¼ ĐNA projected on a real-time beach instead of a screen + houses turning in2 horses 2 snowball felch, punk


4/7/23 > 2 or 3 nights ago we were @ a movie theatre, but in place of the screen/stage was a beach w/ waves rolling right up 2 the front edge of the theatre where the screen would have been. Last night we were in bed in a hotel room when these people came in w/ kids + dogs, etc. Evidently they were the next occupants of our room + although it wasn't time 2 check out they had 2 leave their previous room + the deal was that they could stay in our room until we checked out. We had a T-shirt on but no underwear so it was awkward, especially w/ kids in the room so we found our underwear + tried to sneak them on under the blanket, but put both legs through the same hole + then put them on backwards + meanwhile the dogs were jumping all over us.

Posted this piece by Zebulon House/Horse in Sleepingfish. Sent 1/ 4 i am ĐNA 2 the printer + approved the proofs yesterday, so hopefully we'll halve it back b4 we move! Here's a sneak peek @ the cover:

We had sent it (in diffrent 4m) out 2 a few other publishers last year, but in the end decided 2 stick 2 our usual D.i.Y. addage, that if U want something done rite, do it yourself. Also wanted it published pronto as in effect it's a teaser 4 the over-arching U/X (tho who nose when wheel finish that) + also b/c we are unsure of our whereabouts in another month so wanted 2 get it back from the printer b4 then. We did, however (Q drumroll), get an offer on our house (or horse az Zebulon would have it), tho we don't want 2 jinx us til it's official. This afternoon they're coming for the inspection... can't wait 4 the laundry list of petty items they're gonna nickel + dime us 2 fix, just hope there ain't something major like the roof or HVAC.

We've been reading Punks by John Keene b/c we suspect it's the small press book distributed by $PD that seemed 2 push them 2 the "Next" level (been the bestseller since it was published) + also b/c we dig the cover, but we're about ½-way thru + don't know if we can muster it no more, don't dig it as much as we dug Annotations. 1st off, the usual disclaimer about how we have a hard time reading something that calls itself "poetry" + more + more lately we get bored of reading about ppl going on + on about their own human experience (in this case being black + gay) + want 2 read stuff that moves beyond the author's own human condition. Punks does however contain 2 of our favorite words, snowball + felch, especially when cumbined 2gether (which Keene didn't do, @ least not in the 1st ½). Whenever we get into a debate w/ foreign language speakers about whose language is better we ask if they have a term any richer than "snowball felch".

We're way behind on our movie log... here's a partial list of movies watched in the past few weeks, been in2 rewatching classics lately instead of new 1s:

  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 4 (★★★★)
  • Apocalypse Now (★★★★★)(for the umpteenth time)
  • Silence of the Lambs (★★★★★)(for maybe the 10th time)
  • Midnight in the Garden of Good + Evil (★★★★)—maybe the 2nd or 3rd watching, we were living in Savannah when it was being filmed + were feeling nostalgic for those days
  • A Few Good Men (★★★★★)(for the umpteenth time)
  • Dream Lover (★★★)—not sure how we missed this James Spader classic, 1st time we saw it
  • The Meyerowitz Stories (★★★)
  • Beauty and the Bloodshed (★★★★)—about Nan Goldin and the Sackler drug dealers
  • The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari (★★★★)
  • Born on the 4th of July (★★★★)—for maybe the 5th time, bedder-½ wanted to rewatch in light of their book regarding Vietnam era


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