halving 1-5elf's I-denti-T M-beddid in NSFW trade agreements 2 appropri8 az Margana once removed


2/14/22 [[] + [︎]] ∫um1 went 2 clip th wires of lite we removed 2 use elsewhere s0 we switched out power 2 the Ntire bldg + then it was az if we induced 1 sit-E-wide blackout + we all gathered in 1 auditorium (w/ emergency lighting) 2 ⌚ 1 movie + we got 2 thinking thi5 wa5n't s0 bad > th h0tel/confrence centr complex resided on th Mediterranean + we figured IT a 5hame 2 cum ∀ll thi5 way + not g0 swimming + then we noticed whale 5harks swimming under u5 + we wa5 naked + carrying just 1 T-shirt (holding IT above th water 2 keep it dry) out 2 1 dingy + wa5 just real-E N-joying swimming naked in th vast C / felt liber8ing / was nice out + blu sky s0 figured weed get ∫um sun but there were the5e Hasidic Jews nearby, 2 guys in 1 boat + 2 girls in another s0 we waited 4 them 2 pass s0 they wouldn't see u5 naked butt then th whether got cloudy + windy / seamed th current wa5 taking us tward th drainage/waterfall + we swam 2 th side 2 s-cape IT az did th 2 girls (th yahoo guys had gone ahead b/c they wanted 2 shoot th rapids / g0 over th waterfall) > we found 1 5pot where it drained but there were the5e 5teps 2 get out w/o getting sucked over ⊕ down th drain butt we wa5 5elf-conↄhus of B-ing naked w/ th Hasidic girls in site > 4tune8ly th T-shirt wa5 big + ½ covered u5 []

2/18 [[] + [︎]]> R guest left, nice 2 halve R house back 2 our 5elves, back 2 R desk + main machene dat u5es us 2 write I5BN (th0 we'R writing thi5 now on R laptop 5itting @ th window ⌚ing th wind howl out5ide ) > we wa5 abe-L 2 work ∫um on I5BN on R laptop, deviliping th text/lexicon... naught writing ISBN in linear fa5hion but hole b∞k @ th 5ame time > we keep []ing + [ << ] ⊕ [ >> ] 2 [[] + [︎]] over what we wrote / re-5tarting over in fit5 + 5tarts / naught dat we'R a'tempting 2 write th b∞k in order... we'R laying IT out in th linear seekwinds we outlined in post #926 > once we get th text down in sequential order (w/ I Ching az guide) wheel go thru 2 apply 1 narriverative of sorts, fallowing th «(±0)» order, where (±0) fallows th anagramic $tring:

         «Thriver meme (4 selfless ½-alien ideas 2 dv8 + adapt, enlist 1 owl 4 poem file soon)»

> i.e. 5tart w/ chapter 34, then 28, 39, 15, 41, 30, 43, 14, etc... tho we'R u5ing binary #ing) > az we 5tart writing (in linear order: 1, 2, 3, ...) ∫umthing might o-cure 2 us + we halve 2 [ << ] ⊕ [ >> ] 2 [[] + [︎]] over 2 make global changes 2 th doc, dat'5 what we mean by working on IT ∀ll @ once > IT amounts 2 finding th voice wheel write it in b4 we 5tart writing / ⊕ th voice needs 2 find u5 / in order 2 u5e R fingers 2 type th 5eekwinds of words + sen-10-ces / again, akin 2 method-acting / th IDenti-T of anon I'm u5 needs 2 disↄover u5 b4 we kin trulie b-gin writing, 2 get 2 th point where it B-comes 2nd nature > on¢e we get rolling we probly won't blog hear mu¢h, except 2 return 2 th 5urfa¢e 4 perspeↄtive, 2 pro¢ess INput

resent word-Ls


> th folks @ Luna Bisonte productions asked us (last minute) 2 write ∫umping 4 thi5 David-Baptise Chirot tribute b∞k > we re-appropri8ed what we already wrote on 5cense in2 txt/img + al5o inklooted ∫um old rubBEing/collages obviously in5pired by D-B:



> when we asked 2 have the5e publiↄhed anonymous they said they'd prefer 2 use R real name + we said we'd prefer naught 2 publiↄh 'eM @ all if thi5 wa5 th case > th b∞k = abt who 5aid what abt D-BC, whose real name BTW = David Harris... wood th work halve equill a-peel if produced under thi5 name?

