«Weathermen Waltz» wave-4ms: 8-pode ode of Song + Glass in 8-ober 2 [▶] baↄk [<<] in TiME (in 3/4 tempO)


[●] [clears throat] captain's LOG / starĐ8 10/06/23> 5eams u|i shd si9niƒy po5t-[>>]-po5t # 1111 bi 5witChing ƒonts | 2 X ƒiXed-width conSOLas (iF iT = N-E conSOL8ion) | witch perhaps u|i shd oƒ bin u5ing all along (u|i did 4 1st ½ oƒ 2016 b4 ab&oning the iĐea 4 whatever re:son ... mayB wheel re:member Y az u|i dRaƒt post # 1112 or 1122 or ƒurther down-5tream iƒ/when u|i integr8 w/ the rest oƒ the 5¢ 5ite) ... naught dat u|i halve many options in ĐreamWeaver (ƒar az emBeddead sYstem ƒonts ... sure, u|i cd use ƒancier ƒonts but then u|i'd halve 2 in5tall them on the 5erver + what naught) > high TiME 2 ch-change up the 5¢ense 4mat, n0? keep X mashine code Landgauge ever-evolvin9 > havent bin bLogging day-2-day az oƒ L8 / time = eXp&ing in2 fall / can't B-Leave iT's already October! the 10th month oƒ 12 (Đ-spite B-ing called 8-ber) / ever-turning over nu leaves | [<<] baↄkwords \ yesterday walked (~9 miles \ 5topping @ Fiaschetteria “Pistoia” 2 eat pasta bottarga) 2 South St C-port 2 sea Babak Lakghomi (in convo w/ Jordan Castro about Babak's new book, South) > Sunday, Bklyn Book fest | perfect 77° day 4 iT > 5hared a booth/table w/ Eugene/ Ellipsis + Jared/Black Sun / actually $old enough books 2 pay 4 the table (even in5talled Venmo on mine phone 5ince no 1 uses dead-tree-based ca$h n0 more / or rather lets ca$h use them / but Venmo uses us az does ĐreamWeaver + oƒ coarse the books themselves (making us do X doG + pony show on there B-½) witch u|i tocked 2 Eugene abt @ length when we dint halve 2 chat up ƒolks [◼]ping by the table) > good 2 C peephole in meat5pace / thx 2 every 1 that [◼]ed by

> u|i R actually readin9 the book in the 4-front--Love Chronicles of the Octopodes by Karen An-hwei Lee--az U|i 5peak / an ode 2 8-podes az iƒ writ by Emily Dickinson / everything u ever want 2 know abt cephalopods + more / wood halve bin perfect 4 Ↄalamari but alas in even bedder h&s w/ [ ... ] > also engaging w/ Song & Glass by Stan Mir az u|i rite post 1112 / 4 the [●] > dats what 1112 = after all | a [●] oƒ mine Ǝxis-10-ce X 1st week oƒ 8-ber > movie/ TV-wise, ⌚ed the Dear Mama series about 2pac + sum other 5tuƒƒ cant remember ... perhaps part oƒ X new 4mat is dat u|i aint ƨo obsessive about chronicling every dam thing u|i see/read/eat/hear, etc. tho X = 5cense aƒter all: a liƒe-long [●] oƒ what X body has bin ingesting thru mine 5 senses \ mine 2 ¢ents 4 what = it'$ worth

> mostly X pa5t week + moonth + 5ummer weave bin miXing/ma5tering TiME'5 ƎĐiT ... actually 2 years in the making > the other 4 Sound ƒuries albums each took us 1 year 2 make + we always released them on 12/24/YY (R anniversary) > u|i had the basic 2ns [●]ed last year but bedder-½ had 2 much else going on last year transitioning ƒrom Hopkins 2 Columbia ƨo u|i couldn't coax vox out oƒ 'em til X 5ummer ƨo u|i cd then 5tart miXing the medesin + iT dozen't help u|i only halve 1 ear dat works + raging 10-itus otherwise (R Lame doG 8 homework eXcuse) > @ N-E r8 / ƒinally ƒinished iT + yesterday sent iT oƒƒ B pressed in Czechoslovakia (by Solid Merch 4 N-E 1 intrested in such Đ-tails) > hear = the cover:

