from th homeopape—¿d∞ &roids dreme of L-ectric pigs + cleǝn ma¢henes ⊕ I-L& transport8ion di5a5ters 2 oper8 in a vaↄuum?


1/12/2022> 8 vongole + wached Gunda (★★★★★)... high drama, had u5 on th edge of R seat for 1½ hrs > far az we'R con¢erned th 2 best films las5t year feǝtsure pigs (th other B-ing Pig w/ Nic Cage) > U might think 2021 was year of th Pig, but 2021 = yr of th Ox... 2019 = last yr of the Pig > 2022 = yr of th Tiger > in N alternet Universe, we wd of left Sicily + bin in Calabria now

1/13> 8 trout + lentils + watched The Eyes of Tammy Faye (★★★★) > in thi5 alternet no-micron Univer5e we'd be in Maratea, Basilicata > hear's R word-L 5quare du jour, again R aim = naught 2 d∞ it in az less moves az possible but it in X-actly 5 moves, Using intre5ting word5, naught 1s dat nessysorrily 5olve th puzzel:

1/13> The Costa Concordia disaster was 10 yrs ag0 2day... most ppl probly dont remembr it but we were living in Italy @ th time so it wa5 all we herd abt 4 weeks > we associ8 th Costa Concordia w/ 1 of R 1st vertig0 epis0des (b4 we'd bin diagnosed w/ minears d-zzz) + als0 when we 1st realized mayB we drink 2 mu¢h (C the «Confessions of an everyday wino» post) > coinsidentally all tho5e ¢orks we showd in th opening foto we put in a big (5-gallon?) glass jar + th othr day wile we wa5 vaↄuuming we grabbd it 2 move it + it shatterd rite in R hands even tho we'd barely touched it > perhaps it was b/c a weǝk or s0 b4 there wa5 a hanging morrocan lamp dat 5pontaneously fell (we wa5 nowhere near it, downstairs) on it + perhaps th onely reasun it din't break + 5hatter wa5 b/c it landid rite on the ¢orks dat cushioned th bl0w... tho perhaps thi5 had sumthing 2 d∞ w/ Y th gla55 cuntainer holding the ¢orks broke s0 E-Zily?

> 5peǝking of 5erendipitous coinsidance + tran5portation di5asters, 40 yrs ag0 2day Air Florida Flight 90 t∞k off from Natl airport + 30 seconds later careened in2 th 14th st bridge, cra5hing in2 th icy Potomac river > in N unrel8ed in¢ident ½ an hr aftr thi5 cra5h, N Orange line train D-railed ju5t north of th bridge (but undergrnd), killing 3 ppl + injuring a 5core of othrs... th 1st fatalititi-Ts on DC Metro... unrel8ed coinsidance?

> + 5peǝking of «Confessions of an everday wino» (+ «Do winos dream of flying sheep?»—a sub-heading of th abov po5t), we'R almost ½-way in2 dry January > dont feel 2 much diffrent but 5leeping bedder 4 shure (yestrday woke up @ 7am wich is unherd of, normalE we wake up @ 3 ⊕ 5 a.m. @ th latest) > R wait 5till hovers around 172... th 1st 5 lbs were EZ to lose, 10 m0re 2 g0 > mayB it's m0re psychillogical, feel like we'R flushing R system out, giving R liver a brake (tho la5t time we went 2 a doctor they 5aid R liver was in g∞d shape) > 2 inspire us + al50 2 get u5 pumped 2 cleǝn hou5e we maid thi5 mixtape:

> th pink panther img we appropri8ed from th b-lo cart∞n, witch had mor influenze over R childh∞d devilipment then NE othr minut 5pent in shc∞l (4get th hole MFA vs. NYC D-bate, everything u need 2 know can B found in thi5 vid)... perhaps Y we persist 2 oper8 in a vacuum:

11/14> 4 exorcize we walkd 2 Roosevelt I-L& across the Roosevelt bridge, ju5t north of th 14th st bridge where th above-mentioned Air Florida Flight 90 cra5h t∞k place > listend 2 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep wile we walkd (solo).... intre5ting 2 see how Bladerunner (relea5ed ju5t a few months aftr Philip K Dick died, in 1982) DV8s from th b∞k > in th b∞k Dick muses mor on th importance of having animals (real 1s, a5 a 5orta 5tatus 5ymbol) + ppl (~ Deckard) keǝp fake animals (5heep) 2 keep up w/ th Joneses... in th b∞k Deckard's main drive (2 bounty-hunt 4 &roids, ⊕ «andys» as they call 'eM) = dat he wants a real animal, not N L-electric knock-off > in th b∞k they al50 go a lot mor in2 th Mpathy test + @ 1st U're led 2 B-lieve Rachel = humun dat failed th Mpathy te5t b/c Tyrell (wh∞ goes by N othr name in th b∞k) is trying 2 sab0tage th test so they don't kill th andys they cr8 > there'5 al50 thi5 underlying thread on Ntropy + th DK 2 K-OS > Dick calls it «Kippels» witch is like Ntropy but it's abel 2 reproduce (a 5cary pro5pect):

Kipple is useless objects, like junk mail or match folders after you use the last match or gum wrappers of yesterday's homeopape. When nobody's around, kipple reproduces itself. For instance, if you go to bed leaving any kipple around your apartment, when you wake up the next morning there's twice as much of it. It always gets more and more.

