Einstein's intestines go south in the H.O.U.S.E. 4 10K/day


12/9/23> last nite we went 2 sumwhere in Asia, on a black + white boat that in effect = hollowed-out orca > we floated in a polluted harbor w/ what @ 1st 1 thought were bloated dead pandas but ends up they were swimming around leisurely > R captain was navig8ing us 2 a seemingly r&om destination up a dead end but then climbed up into 1 of those air-conditioned ducts + came back + in5tructed us 2 do so, said «the coast was clear» ... we were sposed 2 trust them + dive head 1st in2 the curved AC duct down in2 the unnone > bedder-½ was 5keptical + didn't want 2 jump w/o knowing what we were getting ourselves in2 > i didn't dive str8 thru blind, but 5campered up 2 look down + saw u could kind of climb down sum pipes + makeshift ladders > the rest of the 2ur group fallowed suit > the cobblestoned GRND on the other end looked familiar + i said «hey, i recognize X place, weave bin hear b4» > ends up we were @ a Bank of America in sum up5cale area of Nepal (that looked more like Hilton Head, SC) > 1 told the 2ur group dat weed made sum important life decisions hear b4

orcas, pandas

what's B+W + read all over? The Daily Noose

12/9> walked up to 159th + Riverside 2 look @ X apartment again... gr8 views of the river + big place, but dunno, just din't feel like us + that hood kinda sux, far from everything

> 1 is thinking 1 will 5tart writing from the P.O.V. of «1» ... like i, a hypothetical general person, unless we're also inklooting R bedder-½ in the equation (in witch case wheel 5peak in 1st person plural, az we, oui?)

12/10> saw an apartment on 93rd + Riverside that felt like the 1 > came home + maid an offer on it > L8er in the evening they counter-offered + we accepted! crazy we cd make such a decision in the matter of a few hrs dat pretty much amounts 2 R life $avings ... u can deb8 pros + cons all u want but @ the end of the day your GUT response is what matters, weather u can imagine yrself living there > + weave lived in enough places in NYC 2 know what we want

12/11> did the wordle in 1 try 2day, seams iT = destiny:

house wordle

... or naught? we got an «offering plan/house rules» document 4 X above-mentioned place on 93rd ... 1300+ photocopied pgs long! impossible 2 underst&, had 2 higher a lawyer, 4 the 1st time in R lives > then an hour L8er we got a call from R agent dat the oners received another offer, 4 the asking pri¢e + 5ince weed maid R offer 1st they gave us a chants 2 match it but we said fuck that, don't want 2 play that game > lame that they accepted R offer + then they'd do this? az we started 2 read thru the discovery document we figured out the name of the $eller, a D-fence attorney 4 sum high-profile terrorism cases in NYC > weird when u can put a face 2 the $eller > we're guessing they nvr even got another offer + were just trying 2 milk us + that they'll call in a week + say that deal fell thru, u 5till intrested? then what? feels tainted now, mayB naught destiny after all ... back 2 the drawing bored, that's the other thing is we ain't in no hurry + we just moved, got 2 halve patience

12/12> «2day (1 day ≈ NE other) 1 ran around central park + az 1 ran 1 thought: 1 will do X every day + rite 1 book about iT»—1 rote, after returning from said run

> current thinking is wheel start the 1st chapter of the nu book (iSBN) w/ the previous line ... or naut, wheel C:

> bin working on said book + also rapping up Sleepingfish XX ... stay 2ned

12/13> 3rd day in a row 1 has circumnavig8ed central park, this time walking

> weather 1 in-10ds 2 live up 2 X claim (2 circumnavig8 central park each day) or az a meta4 remains 2 B scene ... how about 10K a day? 10-4?

> these lines may or may naught fined their weigh in2 iSBN

> when walking 1 always has 1 foot on the ground, whereaz when running @ sum point no feet touch the GRND, even if u halve 4 legs ≈ a horse or even a buffalo or a swimming Mare:

swimming horse

> Y H.O.R.S.E. when shooting hoops?


> NAMETAG backwords = G8MAN

> b4 Radiohead appropri8ed W.A.S.T.E. 4 their one merchandising, iT was the under-GRND postal system in The Crying of Lot 49

Thomas pynchon bugle trystero

> R.A.D.A.R. = both acronym + palindrome

> Radio is kneethere

> Dam! I made radio. So I dared. Am I mad?

> the prior line = palindromic google-whack + google rhymes w/ bugle

> «I am who I am and that's who I am» said Gogol

> a contributor 2 Sleepingfish XX goes by either Z. Horse, or Z. House, take your pick > they also appeared in 2020+ (≠ 404), wherein they wrote (from their notes) «escalopes opalesce»

> «Damn, i see demons» sings Snoop Dogg

> in EE, GRND = refrence point in an electrickle circut from witch voltage = measured / a direct physical connection 2 EARth


> there's onely 1 search result 4 «Einstein's intestines» + that leads 2 ourbeagleworld.com, figured G wood appreci8 that! no longer a googlewhack, now this post #1124 will come up, tho googol has blacklisted us 4 not being EZ 2 read on phones

> do B-gulls + C-gulls know what we call them? do they have a name 4 us? Snoopy = B + W beagle


>1's 2nd V-uckle = '66 VW Beetle

> We Aw8 Silent Trystero's Empire

> nvr try steriods

> if we got the house on 93rd + Riverside, weed live a stone's throw from Pynchon in the Yupper West Side

> the above linked post #331 marked the 10th anniversary of Sleepingfish ... weave bLogged
794 posts 5in¢e

> what is the r8 of acceler8ion? could 1 pinch hit 4 Pynchon?

> if a monkey drops from the tree the second U shoot, where do U aim 4?

monkey tree physics problem

> 1 could hit Pynchon's house from hear if they had 1 hell of an arm + new ware 2 aim

> nun of this will be in iSBN

> nun is itself backwoods

> TV/movies watched this past week:

  • House of Yes
  • Gangs of New York (for 2nd time)
  • finished The Offer (ok, but too much about the producer)
  • Truman Show (we like the idea of it, but awful 2nd time around)
  • May December —intresting weigh 2 tell the Mary K Letourneau/Fualaau story
  • starting 2 watch Fargo season 5 witch so far is best yet (we stopped watching season 4)
  • The Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition... crazy period of Amerikin hystery

+ weave bin reading South by Babah Lakghomi (who will also have work in Sleepingfish XX)

Babak Lakghomi, South


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