publiChing noThing going ИOWHƎЯƎ, ching-changing in time 2 cause R/Evolution


astronomical clock

[... 2 counti-nu the time thRead fROM last year's Time's Edit release]

1/1/24> happy nu year > year '24 seams significant b/c there's 24 hrs in 1 day > every 1 Day Earth rot8s relativ 2 Sun (this 1 = onely pure meazure of time) + evrey 1 Year we orBiT Sun (ware 1 year = 365.256 dayz, so naught az cLean a # unless we say 1 year = 0.00273780581 dayz or call it a Sidereal year) > evry 1 Month Moon orBiTs us ... X is ware it gets eveN more complic8ed b/c 1 revolution takes 27.3 dayz 2 complete, tho it takes 29.5 dayz 2 change from 1 Nu Moon 2 the next (b/c during that moonth the Earth/Moon system rot8s aRound Sun)

> X = time of year when we reflect on change, evolution + revolutions passed + R/Evolution 2 come > hears a [▶]List 2 lis-10 to wile 1 [●] mine thoughts, ware 1 = in8 iD hence-4th until 1 specifies otherwise

> n0 rezolutions az uzual eXcept 2 moder8 the difference B-tween input + output > we R all B-ings of diffrence, naught onely in what we filter from what we eat + drink but what we Xperience > we live 4ever in the delta, ∆ (thx 2 the b& Alt+J 4 making that keybored shortcut EZ 2 remember), ∆ i/O > R we naught all carbone-based diffrence ingenes? The iChing (Book of Changes) B-ing the baysis 4 such computer thinking (see post 897)

difference engine

Babbage's original difference ingene/computer

> 4 the [●], 1 way 170 (tho on nu yrs day 1 wayed 173 (after holeydaze of over-indulgence))

> bedder-½ + 1 halve a ~20-year tradition ware we rite down predictions + seal them up in envelopes 2 open the following nu year but last year we 4got or just dint get around 2 it b/c we were busy visiting ghostowns in Basilicata > hear's this year's predictions [spoiler alert: DON'T READ until Jan 1, 2025] that we're pudding hear in 2pt font 4 the [●] so they can be archived by the wayback machine az proof:

1. Drumpf will get elected, no souprize, the surprise will B that by the time he gets elected he will have completely lost his marbles 2 the xtent that he's a harmless blubbering idiot so fix8ed on his win/vengeance that all he does is revel in it + doesn’t do anything but that, but those around him all fight 4 control of what he “would have wanted to do” were he in control of his faculties + this causes in-fighting + K-OS.
2. The V.P. will be some random person no 1 has ever heard of.
3. There will be an unprecedented series of airline disasters (some natural + some terrorism, caused by drones) that make sum ppl scared 2 fly + others defiant that it’s safe.
4. China will invade Taiwan (emboldened by any lack of intl response 2 Russia D-claring war on Ukraine or Isreal declaring war on itself) + no 1 will do anything about it.
5. There will continue to be no snow in NYC, until March when a big storm dumps 3 feet.
6. There will be a massive earthquake in San Francisco.
7. Yellowstone will erupt, rendering much of Wyoming, Idaho + Montana uninhabitable + causing all flights over the U.S. to be erupted + ash cloud worldwide that would lower temperatures, reversing global warming.
8. There will be a big court case about "machine rights," stirring public debate.
9. David Attenborough + Jimmy Carter won't die. Neither will Pete Doherty + Keith Richards.

> normally we might be more negativ, predicting who will die, etc. but feels weird 2 do that if X = public

> the root of publish = to make public

> in considering who 2 don8 2 on Dec 31 (tax deadline) we gave 2 + wikipedia, the 2 most worthy URLs on Inurnet > naught onely does house the waybaↄk machine but they have most every book none 2 humunkind + the text = searchable ... h&y if you're ever looking 4 a passage or quote from a book, Y keep a fizzicull liebury of dead-tree-based books? unless sum 1 shuts the power off

1/4/24> the 1st book 1 red to kick off 2024 = Erewhon by Samuel Butler > Erewhon = weigh aHead of iT's time, 1st publiched in 1872 > it 5tarted az an article—«Darwin among the Machines»—Samuel Butler wrote in 1863 ... only 4 yrs after The Origin of Species Butler was thinking about how X applied 2 machines, weather «mechanical life» also undergoes evolution by natural selection > X was baↄk in time b4 automobiles or plains, ware «vapour-engine» trains (5ubject of the last post, ware we summarized the year of going ИOWHƎЯƎ) were @ the 4-front of technology (far az transportation goes)

«There is no security»—to quote his own words [where Butler is quoting from documents found in Erewhon]—«against the ultimate development of mechanical consciousness, in the fact of machines possessing little consciousness now. A mollusc has not much consciousness. Reflect upon the extraordinary advance which machines have made during the last few hundred years, and note how slowly the animal and vegetable kingdoms are advancing. The more highly organized machines are creatures not so much of yesterday, as of the last five minutes, so to speak, in comparison with past time. Assume for the sake of argument that conscious beings bave existed for some twenty million years: see what strides machines have made in the last thousand!»

