3 Lbs of FLESH transL8ed 2 micr0dozed tXt focuSing on #s , sighlens + 4m more then content


1/21/2023> U/i finished seXion 3 (of 8) of U/X > visuaLly 3 l∞ks1/2 of 8, butt mathematiↄaLly iT = 3/8 of th hole 1 > hard 2 quantify ℝ progress on U/X ... bi «finished» i/U mene U/i Laid iT out in i.Đ., witch t∞k u5 the5e past 2 weeks (2 rite 46 pgs) 5in¢e weave bin baↄk > iT = more ≈ «treatment» of tXt dat i/U already had writ-10, dat U/i've bin working on 4 a few yrs now > ≈ how 1 makes yoghurt ⊕ kombucha, i/U 5tarted   w/ th tempL8 4 seXion 2 but iT kept crashing b/c th files 4 th 1st 2 seXions = corrputed, 2 th eXtent i/U = barely abe–L 2 finish iT (see post #1048) s0 U/i 5crapped tho5e few dayzzz of work + 5tarted from scr@ch w/ nu tempL8 > i.Đ. still crashes, but not az off-10 (mayB 2-4 few times per day) + i/U don't get dat corrupted file warning when U/i reopen iT, witch seamed 2 B reL8ed 2 th aut0-save feetsure, witch i/U turned off (so U/i halve 2 remember 2 ⌘+S every s0 off-10) > i/U mention these technillogical issues b/c X = what U/X = about > ℝ computer + adobe iN Đezine manipuL8 us 2 write U/X, in 1 s¢ense th softwhere = author > by th time U/i (the end User) read iT, i/U don't underst& iT (where iT = in4m8ion Technology) > iT B-comes st&–aLone code 2 recre8 th User eXperience, U/X

> U/i had 1 chapter (# 16 (of 64. .. ware each seXion (dat i/U call HEXes) = diVibed in2 8 chapters (⊕ BiTs) pubLished in Heavy Feather > they are th 1st + only place s0 far 2 publish a HEX-BiT from U/X (iF U th reader = magazine pubLisher intrested in publiChing another HEX-BiT, lettuce n0) > hear = pg 1 (of 3 ... th0 HEX-BiT 000–111 now has 5 pgs), 1 of th shorter bits):

> HEX-BiT 000-111 has evolved a bit 5in¢e + will probly E-volve more az U/i finish rest of th b∞k (long az th i.D. softwhere lets u5 edit iT) s0 1 day X Heavy Feather eXcerpt will B Δ, snap5hot of how iT changed over time > n0thing else 2 report on on th OUTput front, B-sides fenestr8ed personal FX U/i = purging 2 prepare 4 ℝ move > i/U put a FREE box out on sidewalk next 2 ℝ Liebury B∞x where U/i = off-loading 5tuff (don't halve th patience 4 stoop sale, th0 bigger ticket i-tems (≈ ℝ red guitar + harmonium) i/U'll put up on Craigslist)

> the5e po5ts ℝ B-coming weekly i/O summaries, riding the Δ B-tween iNput + OUTput, ware Δ = diffrence ⊕ CHANGE, b/c @ end of th day dat = what U/i ℝ reduced 2 > i/U lost 3 lbs last week (from 172 down to 169 (a few days U/i even dipped B-low 168) just by E–ting less + eXorcizing more > last nite i/U threw dry January out th window (R bedder-½ got official notice of 10-ure from Columbia bored of trustees s0 we wanted 2 celebr8) ... so iT = a dry 4t-nite, bedder than 2 yrs ago when U/i din't even last 1 week, said fuck it on Jan 6 > why dry January? Y naught dry July? X «sober curious» (Y do millenials have 2 attach stupid labels 2 everything) 5hit now = s0 trendy U/i felt bad 4 those dat work in hooch industry, getting hit all @ once > not drinking = also not doing squat 4 ℝ mineareyes/vestibular my-grains, the5e pa5t few dry weeks ℝ tinnitus + vertig0 = worse than ever + 5till completely deaf in ℝ rite ear > az i/U ve specuL8ed b4, seams more important 2 4m consistent habits ... everything in moder8ionon a daily basis, 2 not halve fluctu8ions in ℝ hydr8ion, witch = @ root of mineareyes d-zzz > it = X 5tarVing R-self then binGing @ dinner (2 lose w8) dat probly makes ℝ mineareyes flare up > ⊕ iT = ju5t randumb + there = nothing i/U can do (a few dayzzz thi5 past week U/i binged on chocolate (which U/i've blamed b4) + felt fine th next day), s0 Y not Njoy salty foods + beer? i/U need 2 get in2 a con5istent groove dat = su5tainable, 1 drink per day (≈ th 118-yr old nun that died last week) ⊕ just on weekends + eating less but spread out more throughout th day > for a few dayzzz U/i were sleeping bedder (after ℝ jetlag wore off), but 4 th most part not sleeping s0 well L8ly (even naught drinking) > i/U tried micr0doSing a few dayzzz when U/i felt th onset of vestibular migraines + iT seemed 2 help > i/U take 0.2 grams ... th «pysch0naut» chocoL8 bars U/i have come in 0.4g chunks (what they call a micr0dose) so i/U halve 2 cut those in ½ (0.4 = 2 much) > th dayz U/i microdoze i/U feel bedder, more lucid, n0 headache ⊕ brain fog, happier, more cre8ive, etc. th0 it dozen't help nun W/ vertig0 ⊕ tinnitus ⊕ insomnia

