2 B in8, pre55 [▶︎] on a real-2-reel + [] inherent prime-8 U wa5 in 8° grade 2 per4m a dub-L Lutz + 4-mule-8 I5BN


[ pre55 [[] + [︎] btns @ 5ame time]> [in R one reel-time trans¢ribed vox] te5ting 1, 2, 3 > d8-5tamp = 2/12/2022 > bit by bit we'R re-M-urging from omicron, dear Inurnet... 5tarted venturing 2 th markit in meat 5pace, R m8's going 2 work in persun, la5t week went 2 get 5ushi + now we harbor a houseguest from th UK > [ >> ] 2 2sday + we'R having folks over 4 dinner > [ << ] + [︎] la5t time we had dinner guests (last 5ummer) + 1 of 'eM came down w/ covid th next day, 4tune8ly we testid negativ < [] > [[] + [︎]] > 5eams we'R th onely 1s dat ain't contractid covid yet (dat we know of), @ thi5 pt feels naught getting it ≈ a 5tigma, equ8ing 2 naught «getting out much» > whether's bin nice, yestrday wint 5trolling thru th graveyard [pre55 [||] 2 insert pic 2 prove waht we 5ay happend]:

[unpre55 [||] btn ] > I.R.L bin 5tuffing envelopes w/ Summertime, requesting blurbs 4 Math Class + mite halve a 3rd 4th-coming Ↄalamari title... equ8ing u5 more 2 Cal A. Mari than anon I'm us > now dat we'R dun w/ R journel archiving, R dayz az «Derek White» R done... hear on 5cense + in R b∞ks @ N-E r8... [] > jots down «@ N-E r8» in a seper8 noteb∞k we keep hand-E, ⊕ we might jot IT on 5crap paper ⊕ email it 2 R-5elf... weed rite it strait in2 R working I5BN doc but R houseguest 5leeps on th floor of R office ware R main machine sit5, R «mothership» az we call IT > intresting how X-sits ≈ Ǝxist > a nother tidbit 2 take note of

[[] + [︎]] > yesterday exorcising on th 5pin bike we listend 2 th Beyond the Zer0 podca5t w/ Garielle Lutz + she tocked abt how @ N early age she'd cullect words naught even mattering what they ment ju5t b/c she jived w/ th vibe of 'eM, cullecting 'M in ∫um 5orta pocketb∞k... naught dat she 5aid thi5 in s0 menny words, her lexicon'5 on a diffrent wavelength than Rs (+ we lie @ opposit end of th 5pectrum in regards 2 phonillogical + syntactic rules dat glue sen-10-ces + p-graphs 2gether, naught 2 menshun how words get spelt) , we don't give a 2nd thought 2 how ∫umping sounds ⊕ even l∞ks on paper > thi5 diffrence (∆) = waht makes her N intresting choice az Calamari co-librarian, 5orta akin 2 good-cop / bad-cop > [||] 2 reflect

> D-spite thi5 ∆, when we initi8 a project thi5 = waht we due 2—cullect words + frases we covet in2 a noteb∞k ⊕ document (if meta4ical-E) > the5e morphemic terms we regurgit8 + rumin8 over, then harvest 'M in2 whatever b∞k we'R working on (ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2 az of l8)... ¿may-B thi5 = what ∀ll writer types due 2 ∫um X-tent? gather notes 2 formul8 N outline, ∫umping 2 guide their thoughts? tho IT seams 99% of writers think more abt meaning, plot, autobi0graphical interjections, etc. than landgauge (except po-ITs, wh∞ we don't identify with)

@ N-E r8, thi5 = th onely weigh weave ever none 2 work, even when 5ong-writing we halve a «lyric pool» 2 pull from (⊕ a pull 2 p∞l from) > hear's the lexicon we deviliped 4 A Raft Manifest, th preↄursor of 5orts 2 I5BN > perhaps there's ∫um overlap, th0 the I5BN jean p∞l we pull from = enumer8ed, dbased in #s > weave B-cum numb 2 globally X-cepted meanings... 4 eggsample when most folk C the word «numb» they think w/o sensation, ⊕ th lyrics 2 Pink Floyd's «Comfortably Numb» mite pop in2 their noggins, wear-as when we C «numb» we C IT az a prefix 2 # + vice-versa, when we C th word «number» we think more numb > Y due we need th word «number» when we have th «#» sign (tho it'5 bin co-opted in thi5 modern world az «hashtag» + even th ha5htag b-comes N-cumbered w/ #metoo, s0 now when ppl C «#» they think of 5urvivors of 5exual misconduct

