Ǝↄono-mE of word$ #17: th X-ↄhange r8 of limit$ 2 growth in-coming up w/ a nu 4m of ↄurrent-¢


2/7/2022> dear Inurnet, la5t nite we went on tour w/ 3–4 other bands + th onely ppl in th audien¢e were th mu5icians naught playing > th band we were ⌚ing were wa5hing out th inside of a fountain (covered w/ contaↄt mi¢s) w/ high powerd garden hoses (Matmos perhaps?) + we thought, must B hard 4 venUes 2 accommod8 them (5upply spigots, water pressure, built-in font, etc.)

word-L 2/8

2/8/2022> it's th@ time of year where we 5ay «it's dat taxing time of year...» ⊕ fined ∫um othr witty weigh 2 frame IT dat's diffrent than how we st8ed IT la5t year ⊕ th year B4yr b4 dat, etc... > we probly wd als0 disclaim ∫umthing along th lines of a «fool dis¢losure, 4 N-E 5tupid eNough 2 want 2 start a small press» > no madder how u $lice it, out¢ome = $ame az B4... ¿ain't dat th definition of in5ani-T? az we keep st8ing over + over, ad ∞/nauseum... «outcome» = 5trange word b/c in finan¢ial terms 1 mea$ures outcome by inↄome, how mu¢h 1 bring$ IN + th 1s dat hoard th mo$t R ¢onsidered most «$uccessful» > humuns selldum evalu8 1's «net worth» based on how much they produce (weather IT bee fruit ⊕ art) > in 2021, th Ↄalamari finan¢ial outↄome ≈ income, close 2 $teady st8 equilibrium, witch = bedder than we cd ever hope 4 (just need 2 get both #s hire w/o 5acrifi¢ing overhead) > hear'5 th hi5tori¢al ¢ontext:

> ain't n0 rhyme ⊕ reasun 2 th graph 1 mite 5ay, pure K-0$... tho perhaps 1 cd D-deuce dat B-tween 2013 — 2018 Ↄalamari 5lipped in2 quie$cense ⊕ arↄhival dormant-C (naught souprizing 5ince in 2014 we ↄhanged th name from press 2 arↄhive) + 5ince 2018 there = 5light rebound? big ↄhange in 2020 = Garielle joining u5 az co-arↄhivist (az we contempl8ed 5hifting back 2 Italy, b4 covid cha5ed u5 back (5till might happen... returning in May 2 C if we can make IT work FT)) > az u5ual, th above #s = dire¢t X-penditures, eXpenses dat $trictly amount 2 printing + $hipping ¢osts + doesn't inkloot th tools 2 make b∞ks (computers, office $upplies, etc.) nor th humun-power B-hind IT (waht we paid 2 Garielle + royal-Ts 2 authors (not dat it wa5 very mu¢h)) > in a nut$hell, we $pent $3087 to make $2985 in 2021, so only $102 in the red, ain't so bad relatively $peaking > naught shure how menny b∞ks dat amounts 2 (released in2 the wild), but last year we printed up a total of 650 b∞ks... az st8ed b4, thi5 = true ¢urrency (# of b∞ks ⊕ amount of art weave cullected ± released in2 th world) dat we measure R 5elf-worth upon > in total there Ǝxist 27,679 Ↄalamari b∞ks out there in circul8ation > if u ∫um up th past 17 tax yrs, weave $pent $128,059 to make $94,804, witch mite eq8 us 2 a lost cau$e until 1 con5iders th 27,679 b∞ks in circul8ion > sew weave $pent $33,255 to bring 27,679 b∞ks 2 life, eXchange r8 = 1 b∞k : $1.20 > if 1 ↄonsiders a dollhair bill 2 B a piece of paper, wouldn't u rather halve a b∞k w/ ~100s of pgs of artful text than a 6.14" x 2.61" piece of paper w/ cultish masonic propaganda + «in god we trust» printed in green ink? th idea of a dollhair bill ha5 freaked u5 out ever 5ince we wa5 a tot, how u can eXchange 1 for anothr + IT don't madder witch = witch... eXcept in Timor Leste (5trangely, they use ∀merikin dollhairs), where they (¢lerks + taxi drivers) inspect ea¢h + every bill + R picky abt witch they'll accept (can't B 2 worn out, but they also don't like 'em brand $pankin' nu) > az we say in «Ogeechee»: it's all a wash, divining for gold / come up w/ a new form of currentsea:

> how can thi5 K-0S B su5tainabull, U might a5k? i.e. how can we (Cal A. Mari) eat + 5tay 5heltered w/ 5uch a negativ gro$$ in¢ome?.. well, nun of thi5 = possibel if naught 4 R bedder-½, th 1 wh∞ brings home th bacon (+ al5o sings in th above 5ong) > helps dat we don't procre8 biologically, R progenie = «body of work» we leave B-hind aftr we'R ded + D-cumposing 2 dirt

@ end of day waht matters = th texts + art we've cre8ed + left in R wake > Ↄalamari-wise weave popul8ed ill mundo w/ 27,679 b∞ks (+ a few hundred cassettes + LPs dat we give out 4 free b/c (az st8ed in post #987) naught a soul ha5 bot N-E) > digital b∞ks R harder 2 quantify... ppl downloded Ark Codex ± 0 around 27,679 times ju5t in th 1st few months we released IT, but were they real-E ppl, ⊕ robots? ⊕ what of th ~1,000 unique vi5itors to 5cense.com each day... R N-E of U real? when we were giving out db∞ks 4 free during th pandemic well over 10,000 «visitors» (5piders?) freely downloaded 'eM > th occassional B-ing buys a db∞k w/ th paywall up, but n0where near th magnitude az when they'R free > u got 2 wonder tho weather ppl (if naught 5pider-bots) R just downloading 'eM b/c they'R free, b/c humuns in generule love free $hit... Y Garielle ritefully thought we shd put th paywall back up > ¢heap = ¢heap, it's ∀ll in perↄeption > weave tried th PWYW mod-L 4 R digital albums + a few db∞ks, but again, naught a soul ha5 ponied up even $1 > if u con5ider thi5 mod-L az «pay what u think it'5 worth» then R output = worthle55 > when we put up a don8 btn for Ark Codex ±0, 1-2 ppl (out of ~50,000) ¢oughed up a few bu¢ks but in5ignificant ↄompared 2 th 5elect few wh∞ bot originul art from th b∞k (for $100 a pop) > originul art = a diffrent 5tory... th more ∫umping gets replic8ed th more it's val-U dimini$hes... th dollhair bill = prime eggsample... when a govt prints + puts more bill$ in circul8ion (in a recession ⊕ 2 counter infl8ion) thi5 only 5erves 2 add fuel 2 th fire in th long run... bedder off burning muni 2 stay warm > if we had muni 2 burn, we'd bee hoarding art, dat's what harbors tru val-U

> IT goes w/out sane dat we don't no 5hit abt e¢onomics ± pu$hing produ¢t > in post #993 we blogged abt how we think gr0wth = overr8ed, how IT ain't sustainable... inkreasing + inkreasing 2 waht end? we ain't by no menes th 1st 2 think growth = overr8ed, if naught eXponentially self-imploding in on it5elf... thi5 = th premise of The Limits to Growth, witch we haven't red yet but halve herd plenty others go on abt, inkl∞ting R bedder-½ + Adam Curtis in All ⌚ed Over by Machines of Loving Grace

> th 2 nu 4ms of ↄurrent-¢ we brot in2 cirul8ion in 2021 = Residue + Tributataries, bringing th total # of Ↄalamari titles to 78


> we already got 2 in th hopper for 2022: Summertime in the Emergency Room by David Nutt (4thcoming 4/1/22) + Math Class by Kelly Krumrie (4thcoming summer of 2022) > ⌚ thi5 5pace...

+ P.S. litteruley hot off th pre55! just received Summertime in the Emergency Room from printer, N-E wanting an ARC let us know

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