insomniacal purging, starting w/ free trash (another's treasure?) 2 stabilize NQR neurOplastic i/O


1/13/2023 > Friday the 13th. Bin back 1 week. Flying east to west nvr used to bother us much (az opposed 2 west 2 east), but still not totally adjusted, falling asleep early then waking up @ midnight ± 2 am totally wide awake (albeit ever in a fog). Took melatonin last 2 nights + spose it helped, still wake up periodically thru the PM but feel groggy + sorta go back to "sleep" but don't feel well-rested in the AM, Feel hungover D–spite 7 dayz of n0 drinking, wich we've discovered b4 dozen't really help w/ our meniere's/vestibular migraines, but giving another college try. Also back on sublingual B-12 + magnesium. Got to get in2 a cycle where we're sleeping properly, cuz THAT we think definitely FX it + 4 sure we don't sleep az well after drinking (B-sides the 1st few hours). When ppl (like Blake Butler) used to complain abt insomnia we used 2 wonder what the big deal was.... if U can't sleep then don't! Well now we get it, not sleeping = problema when U want 2 sleep + can't + not sleeping FX yr health. If had a dollhair 4 every hour we've laid there awake in bed doing nothing we'd be a billingerror. MayB we shd go back + re-read Nothing ?

W8-wise, after more than 1 month of eating + drinking our weigh a cross Italy we = 172. This fluctu8ed az low az 167 th 1st day few dayzzz back, but probly dehydration + weird water-w8 fluctuation issues we've always had (probly @ root of our meniere's). Eating less + exorcising more hasn't effected this # yet, but got 2 B patient + settle in2 routine. Last January we wayed 177 (before losing 10–15 by the summer) so @ least we're @ a bedder starting point. N-E-weigh, Y do U the end User/reader give a shit about all this? this ain't yr body. But 5cense is about using X body we was born with 2 per4m such eXperiments az if we (anon I' m us) = guinea pig. iT's the body we was born with + the onely body we know B-side our bedder-½'s (who basically has the same new years resolutions).

Haven't done much yet 2 get reddy 4 our pending move, but 2 start the purging process we realized we halve a bunch of art (+ associ8ed scraps ) that we maid during covid (or the art made us make it), maid from recycled garbage + objets otherwise destinned 4 the rubbish bin. B4 we dump 'eM, we'll give folks a chants 2 claim them 4 free (if U pay 4 postage). Here's a few (there's more here that unless specified otherwise are available):




... mayB the garbage is where they B-long, but az the sane goes "1's trash = another 1's treasure". If U want to rescue N-E of these from the rats in our back alley get in touch.

What else? Bin working on U/X since weave bin back, hence Y R writing hear has deterio8ed back 2 old ways. Getting in2 section 3 (of 8). Worked some on iSBN, osciLL8ing B-tween the 2. Got proofs back 4 the next Calamari book + gave the thumbs up 2 print away... more on that soon. Posted this piece to Sleepingfish yesterday.

Input-wise, got our inbox down to 22 messages. Skim-red a few books since being back:

  • Rock Steady: Healing Vertigo or Tinnitus with Neuroplasticity by Joey Remeny—this was in our liebury boox (which sustained itself on autopilot in our absence) when we got back (thx if sum 1 intentionally left this 4 us!) + we were eXcited 2 read it, thinking "neuroplasticity" had 2 do w/shrooms, but it's just sum self-help crap book bragging about all the ppl she's cured w/o even saying how eXcept the usual new age vaguery (we specially got a kick about how she uses NQR ("not quite right") az if it was a clinical term) suggestions we all already know (except the bit about paying the likes of Remeny 2 B our licensed the rapist). We B-leave in the power of mind over matter to sum X-tent, but this was just plain stupid, preying on poor folk that feel NQR (who doesn't?). Oh, and no mention of meniere's... what folks w/ menieres feel is B-yond NQR, quiet debiliT8ing in fact)
  • Migraine by Oliver Sacks—now Oliver Sacks on the other hand nose waht he's talking about. We skimmed this 2 C if he'd talk @ all about vestibular migraines, but n0 such luck. And the book was written in 1992 + a lot has happened since (inklooting the use of magic mushrooms for cluster headaches.... speaking of neuroplasticity).
  • The Silent Language by Edward T. Hall—another 1 from a book box (including the above) + we've red a lot about this 1 (from the likes of McCluhan) so had high hopes, but seems the book is mostly about how Americans are a bunch of assholes (compared to the rest of the world), something we learned fast when we moved to Mexico as a kid + saw gringos as the locals did. Maybe once U get past that diatribe U get 2 the part where he actually talks about "language" but we din't have the patience.
  • A Bell Curve is a Pregnant Straight Line by Vi Khi Nao—nice title + seams intresting, we're just dyƨlexiↄ when it comes 2 reading "poetry" + DFQ (don't feel qualified) 2 comment
  • The Bringers of Fruit by Elizabeth Switaj— ditto w/ this 1 (in regards to poetry), another book we got in a swap w/ 11:11 press

Movie-wise, this past week we watched:

  • White Noise—when we heard they were making this we wondered how it was possible... spose this was intresting + we watched til the end + intresting 2 C Noah Baumbach's interpretation (we don't member the book being nearly so campy?), but something felt just off abt it, like the whole time we were watching sum 1 try 2 make a movie about White Noise, told to just read the lines + act like... like what? So much intresting philosphical shit underneath that's 2 hard 2 pull off in dialog, tho the ending musical # was cool
  • The Banshees of Inisherin—1 of the bedder films we've scene this year (... oh wait, we're into 2023 now), that donkey especially deserves an oscar
  • Public Enemy—not sure Y we watched this except it's famous + we'd nvr seen it ... took us 3 or 4 nites 2 watch it b/c it kept putting us 2 sleep (only 2 wake an hour L8er as mentioned @ the start of this post)
  • 1899—finished watching this series... spose it was OK + sum intresting things 2 ponder, but feel these series draw shit out + keep rehashing shit over + over just 2 waste our time, ripping off Lost + West World + tons of other shows now that Netflix tells us we'll like b/c theyr classified as "cerebral"
  • Wednesday—we're about ½–way thru season 1+ digging it so far, quick witty dialog (but light-hearted) + worth it alone just 2 look @ the adorable Jenna Ortega


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