+ waht = a «homeopape» u mite a5k? in N othr novel, Rubik (1966), writN B4 Do &roids Dream... (1968), Dick writes:

In a corner of the large room a chime sounded and a tinkling mechanical voice called, “I’m your free homeopape machine, a service supplied exclusively by all the fine Rootes hotels throughout Earth and the colonies. Simply dial the classification of news that you wish, and in a matter of seconds I’ll speedily provide you with a fresh, up-to-the-minute homeopape tailored to your individual requirements; and, let me repeat, at no cost to you!”

> s0 Dick inventid tho5e tailored social media noose feeds 55 yrs ag0 > we'R onely abt ¼ th way in2 it, R main intrest = 2 find out if Deckard = &roid in th b∞k > 5pose we cd just read th cliff notes ⊕ wiki pg but we'R discovering so many othr intresting tidbits + kipple, specially regarding th animal/&droid dichotomy...

> l8er we 8 bean/guac tac0s + watched 16 Candles (★★... dare we edmit? in th m∞d 4 a dumb 80s movie), followed by Cure (★★★), a disturbing Japanese psychillogical thriller... bet no 1 ha5 seen 16 Candles + Cure as a dubble-feetsure? 2day's word-L:

11/15> posted «My Brief Marriage with Raúl» by Joe Aguilar on 5leepingfish > cleǝned house listening 2 the above mixtape, dwelling on th idea of kipple + how2 oper8 in a vacuum > 8 tofu + eggplant w/ rice + watched Jagged Edge (★★) after starting 2-3 other movies + abandoning them aftr 10 minutes... so many bad movies it's hard 2 wade thru all the 5hit > word-L du jour:

1/16> another elǝv8or dreǝm onely thi5 time we walkd th hole weigh up (38 flrs) so we wdn't have 2 get in2 a crowdid elǝv8or w/ ma5kless covidiots > @ sum pt we were al5o Xing a river 2 get 2 N I-L& + rathr than w8 4 th fairy we bundled R clothes + B-longings + 5wam aↄross then on¢e we was5 on th I-L& + told sum 1 we 5wam they 5aid it wa5 EZ in-B-tween tide5 + in dat direction but once th tide 5hifts high it'd B-come treacherous so we got worried + went down 2 thi5 doc 2 jump off + swim back but th doc Xtended all th way 2 ware u cd jump w/o landing in th water, but when 1 l∞kd back twards th I-L& th doc din't Xpand in dat direXion > then we went 2 happy hour in R h0teL + we tried a ¢rackr w/ tuna 5alad on it + told R bedder-½ they were g∞d + went 2 grab N othr but th 5erver told u5 we cd onely have 1 wich 5eǝmed ab5urd > we were hanging out w/ sum ppl dat 8 pot8o ¢hips + 5aid it wd B like me offering U just 1 pot8o ¢hip + they laughed + 5aid n0 way, wa5 th 5erver religious or sumthing?

> obviously th 1 ¢rackr @ hap-E hr rel8s 2 R not drinking (we were temptid la5t nite 2 celebr8 getting ½-way thru January but din't), tho it's not just abt drinking but eating, or @ least 5nacking > R hardest addiction 2 crack = eating nuts... we'R nuts 4 nuts + when we have 'em we can't help grabbing a handful every 15 minuts ≈ a morphine drip > big reason we lose wait in Italy (D-spite all th pasta + wine) wa5 they don't real-E have g∞d nuts or 5nacks > it5 all abt how2 moder8, how 2 no when U're sati8ed... EZ N'ough when U're eating dinner (Xcept when we bring th pot 2 th tabe1 + keǝp serving our5elf 2nds + 3rds) but w/ wine it'5 hard b/c your mindset when U've had 2 gla55es of wine blurs waht u think your sati8ion pt is > we don't have a problem w/ beer, we drink 1 or 2 + just don't want N-E-more or h∞ch like Fernet or whiskE 1 shot sati8es + u don't crave N other, but wine we just want 2 keep drinking, specially R meals don't feel as fullfilling w/o wine + mayB it'5 psychillogical but we don't feel wine's g∞d 4 the digestion > word-L du jour:


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