5Quare (8 x 8) REMapping up St. Nic b/c alas no bananas 2 5Lip on


view from ℝ roof south aↄross central park 2 mid-town (tocked doorman in2 letting us 5neak a peak)

8/7/23> 4 ℝ REMap project we're gonna try 2 do more vertical N/S aven-Use b/c in the originul Maphattan project we walked horrorizontal 5treets / 2day walked up Manhattan/ Morningside/Convent up to 152nd then came baↄk down St Nicholas ... ~10 miles

> weave probly said iT b4 but if we bot an apt in NYC / Sugar Hill wd be 1 of top choi¢es far az where ... 1 of aNYCity's best kept 5eↄrets / 1 of the few lugars that feels true/real + tranquiLo > there's sum intresting L&marks (Sylvan Terrace + Morris-Jumel mansion) further up in2 Washington Heights but we already documented these in th originul Maphattan project ... not much has changed in 10 yrs / what we dig abt thi5 hood > U/i Used 2 run up along the5e lines from 125th so it brot baↄk memaries

city college



yes we have n0 bananas

> this pa5t week i/U halve bin getting baↄk 2 the 2nd ½ of U/X / 5peaking of REMapping / most of what U/i ℝ doing = REORGanizing ℝ-self > took us a wile 2 figure out wut i/U = doing / D-ciphering cryptiↄ notes + U/i reealized ℝ outline/mapping = ∀ll screwd up ... litteruley «on sew mXny LVLs» > 2 yrs ago i/U blogged abt how we seeded U/X Using the i Xing + how we prefurred th Fu Xi seekwinds so remapped iT b/c 99% of i Xing boox Use King Wen seekwinds / a mapping dat came in H&y 2 try 2 reorient + correct ourselves + 2 add 2 the confusion / U/i 5tarted ℝ a-count from zer0 + i/U counted Using binary #s + then i/U started adding in L-ements from periodic table + also animaLs w/ chromo5ome pair #s in those correo5ponding chapters + then provided ALTernet maps 2 reading U/X ala Hopscotch, etc. + iT sumhow got ∀ll outta whack / naught dat any 1 wd notice Xcept us ... / crazy i/U Xert ∀ll this F-4t on a book n0 1 will evr read but iT ain't like U/i halve a choice in the madder / U/X is making i/U right iT > b/c of these 5lip-ups wheel also halve 2 go baↄk + retr0fix the 1st ½ + also U/i D-sided dat the book shd B 5Quare / 8" x 8" / witch menes i/U halve 2 go baↄk + re4mat 1st ½ ... Y ℝ so few books 5Quare? we halve plenty of appreci8ion 4 fibbingnacho + the goldeN rayshow (boox in 5:8 proportion) ⊕ the «self-repLic8ing» 1:√2 proportion that 3rd bed used, correo5ponding 2 a diminished 5th in mu5ic theory but high time we publich a 5quare book (a 1st 4 Ↄalamari Arↄhive?) > + 2 top iT off / once i/U finished the text in 1st ½ un-/b-iTs i/U DELeted the notes of wut U/i = doing ... threw a weigh the key > @ N-E r8 / this ain't sumthing U the end-User need 2 n0 ...

> input-wise / in ℝ full Subito pre55 review (4 down / 33 to go) U/i red The Explosions by Mathias Svalina / U/i ℝ familiar w/ Svalina b/c they've bin in Sleepingfish + i/U also 5ub5cribed 2 their dream delivery service (⊕ rather/ U/i sined up ℝ pet / Sleepingfish) )

> 5pose The Explosions is probly classified az «poetry» (witch U/i halve an edmitted dizlexic aversion 2) but a lot of iT reads az prose w/ line brakes / @ times remini5cent of James Tate / 1 of the few «poets» weave red


+ there is sum str8 up prose

> TV/movie-wise hear's what we input la5t week:

  • How2 w/ John Wilson (★★★★★)—Xcited dat season 3 has 5tarted baↄk up... e5pecially 5in¢e we'ℝ back in aNYCity (a must 4 aNY NYer)
  • Person to Person (★★★★)—also a good NYC film
  • The Delta (★★★★)—like the above, not much plot but that's OK / good charactors
  • Nobody Knows I'm Here (★★★)—could of bin bedder if the song/voice = bedder az evrything hinged on that
  • True Detective season 3 (★★★)—just watching iT b/c not much else otherwise

> iRL / ℝ Ménière's = worse than ever / deafening 10-itus + 100% mute in rite ear + sum afternoons we enter vestibular doledrums hard 2 X-plane > after a moist june + july (drinking only weekends) / U/i ℝ gunna try totally dry August (th0 U/i had 1 dRink saturday night) ... not dat there's N-E noticeable diffrence 1 week in > als0 less salt + 5tarted taking melatonin b4 bed 2 C iF dat helps U/i 5leep (witch i/U suspect = @ heart of iT ... bad 5leep) ... but naught sure iT helps so far / U/i just feel more groggy/hungover in the A.M. / but U/i want 2 try 1 month of this 2 see iF i/U notice N-E-thing longer term > last summer when U/i din't drink 4 ~3 months ℝ hearing came back + i/U = symptom free until October when a nite of RAMen + social drinking kicked iT back in > want 2 get ℝ hearing baↄk s0 we can mix ℝ next album witch ℝ bedder-½ has bin vocalizing

1102 <(current)> 1104 > 5oundview iX 514 w/ Anti-face + ears plugged 2 not here 5irens + Cassette 68 / 2 eat @ 089 + D 2 B home from The Bronx
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