4ever house-hunting 2 com.pile Sleepingfish XX + circumnavig8 R&all i-L& 2 the GWB on 22nd


11/26/23> post 1122, witch seams significant since R B-day = 11/22 ... R timing off by 1 post > we in-10-ded 2 do a more systematic Upper East Side REMAP walk but when we got 2 the pedestrian drawBridge over the Harlem River we kept going across 2 Randall's island > when we 1st lived in NYC on 89th + York we used 2 run on R&all's i-L& + we'd nvr C N-E save 4 the occassional runner or ppl BBQing + playing beisbol on weekends, but now there was tons of foot traffic on the bridge... ends up they set up a big migrant 5helter in a 10-t, complete w/ tree-shade barbers + other subsidiary services > in L8er yrs sumtimes we'd go 2 R&all's i-L& 4 concerts, like the Curiosa Festival (2004) or the time we went w/ Matt Pinfield to interview a bunch of b&s on the Warped Tour (2003) > back then U couldn't circumnavig8 the i-L&, u cd just basically go around the southern tip but now they have bike paths around the N-tire perimeter w/ hardly N-E 1 on them > circled around then went back home a diffrent way, 9.4 miles


randall island


Bronx Kill

Bronx Kill (connecting Harlem River w/ Hell G8)



Triboro (a.k.a. RFK) bridge

Triboro (a.k.a. RFK) bridge


12/1> happy D-cember > bin biz-E w/ Sleepingfish XX this pa5t week, finished a 1st draft that we mailed 2 G (just in time 2 receive The Moons edits she sent back) > after messing around w/ DALL-E, current thinking is we're just gonna go w/ this simple D-zine:

sleepingfish XX

> but az we're writing this thinking may-B we like X version bedder... what do U the reader think?


> case you're wondering, it's knot DNA, but a simple st&ing wave pattern of a $tring

12/2> went 2 go look @ sum apartments uptown, 1 on Riverside + 159th + another even further up on Pinehurst, that overlooked the GWB (so much so that u cd spit down on ppl in traffic jams) > just vaguely looking @ this pt, knot even sure ware we wanna live... u get more 5pace uptown, but it's far from everything + not R tribe > we got the river gene + living on Riverside makes sense 4 R bedder-½'s work, but knot much real est8 on Riverside B-low 125th that Columbia dozent one + mayB 1 shdn't shit ware they eat? + weave lived uptown plenty (20072008 on 74th + CPW, 20132014 on Riverside + 125th (w/ the fuck-off view of the river) + now @ 105th + CPW... mayB time 2 experience new hood? reader may ask Y we're already looking when we just moved hear... aint nothing rong w/ this cancer castle, but the same subsidy they apply 2 R rent they'd give us 2 buy (+ b/c there's a Columbia housing crunch they've upped the anti) + there's just a lot of 5hit we don't appreci8 living in a fancy doorman bldg > 8 ramen @ Tampopo Ramen up in Washington Heights then walked back along the river, 11.5 miles on the day

view from apt we looked @



Hudson river

> took the A 2 Jay st b/c there was an apt on Front St in DUMBO we wanted 2 look @ but they flaked on us last minute + we figured fuck DUMBO, can onely imagine how much more touristy it's become since we lived there in 2010 > switched to F deeper in2 Bklyn got off 4th st/9th ave + walked 2 an apt on 22nd + 6th ave witch was insane... dont want 2 jinx us, we're going 2 C it again 2morrow + 5cope out the hood more (Greenwood Heights/South Slope... witch we tocked abt sum in the last post)(+ N-E 1 familiar w/ the hood feel free 2 way inn) > took the R back 2 the west villaj 2 look @ a place on 791 Greenwich St + then another on 79 Perry St... quite the opposit, this = what we're D-b8ing ... wood B nice 2 B in heart of villaj, but worth it 2 live in a 5hoebox? we loved it enough 2 live in a 280 sq ft apt in 2005, but that was almost 20 yrs ago + not onely halve we changed but GV has changed (4 eggsample the place on Perry is across the street from where Sex in the City was filmed so the owners have2 put up a chain 2 keep ppl off their stoop + a sign saying "no selfies" ... no fun) > ducked out of the rain (rained the entire day) 2 dry off + get a drink + D-b8ed all this, ware 2 buy R «4ever home» witch seems 2 B a term every1 uses now along w/ "bespoke," "motivated to sell/buy," etc. > then A back 2 Bklyn + walked around past the BAM area + ducked in2 The Center for Fiction + then Unnameable bookshops 2 dry off + then 8 a bowl full of sea urchin, salmon roe + raw tuna along w/ seaweed + agedashi tofu @ Ozakaya + then went 2 C Bill Callahan @ Murmrr, same place that hosted launch party 4 G's Tyrant book only it was downstairs in the bigger theatre + the upstairs 5pace was a makeshift bar

Bill Callahan, Murmrr

Bill Callahan @ Murmrr

> 2/3 to 96th back ... 9 miles walking in the rain > on the train red Dead End by Michel Surya, granted we were somewhat distracted + always weird 2 read such sexually explicit books in public > other books weave recently engaged w/:

  • The Animal of Existsence by Jared Daniel Fagen (who also published above Surya book)
  • A History of Present Illness by Anna DeForest
  • Nudibranch by Irenosen Okojie

+ movies/TV weave watched in the past week:

  • finished Lord of the Rings
  • The Investigation—good Danish series by ppl that brought us Borgen
  • The Offer—we gave up on it the 1st time we tried watching it, but now we're getting desperate
  • Paddington Bear (speaking of migrant shelters)
  • Broken English—director Zoe Cassavettes has hard shoes 2 fill (dotter of Gena Rowlands + John Cassevettes) but like Sofia Coppola she fills them (from B-hind the camraw)... helps she had Parker Posey in the film, along w/ her mom + even Peter Bogdanovich (acting)
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