∀ntipode of dream ≠ fl∞d: A pseudobiblia in riverse 2 redial laider + canyoneer a shark crash (Ngaging w/ J.C. Mehta + Frank Stanford)



2/5/2022> dear Inurnet, what'5 past = cot up 2 here + now (⊕ now + hear ketches up 2 what = past) > we feel a wait ha5 bin lifted now dat weave ar¢hived 2007, the last gap in R gurneyed journals, th 5late wiped— ¡onely lofty 4word thinking! back 2 5cribing ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2 (⊕ I5BN = back 2 writing us, in «bac for/of cab»)

> ¿drawn onward ⊕ drown onword? <

> 4word, 4 «what R words 4, if no 1 lis-10s N-E more?» 2 quote Mi55ing Persuns > 4 5tarters, we ordered a nu ↄomputer (⊕ IT ordered us), 2 anticip8 B-ing mobile come May > where in th whirled, we ain't 5ure 4 shore, tho 2 5tart in Bellagio (bedder-½ ha5 a meating there) + from lake Como wheel play IT by ear (⊕ ear by IT plays wheel, com0 lake?) > thi5 commputer's 5tarting 2 drive us crazE b/c everytime we type N nnm it types 2 of 'emm sew we halve 2 baↄkspaↄe 2 fix mmm > dat + we got a 16" macb∞k so we can C waht we'R doing in InD-zine (⊕ InD-zine can C waht we'R doinnng)

> there4, we contempl8 what future holds in 5tore ⊕ how 2 B az ever-pre5ent in pre5ent > ⊕ < present in ever-present az B-ing, 2 how ¿⊕ 5tore, in holds future? what contempl8 we, there4

> IRL, la5t nite we⌚'ed Day Trippers (★★★)(⊕ Day Trippers ⌚'ed us) NN overl∞ked m∞vie from th '90s + Donnie Darko (★★★★★) ⌚'ed us 4 probly 4 th dozenth time, we'd ⌚ it more but R bedder-½ aint az crazE abt it > halve we talked abt R love of Donnie Darko B4 on 5cense? seams we did in post #341 @ lea5t in th ¢ontxt of in4mation flow + narriverative ⊕ here we specul8 az 2 th influenze Deleuze + Guattari had on Richard Kelly > perhaps it wa5 pre-5cense we time travelled down Dark-O rabbit-holes, analyzing background info... az w/ th actual b∞k (The Philosophy of Time Travel) by Robert Sparrow mentioned in a4menntioned film ¿if we work under pseudonnyms (⊕ they work under us) Y naught refrence pseudobiblias?

2/6 (⊕ 6\2 deepending on d8 custom followed) (¿R licks ∀ skill 2 sharks?)

2/6> we wa5 canyoneering inn Zion w/ R bedder-½ la5t nite ⊕ urly thi5 a.m. > l∞king b-hind us we ⌚'ed az a tidel wave 5urged tward u5 az if IT wa5 a tidal rever > we 5crambled 4word up th canyon 2 Xcape 2 hire ground but then we saw a fla5h fl∞d bearing down on u5 from up5tream > we grab'd on2 R bedder-½ + held tite 2 anticip8 + th 5urge from b-lo 5tarted 2 carry u5 + we wa5 able 2 duck in2 N alcove in th nick of time + ⌚'ed az the fla5h fl∞d from above + tidal wave from B-lo ↄollided kind of ≈ how in riptides th waves reflect bac + ¢rash in2 inↄoming > there wa5 ∀ll 5orts of D-trius + D-bris in th fl∞d waters (az in th video we made 4 «Gila-Salt») + inncoming 5urge + they ma5hed in2 K-OS + braced in thi5 al¢ove we managed 2 avoid it > ju5t az quiↄk az it ¢ame it 5ub5ided + there wa5 blu sky + we cuntinued up th dry canyon

> th patron saint yesterday (Feb 5) = St Agatha of Sicily so we re-⌚'ed Il Postino (thinking it t∞k place inn Sicily but actually it takes place on Procida, in the gulf of Naples) > spose we shd of watched a movie w/ severed b∞bs but couldnn't thinnk of N-E

St Agatha


well-endowed f∞sball playr from Il Postino

> dam thi5 keybored, madam! keyboard thi5 mad dam > St Agatha also = saint th shc∞l in Math Class = named 4 > 5peaking of witch, almo5t fini5hed w/ edit5

> AND edit ∀ tide DNA

> th image 4 «Circuit» (witch we featured in Sleepingfish) we appropri8ed from The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You > O, can sum1 ©opyright a ©ircle?