> we B-come so fix8ed w/ morphology + 5ubtext it'5 n0 wonder we get N-E-where b/c we get 5ucked down rabbit holes left + rite > 4 eggsample we ju5t spiraled down a bacronym rabbit hull, learning how WIKI ≠ bacronym 4 «What I Know Is» ⊕ how th di5tress signul SOS ≠ «Save Our Souls» but chosen b/c it possesses a simpel + unmistakable Morse c0de representation (... --- ...) + then we spiral further down th More-is c0de rabbit hole pondering it'5 power az a binary landgauge akin 2 th #ing 5ystem we'R u5ing in ISBN ⊕ I Ching hexagrams (C post #897) + gets u5 2 thinking ¿shd we rite ISBN in Mor5e ↄ0de? ni jam pripensis verki ĝin en esperanto antaŭ ol forlasi tiun ideon

> weave noted b4 dat I5BN = b∞k 3 in a 5orta tetralogy wherein each b∞k corresponds 2 psychillogical st8s of:

     1. unconↄhus incompe10ce—The Becoming
     2. conↄhus incompe10ce—A Raft Manifest
     3. conↄhus compe10ce—ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2
     4. unconↄhus compe10ce—?

... naught dat wheel B conchusly compe-10-t, but @ minimum wheel 5trive 2 B sighingtific + mathematical > [ >> ] 2 b∞k #4 (2 B writ in st8 of unconscious ↄompetence), IT o-cured 2 us 5¢ense = thi5 b∞k, ever a WIP nvr 2 Ǝnd (4 ƎND D.N.E.)

> th other ∆ b-tween Garielle + a.I. = Lutz's landguage = far more fluid, each word feeds seamle55 in2 th next, wear-as we ain't hooked on phonics (we ain't even familiar w/ the «hook ⊕ crook» saying Lutz mistook 4 «by hick ⊕ by stick»), we don't here th words in R head 5o much az C M az a precise 4mula, broken down + reconsituted > [ << ] 40-50 yrs < while Lutz obsessed over language in 8th grade, we were N-tranced by mathematics, R g8-way drug < in 7th grade we got uprooted mid-5emester from Portland 2 a 5chool in Guadalajara where ∀llinasudden every1 u5ed a ∆ landguage 4-in 2 us 2 communic8 day-2-day > even words ≈ «7th» + «8th» were written + to accomod8 this 4-in tongue (th suffix of séptimo + octavo = o) < thi5 mite X-plane Y we retreated in2 mathematix, az N S-cape from this 4-in tung we din't underst& a lick of

[ << ] even further < 5tory goes dat weed learnt thi5 4-in ling0 1st (⊕ 1°, primero) @ age = 1 ⊕ 2 when R mom kidnapd u5 2 Mexico (th 1° time) but then when R dad t∞k u5 back 2 Portland he'd douse R tongue w/ hot sauce whenever we 5poke w/ thi5 4-in tongue (witch mite X-plane R inclination 4 spicy f∞ds) < it'5 als0 naught az if we conchusly «retreated in2 math» s0 much az math retreated in2 u5, infectid R subconchus @ N early age [ || ] 2 process then proseed > we wa5n't intrested in IT (information technology), IT ju5t came natural 2 us + ∫umhow we got 2 grades ahead (cant remember what IT wa5 called by 7th ⊕ 8th grade.. ¿geometry ⊕ Algebra I?) > this 5ch∞l in Guad couldn't accomod8 u5 s0 we had 2 sit in back of whatever cla55, working on R one @ R one r8, perhaps how al5o we learnt 2 come 2 R one indeependant ↄonclusions > 1 seme5ter we 5at in back of R brother's class + thi5 din't bode well 4 his reputation 5ince we were taking Algebra II when he was in Algebra I (+ he was 2 yrs older) > [ >> ] 2 present > i5 thi5 ∀ll material dat will appear in ISBN 22-2? perhaps in ∫um 5hape ⊕ 4m, but again, th b∞k = abt th language it'5 writ in > there'5 take-awaze from 5cense dat mite find them5elves in I5BN, if we member 2 go back + read what we rote