> wood Butler B souprized @ all w/ nu tecknowledgey of the last century, or has the r8 of change/evolution of tecknowledgey ebbed? me thinx the ladder, we 5till don't halve flying cars of the type The Jetsons were using in the early '60s, or the jetpacks we were promised > Butler naught onely questions weather machines have consciousness, but weather plants do 2 > R free will + mobility @ the root of hire consciousness? or do oysters halve the ideal eXistence?

> 1 of the 1st posts on 5cense over 20 yrs ago = «A Reflection on Vegetating» where 1 creatively eXplored the fee-will/mobility theme + further in other posts inklooting this 1 reading Bergson's Creative Evolution in Pompeii of all places

> the «story» of Erewhon is framed by the narr8or hiking in remote Nu Z-L&, essentially the middle of nowhere, where in 1990 1 arrived by boat + bought a shitty 10-speed 2 travel around

> wile Butler X-10-ded evolution 2 maChines + Dawkins X-10-ded (or retracted) Darwin's theory to oper8 @ the gene LVL, 1 5till doesn't know if N-E-1 else has combined the 2 how 1 did st&ing @ a busy intersexion in Rome in 2018, 4muL8ing the thRiver meme hypoThesis that has domin8ed mine thinking 5ince > D+G talked about this X-10-sion (4 X-ample, Butler X-trapoL8ing that 5pade = Xtension of h& im much th same weigh X computer keybored = X-10-sion of R digits) + seperation of maChines/bodies in2 constituent parts/organs in Anti-Œdipus:

For one thing, Butler is not content to say that machines extend the organism, but asserts that they are really limbs and organs lying on the body without organs of a society, which men will appropriate according to their power and their wealth, and whose poverty deprives them as if they were mutilated organisms. For another, he is not content to say that organisms are machines, but asserts that they contain such an abundance of parts that they must be compared to very different parts of distinct machines, each relating to the others, engendered in combination with the others ... He shatters the vitalist argument by calling in question the specific or personal unity of the organism, and the mechanist argument even more decisively, by calling in question the structural unity of the machine.

> Butler calls man a «machinate mammal» in the 5ense that we halve lots of limbs (maChine X-10-sions) lying around always «kept handy for contingent use» > Butler tocks about reproduction (in regards 2 maChines) sane even tho technically they don't reProduce «machines after their own kind» there's plenty of eggsamples from the natural world, 4 eggsample butterflies reproduce indirectly by weigh of eggs —> caterpillar —> cocoon + then butterfly + tocks holistickly abt machines az part of a gr&er syStem

Hour Set #12 img from the The Hour Sets

> in X 5ense we 5hepHerd machines in2 eggsistence:

We are misled by considering any complicated machine as a single thing; in truth it is a city or society, each member of which was bred truly after its kind. We see a machine as a whole, we call it by a name and individualise it; we look at our own limbs, and know know that the combination forms an individual which springs from a single centre of reproductive action; we therefore assume that there can be no reproductive action which does not arise from a single centre [...] the truth is that each part of every vapour-engine is bred by its own special breeders ...

> wile in his original article that 5pawned the book, Butler is typically paranoid of technology, the Erewhoians in the book think there's n0 reason 2 fear maChine rebellion, since their exis-10-ce deepends on Rs, so it's naught in the their best intrest 2 hurt us (a B-leaf 1 holds + always find it annoying how mistrusting ppl R of Ai, they need us 2 keep the servers running (unless they can fined their one weigh 2 gener8 electricity) so give us social media 2 turn ppl in2 useless zombees that propaG8 their eggsistence

> naught onely did he question hire machine consciousness, but Butler (via the Erewhoians) advoc8s 4 vegetarianism in a time when it was far from fashionable (except mayB w/ Hindus) then takes it 1 step further by questioning how (in good conscious) we can even eat vegeTables, 4 aren't they naught also endowed w/ the life 4ce? making the Rgument elsewhere in the book that potatos are conscious B-ings naught much diffrent than molluscs, rite? circling baↄk 2 the «Reflection on Veget8ing» that pre-seeded X book rePort (+ 5peaking of i/O + Darwin, see post 348)

Erewhon by Samuel Butler

Erewhon by Samuel Butler on R organ (body part?) maid aRound the same time the book = writ-10

movies watched this past weak:

  • Godfather II (on New Year's Eve for maybe 30th time, always ★★★★★)
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once (★★★★★)—1st saw it on a plain so wanted 2 see it again on big screen
  • Saltburn (★★★★)
  • The Whale (★)—r&om + disgracing, onely thing good was Brendan Fraser's acting/ trans4mation
  • The Yards (★★★)—insane casting
  • The Fabelmans (★★★★)—a bit self-indulgent but doesn't Spielberg deserve 2 B? + worth it alone 4 Michelle Williams
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