> in po5t 685 we tocked abt miXing/mastering in X times oƒ LOUDness wars ware every amp goes to 11 | but X album nor 2020's Tributaries we din't put on wax b/c oƒ all those supply chain issues | but seams things halve normalized (tho 5till 12-14 weeks til we get vinyl b/c we chose seas/ground az 5hipping option 2 save ca$h/Carbon + wheel B travelling in NOVember N-E-way) > mastering 4 vinyl is diffrent than digital / U need even more headroom (+ also 2 D-esS (reduce sibilance) + make sure the channels = in phase ƧO the [●] dozent 5kip when U [▶] iT baↄk) ... crazy when u 5top 2 think abt iT | dat u can 5cratch a groove in vinyl + then put a diamond needle in dat groove 2 recre8 the sound? + dat's Hi fidelity whereaz digital = LO? @ N-E r8 hear's what TiME'5 ƎĐiT looks like iƒ U compress 22 minutes in2 6 inches/700-pixels oƒ width (click on the wave-4m 2 C it blown up 2x):

5iĐE 1


5iĐE 2

> az w/ the 4 prior Sound ƒuries releases / the ALBUM 4mat = R target medium / not individual traX ... we din't even 5upply Solid Merch w/ a track list + times ƧO they cd put gaps B-tween traX / in R mined 5kipping around ≈ dat wood bee ≈ reading the chapters oƒ a novel out oƒ order ... naught dat TiME'5 ƎĐiT tells a Linear 5tory but certain tracks ƒit seamlessly 2gether + there's interstitial glue B-tween each FLOWing in2 the next / a certain pre5cribed continuity > the prevailing theme = TiME | X temporal concept runs thru each track > that = all wheel say 4 now

> in keeping w/ tradition (minus mi55ing last year... then again / 2021's Tributaries was a dub-L album / enough 2 last ƒor 2 yrs) | wheel release 1 track per week (roughly), 4 the next 14 weeks (we know / we know / an album called TiME'5 ƎĐiT shd halve 12 traX 2 mimic a clock or calendure ... + u|i did consider combining traX 2 make 12 but that seamed 2 contrived), 5tarting w/ the Last track on the album: «Weathermen Waltz» + then working backwards in reverse album order > hear's the LyriX:

... we transL8ed X in2 plane inGlish ƨo mine bedder-½ cd vocalize them | sew iƒ u're wondering how 1 might read X machene code we rite in out loud, echo la! halve a Lis-10 (below) | actually, 1 year ago in post 1036 u|i posted the original unabridged Lyrix (u|i since cut ½ oƒ them) + exp&ed on their meaning / baↄk when u|i 1st wrote them (aƒter ⌚ing a Weather Undeground documentary) + in X post u|i also tocked generally abt what TiME'5 ƎĐiT = «about» + inklooted a miXtape oƒ 2ns 2 in5pire the album

> rite away u might be a5king what does «Weathermen Waltz» halve 2 do w/ time? u|i always wondered Y «weather» + «time» both = «tiempo» in 5panish ... what = the correlation B-tween whether + time? we were ⌚ing Westworld @ the time ƨo in addition 2 in5piring the Lyrix the 2n u|i perhaps ripped oƒƒ dat opening theme > the bit about du5t ĐƎViLs in Brazil = in refrence 2 butterfly FX + sensitivity 2 initial conditions @ t= 0 / how things ƨo quickly 5piral in2 K-OS + ĐK w/ the passage oƒ time > «Élan vital» = nod 2 Bergson + Creative Evolution + «we shape our tools + then they shape us» u|i ripped oƒƒ ƒROM M McCluhan + Thoreau (along w/ the overarching notion of message = medium (in X case vinyl))

> mu5ically it's a Waltz, in 3/4 time (az R a ƒew others on the ablum ... b/c Y knot? Liƒe = 2 short 2 write 5ongs in str8 up 4/4 time > musically X = all we rote down (in case u want 2 try X @ home):

> az noted u|i 5tarted w/ a sampled Samul Nori (Korean harvest mu5ic) drum riƒƒ + [●]ed e-drums over that (in a very 5wingy 3/4 time) > az usual u|i 2ned mine GUTar: D-A-D-A-A-D + probly [▶]ed nodes in pentatonic 5cale + there's sum weird ƒ'ed up notes thrown in 2 cre8 dissonance akin 2 mine 10-itus > @ N-E r8 / hear's the 2n/video (w/ waltzing, whirLing dervish + Donnie Darko ƒootage appropri8ed/pirated ƒrom inurnet (B-ing dat n0 1 Lis-10s 2 R music we don't halve 2 worry a bout B-ing sued) ... the dervi5hes 2 reƒlect mine diz-z st8 ƒrom mine minears (iF we 5pun around ≈ dat weed bee 5ick 4 dayzzz aƒter) > stay 2ned 4 track #13 dat ƒeeds in2 X


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