> in N-E event, dat = report on th physical sustenance i/U've iNjested ... on th in4m8ion front U/i watched these movies/series thi5 pa5t weak:

  • How to Change Your Mind (★★★★)—series adapted from Pollan's b∞k of th same name (witch i/U talked about in post 1033)... mind-blowing how beneficial pyschedelics have proven 2 B 4 such things az D-pression, addiction, etc. yet they remain illegal mo5t everywhere (eXcept D.C.))
  • Fantastic Fungi—movie about how cool fungi R + how inner-connnected they = 2 everything
  • Norma Rae (★★★)—Sally Fields movie (about textile unions) where every 1 has dirty/sweaty shirts
  • Christine (2016)(★★★)—based on true 5tory of Christine Chubbuck ... hard 2 watch knowing th outcome, but @ th same time there shd be a trigger warning
  • Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker (★★★)—another movie based on true story, th0 5in¢e U/i ≠ on social media U/i'd never herd of thi5 Kai guy, but good expose of how fucking stupid social media/reality TV is 4 putting this guy in th spotlite
  • The Freshman (★★★)—not only did Matthew Broderick get 2 kiss Marlon Brando (on th lips) but he got 2 handle a Komodo dragon (thi5 movie shd have a trigger warning 4 animal cruelty)
  • Imitatation Game (★★★★)—movie about Alan Turing, which = 1 of th saddest stories ever... were it naught 4 Turing we might naught B typing thi5 on X computer
  • Xiu Xiu (★★★)—also really D-pressing, but good cinematography
  • My Cousin Vinny (★★★★)(2nd ⊕ 3rd time)—after all those D-pressing movies wanted 2 watch something lite-hearted + dumb
  • Travelin' Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall—CCR dozen't get enough credit, this 5hit = tite + good backstory (narr8ed by The Dude) 2 frame it
  • Christine (1983)(★★)—when this 1st came out i/U thought iT sounded stupid + dint see iT but in lite of our theory that cars drive humuns naught other way around U/i wanted 2 watch it
  • The Piano Teacher (★★★)(2nd time)—i/U remember thinking X movie = fucked up 1st time U/i saw iT, even more disturbing now ... Y ℝ most French movies over-the-top perVerse?
  • movies U/i ab&oned W/o finishing: Force of Evil + Altman's 3 Women

> teXt-wise U/i've been rereading John Cage's Silence > last time i/U red iT = high shcool ⊕ az undergradu8 when U/i focused more on music than writing (although i/U studied math), so U/i = interested 2 see what Cage had 2 say about music (+ mushrooms, #s, buddhism, th i Ching, etc. witch als0 interested us back then, thx in large part 2 Cage), but thi5 time i/U focused more on 4m (th0 Silence ≠ best Cage book 4 dat) > th0 in regards 2 sighlence (Cage's Đ-finining moment = when he went in2 an anechoic chamber + = souprized 2 naught here sighlence but one nervous system buzzing + blood swooshing in ears), intresting 2 think about now W/ constint tinnutus > U/i can't even come close 2 sighlence now, sad > on pg 14 Cage a5ks?

Are you deaf (by nature, choice, desire) or can you hear (externals, timpani, labyrinths in whack)?

> ℝ labyrinths most deaf out uv whack > what wd cage think @ age 50 if he got mineareyes d-zzz?

> i/U mite halve more 2 say about Cage perhaps in next post (now U/i = re-reading I-VI)

> iN th ℝeeL world (2 give X context), David Crosby died yesterday + a Yeti Air plane crashed in Nepal (th «I Exist» shirt U/i = wearing in R bio pic U/i got courtesy of Yeti Air, after flying them from Khatmandu to Pokhara)


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