on a curtain uncertainty of travesty gener8ors 2 D-rail red hook in time 4 anti-climactic change


1/5/2024 > last nite we were driving + cot a glimpse of the Golden G8 bRidge so parked 2 hike around near the base witch weed nvr done even tho we used 2 live there 4 years yrs ago, but from the map couldn't figure out how 2 get there > then we were X-ing the bridge but @ water lvl + there were all these subMerged ancient Roman statues, sum 5ticking out of the aquamarine sea + billboreds in glish tried 2 make lite of the «litter» az if most ppl found these ruins unsightly + we were thinking weed bin living in Rome all these years + nvr tired of seeing these + thought it was beautiful az iz, in a st8 of DK > then we got 5tuck in a traffiic jam @ a toll plaza Xit + then were @ the base of the Brooklyn Bridge + had 2 w8 4 another car (a Tesla) that was following B-hind us 2 ketch up + my bedder-½ suggested we consolid8 2 their car so we had more time 2 eat + 5leep but 1 din't trust this other person's driving + dint want 2 drive a Tesla even if they lettuce

> 2day = dad's birth/death day (tho tecknically they found hym 2morrow) > ①/②/③ D-rerailed so took 2 West 4th + 5witched 2 2 Jay St, looked @ an apartment in Bklyn Heights + then 3 in Red Hook ... 1 of the 1s in Red Hook was nice + part of us digs the idea of living in Red Hook, but the practical ½ nose it wd B a slog 2 get N-E-ware, very isoL8ed (not 2 mention low-lying + prone 2 flooding in the fewchair ... apt apt 4 a professor of climate in X times of anti-climactic ch-ch-change (in the ∆)?) > walked around (8 miles) Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill + Bklyn Heights > train home, red Travesty Generator by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram—recursive nested loops of afrofuturistic code

purple octopus, red hook

Ↄalamari HQ in Red Hook?


the professor riding the rails

1/6 > woke up in bed w/ my cousin's wife > 1 sat up in bed just az my cousin was coming out of the bathroom, souprized 2 C me there > 1 said 1 didn't know how 1 got there, witch = the truth > bedder-½ + 1 had bin there (in Oregon) the day b4 but drove back 2 San Francisco > but now hear 1 was back in PortL&, just in time 4 sum 4th of July festivities > 1 racked my brain 2 figure out how 1 got there wile we were all making preparations + getting reddy + 1 started 2 unfold a table but they said they'd put that away 4 the winter, witch = confusing b/c it = July > they were gearing 2 leave + 1 said 1 4got my bag + needed sum 1's keys 2 get in but then reached in2 my pocket + discovered 1 already had a FOB key > 1 told my other cousin that mayB 1 sleptwalk there + he said «u walked in your 5leep all the weigh hear?» + 1 said 1 must of walked 2 the bus station + bot a ticket in my 5leep + then said 1 bedder check my wallet 2 make sure nothing = missing + my credit cards all = there, nothing = out of the norm

> i.R.L. took 2 High St + walked aRound Bklyn Heights + checked out the apartment on Joralemon street again ... on 2nd look D-sided it naught = the 1, naught @ that price @ N-E r8 > saw another place in Carroll Gardens but it was overlooking the B.Q.E. + 2 far from N-E-thing > walked around sum more back thru Cobble Hill + then took 2 home reading On a Certain Practical Uncertainty by Federico Federici (who has work in Sleepingfish XX)

Travesty Generator by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, On a Certain Practical Uncertainty by Federico Federici

1/7> got copies of The Moons + started stuffing those in2 envelopes 2 send out 4 review, N-E 1 intrested in an ARC let Ↄal know

Travesty Generator by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, On a Certain Practical Uncertainty by Federico Federici

> otherwise in final stages of rapping up Sleepingfish XX, hopefully we'll have it printed this week

> movies watched:

  • Moonstruck (for ~10th time, b/c we were considering apartments in Brooklyn Heights)
  • 5tarted to watch The Curse season 1—so spot on about how stupid liberals R it's almost hard 2 watch
  • Leave the World Behind—apocalyptic whore film also hard 2 watch b/c it seems 2 close 2 home... a bit derivative of Jordan Peele, is this the direction of contemporary (post-covid) films?
  • Paris is Burning—documentary about '80s trans/drag/vogueing culture in Harlem witch mayB we saw b4 cant remember
  • Society of the Snow—another movie about the Uruguayan rugby team that crashed in the Andes, always an intresting subject


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