> when R bedder-½ saw it they 5aid «hey, you're putting your tat2 in the b∞k» + we'd 4gotten all abt thi5 tat2, in part cuz it'5 on R side ½-way on R back so we nvr C it (+ it's hard 2 take a 5elfie of) > feel ≈ 2 dat guy Pearce in Memento, writing notes 2 5elf in tat2s s0 we don't 4get

> we swap'd dream 4 river (2 dream = «rêver» in French) in the tat2 wording + yah, we n0 we need 2 lose wait, 5till hovering ~ 172... lost 5 lb in January, 5-10 lbs 2 g0

az we t∞k th above foto we noticed shad0ws of trees were sumhow cast on C-ling... how cd thi5 B?

> years ag0 we member hearing abt a Frank Stan4d documentary, It Wasn't A Dream, It Was A Flood (we even made R one video (of th Tiber fl∞ding in 2010) w/ th 5ame name just 2 mess w/ ppl 5earching 4 it) > we check Inurnet every s0 often + have nvr bin able 2 find it, but ju5t now now we checkd + lo + behold, final-E they digitized it!

> fl∞d, was it? dream ≠ IT (ware IT 5tands 4 in4mation technology)


pic of your truly in high shc∞l circa 1984 (goth phase w/ black hair + eyeliner) + th 2008 cover 4 The Singing Knives

+ also re-⌚'ed Jacob's Ladder (★★★★), mindfuck of a movie, al50 abt Vietnam

> txt-wise we red Antipodes by J.C. Mehta, witch might X-plane Y we'R pseudo-writing in emordnilaps in thi5 post. (Stop this in palindromes, in writing pseudo R we Y, plane X, might witch Meta J.C., by Antipodes red we, wise text) > wd of made more 5ense 2 read/review it on 2/2/22, ⊕ bedder yet wait til 2/22/22 > th palindromic logic Mehta follows = @ sen-10-ce/P-graph lvl... drift th get dat a po-M cause B red backwords( ⊕ words back red B-cause mop data, get th drift?) 4 eggsample:

     «... uncertain still; that's okay. Washing white, the stain's disappearing now...»

can B riversed 2 say:

     «... Now, disappearing stains the whitewashing. (Okay, that's still uncertain)...»

> tho it'5 hard 2 quote from Antipodes b/c when u 5teal a $tring from th ↄontxt + par5e it IT gets me$$ed up (unless u take th N-tire page (e-gap tire N th take))

     «Destiny manifests everyone different...» > «...different? Everyone manifests destiny.»

> arresting FX act or X-factor arrests, arise when tables the flip, meaning th change ↄhanges th meaning > po-Ms on left get mop'd up on rite (rite on up, mop gets left on poems)... off coarse such a textual ↄon5traint reqwires massaging, but th «massage = medium», 2 quote M McLuhan, messy-edged massaged messages

     «... keep up the watch. Laziness kills motivation.» > «Motivation kills laziness. Watch the upkeep...»

> ⌚, play in2, comes background oregin, they're thematically there4 N DNA (Cherokee) meta = Mehta = Cherokee, a NDN, there4 thematically their oregin/background comes in2 play, ⌚ > where NDN = palindrome they u5e 2 characterize them5elf, Mehta = meta4 4 them5elf + they was5 born + live in R hometown of Portland, Oregon > other themes inkl∞t eating disorders:

«questioning, daily, the hate I stuff inside. The suffocating from food kept discipline intact. More is less because all»
                                                                              < ⊕ >
«All because less is more. Intact disciplines kept food from suffocating the inside stuff, I hate the daily questioning...»


     «Fall's cost of apples: your everything. Currency by everyone consumes what is known...»
                                                                              < ⊕ >
     «... known is what consumes everyone by currenncy. Everything your apples accost falls.»

> «mind your collapse»

> transcript 'flip th table' 2 table th flip, trans-crypt > we integr8 «wings grip. Let's drug Lazarus for directions» 2 get «Directions for Lazarus drug: let's grip wings»

> th antipode of Portland, Oregon = middle of NDN Ocean

> «collapse your remind»

> END D.N.Ǝ.

weed B lying if we said we red Antipodes hanging upside-down
tho we did read it on N elliptical (½ th time petaling backwoods)

> words backway R working 2 paint R way from end coroner < corner end, from way, R paint working R way backwords... knives sing... flood A, wa5 it? dream A, wa5n't it?... U love I says moon... class, math, the postman Agatha, saint... R one flash-flood-meats-tidal-wave dream... licks skills, blend w/ shark crash

> sharc krash... aloft slate, a pseudobiblia 2 drown onword

994 <(current)> 996 > Ǝↄono-mE of word$ #17: th X-ↄhange r8 of limit$ 2 growth in-coming up w/ a nu 4m of ↄurrent-¢
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