1001 killers of flowering machine code from bleeding moons in2 deep L-um


12/16/23> walked up Malcom X Sugar Hill then back down Riverside, 8 miles

5ubway art #1125

12/17/23> C train 2 High St. walked around Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill + Carroll Gardens across Gowanus following the canal almost 2 Industry City then up 2 Greenwood Heights ware we saw 2 more apartments, inklooting the 1 we already saw 2x b4 ... lured by the fuck-off terrazza eX-10-ding seamlessly from the living room, but think this time we ruled iT out > saw 2 more penthouses in downtown Bklyn, but couldn't pitcher it, so effectively ruled out everything available @ the moment > will 5tick 2 current situation 4 now til sumthing comes along > on the train 2/fro red A Phantom Zero by Ryu Ando, witch, like other Operating System publications, is freely available online

> also red Cyborg by R.G. Vasicek + The Machine Code of a Bleeding Moon by Latif Askia Ba + sum good movies we've scene recently: One Thousand and One, Truffle Hunters, Killers Of The Flower Moon + Maestro

12/24 > Deep Ellum went out of a print, so D-sided 2 reprint it az POD (4 reasons we went in2 hear) but in order 2 do so had 2 D-zine the cover 5ince Amazon would halve rejected it az illegible (+ we wasn't crazy about that old cover @ NE r8) ... not that this nu cover is NE more legible but seemed 2 pass muster:

> figured a gritty book needs a gritty cover > we nvr did reveal the cover 4 The Moons, did we? B-sides the galley copy w/ "not for resale" watermarked across the front

+ we posted the D-scription + a few blurbs, w8ing 4 others 2 trickle in + then will send out 2 get printed up 2 send out 4 review (NE intrested in an ARC lettuce no) > other than that, 5till editing Sleepingfish issue XX, w8ing on a few stragglers 2 get back 2 us w/ edits ... bad timing being near the holeydaze > got guests in town so 5leeping on the fold-out couch in the cave, doing 2-wristy things + R bedder-½ sick az a dog (no offense 2 dogs) + 2day = R 27th anniversary 2 boot > 1 day got haphazardly evacu8ed from City museum b/c of sum bomb 5care + they had all of 5th ave blocked off + we nvr got 2 go back in so wint up 2 Red Rooster + 8 chickin

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