> under th guise of Cal A. Mari we just tweeted «whenever we see NFT we think of a trade agreement that's not safe for work»... seams NFTs R trending ± in the daily noose az of L8 /2 day ∫umping abt Reese Witherspoon turning 'M in2 movies + yesterday ∫um 5tory about how Melania Drumpf secretly bot her one NFT @ N auction (2 make it seem valUbull) > her hu5band called NAFTA «the worst trade deal maybe ever» + «the greatest disaster trade deal in the history of the world»

> we don't one a plunger (nvr had need 4 in) but yestrday had 2 g0 out + buy 1 4 R 97-lb houseguest > we dropped B-low 170 2day + @ beginning of January we weighted 178... naught dat we've lost 8 lbs, but 4 sure 5 > 10 2 g0

> th other day ∫um 1 tweeted dat if ppl paid them $5 they'd burn an Ayn Rand b∞k + we tweeted dat we'd give them $10 if they didn't burn it + they immediately retracted th tweet + DM'ed us 2 say how 5tupid it wa5 2 tweet dat... Y does Ayn Rand get such th bad rap? just b/c she advoc8s 4 self-M-powerment? az we st8ed in po5t # 981: 2 menny Sillycone valley types + billionaire meglomaniacs have $kewed her me$$age 2 ju$tify unbridled ¢apitali$m + their 0ne $elfi$hnne$$ in th $ame way Natural 5elɘↄtion get5 di5torted 2 pr0m0te social Darwinism

> 2 prevailing themes of 2day's modern world (5till contempL8ing meaning of I-Denti-T) = entitlement + th canceling of ppl who misappropri8 other cultures / 4 eggsample how 1 must halve disabled actors [︎]ing disabled ppl ⊕ gay actors [︎]ing gay parts, etc... ain't thi5 th hole point of acting? IT's ∀ll RE: how U «identify» tho @ 5ame time how U I-Dentify = limitID 2 how U = born 4 fear of B-ing outed + ostrichsized 4 I-Dentifying w/ ∫umping U ain't N-titled 2 B b/c U onely halve th rite 2 B + act ≈ who U wa5 @ birth... shd pairunts call nuborn babies boy ⊕ girl ⊕ shd they wait til 5aid individual gets 2 th age where they kin D-clare how they I-Dentify? shd we cancel David-Baptiste Chirot b/c they were born David Harris?

> we 5tarted 2 ⌚ Inventing Anna la5t night, which i5 based on true-life Anna Sorokin who duped ppl out of 100s of 1000s of $s by pretending 2 b ∫um1 she wasn't ,Anna Delvey > Julia Garner acts as Anna Delvey, far cry from Ruth Langmore > Julia was5 born in The Bronk tho D-scribes her5elf az ½-Israeli... shd she B allowed 2 [︎] Russian fraudster ⊕ hillbilly from th Ozarks?

> may-B we shd change R name 2 Margana b/c Margana = emordnilap 4 anagram? ∫um1 from Durango already took th @margana hand-L on twitter tho they follow no 1 + hlave 1 follower > ⊕ may-B R love intrest in I5BN shd B named Margana? ⊕ margan-X since we'R trying 2 keep th landgauge gender neutral > rite now we call 'M marE, the onely B-ing in the b∞k dat i5 given 1 name/hand-L > dat'5 Y we blog ≈ thi5 / 2 come up w/ 5uch IDeas > Margana = genus of moths

Margana moth

> does the word «moth» derive from «mother» ⊕ viↄe-ver5a / does «mother» mean more moth?

> we also recently red The Removed by Brandon Hobson > actually, we 5tarted listening 2 it but got di5tracted by th voice reading it > 5imilar 2 The Sound + the Fury, in The Removed Hobson occu-πs various family members 2 make 5cense of 1 family tragedy, in thi5 case th murder of 1 Cherokee boy > th writing is n0where near az 0paque/abstract az Faulkner / it's 5imple + 5traitFWD, more akin 2 J.D. Salinger ⊕ Hemingway > th 1 beef we have w/ Hobson is dat every other sen-10-ce 5tarts w/ I... I this, I dat > when we edited Deep Ellum we tried 2 remove ⊕ find work-arounds 4 u5ing «I» > Hobson's style in The Removed i5 pretty much th 5ame, tho th voice occu-πs diffrent characters + in The Removed (+ b4 thi5 in Where the Dead Sit Talking (wich we haven't red yet)) Hobson taps in2 hi5 Cherokee ancestry witch seems 2 B the 4mula 4 success... ? i5 tho / does Hobson equ8 now 2 «Cherokee writer» dat will B X-pected 2 write abt onely thi5 NDN IDenti-T trait?

> ∫um other b∞ks weave resently red ⊕ perused:

  • Tomorrow Music by Pete Stevens—we didn't dig the5e az much as the piece we publiↄhed in Sleepingfish, but still Njoyable
  • How Many Suns Burn Over Babel Where Poets Die by Patrick Kosiewicz—found thi5 in liebury b∞x + 5ounded intresting but couldn't get pa5t all the «God» references + gun violence + fight-club-like testoseroni
  • When Our Fathers Returns to Us as Birds by Peter Markus—po-M's dat process brother Markus's father's death... we actually red thi5 la5t year but 4got 2 mention IT here, mayb b/c it was rite b4 we went 2 Bologna
  • Bateau volume 5, issue 1—also found in liebury b∞x, from th fine folk dat had th table next 2 ours @ AWP 2017


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