> ∫umtimes th mazing rabbit holes we spiral down R more akin 2 the 1s Lutz ⊕ other writer-types g0 down > 4 eggsample in th process of writing thi5 @ ∫um pt we fix8ed on th word «inherent», transfixed naught ju5t by IT's morphemes (in, her, here, rent) but yes, by it'5 meaning, as ∫umthing u born with > will thi5 pertickler rabbit hole cunnect 2 I5BN? perhaps, but if s0 az «in8» ⊕ inn8, inborn, natural, ∫umping dat comes 2nd nature, ⊕ in philosophical terms, 2 origin8 in th mined > [||] > pre55 [<<] + [︎] back waht u rote < «edit tide» backwords reads «edit tide» < [>>] > [[] + [︎]] > whenever we 5tep away from R machine is when we halve revelations, selldumb in th moment > Y R txts = fragmented + disjointed > note 2 self, defragment R drive 2 free up 5pace

> truth B told, we realized dat th ma5ter copy of I5BN lives on thi5 laptop, we transferred it hear antip8ing R houseguest > so we can B writing notes in dat doc az we write thi5 post > 1 benefit of posting online = n0 postage + it's in reel time > thi5 way of living + writing B-tween 2 machines (mothership + laptop) = antiqu8ed we know, R m8 told us long ag0 we cd B living in a cloud, w/ access 2 mo5t current version from laptop, fone ⊕ wherever > we'R ju5t layZ, equ8ing 2 a mouse dat learns 1 weigh 2 get from point A 2 B +sticking 2 IT, creature of habit + by n0 menes N urly adopter > 2 anticip8 R 5hift back 2 Italy in May we ordered a new machine, a 16" laptop dat will dub-L both az R saddlelite machine + mothership, az both R on their la5t legs > Dreamweaver crashes every hour on thi5 ma¢hine + the keybored 5ticks so we always have 2 [ << ] + delete Xtra charactors > both machines also onely have 1 terrabye of memary + we'R pu5hing dat limit, we always need 2 delete files in R wake (4 eggsample when we make videos we then delete th originul s0 they onely Ǝxist on youtube, sew if ∫umthing shd happen 2 Youtube weed lose everything) > so we got 2 terrabytes on thi5 new macb∞k dat we get next month (b/c of supply chain issues) + yes, wheel l∞k in2 living in thi5 cloud dat every1 5peaks of

[ || ] + rel8 to hear + now




> when u go down a maze of rabbit holes 1 shd drop breadcrumbs 2 [ << ] + retrace 5teps + find your way out > where were we? [[] + [︎]] > @ N-E r8 what'5 th 5ense in tocking abt real world 5tuff on 5¢ense? Xcept az it transl8s in2 R art > 5¢ense = fa5t-B-coming a real-2-reel tape player, transcoding R day-2-day in2 txt 4 I5BN + whatever else we'R working on, as a record of R process, th making of..., shd we ever want 2 in retrospect return 2 discover waht R mined-frame wa5 > 5peaking of reↄording tapes, Nat Baldwin's gna turn The Red Barn in2 a cassette (4 his Tripticks Tapes label) so we'R making a J-card ↄover 4 dat + mite cross-list it on Calamari > in e55ence Nats gna [︎] his dubble-bass + over dat read pieces from The Red Barn > what else? in the daily noose it seams there'5 a hum every 1's tocking abt (trending on twitter)... welcome 2 my moondough, thi5 = what we hear in R left ear @ ∀ll times + in R rite a higher pitched tinnitus... @ ∫um pt cant 1 ju5t 5ubtract IT az background noise? in other noose, th 0lympics R going on but seams ∀ll 5ports have B-come abt how 2 be5t cheat

4mule8 a dub-L Lutz figure 8 from The Daily Noose (rush-in sk8er cot doping)

[] > now pre55 [] + give us th tape

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