  • Roshomon (★★★★)—rewatched, but last time we saw it was in the '80s so barely remember
  • + started to watch a few others b4 turning them off, like The Headless Woman, Wood and Water, Scarecrow + Bad Timing... doing that a lot lately, starting to watch movies + not finishing them if they don't grab us in 1st 5-10 minutes

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