we the nu nu animals -hunting along the red line, 1-dering az we wander if it's 10-der 2 the touch


1/11/2024> train 2 Franklin ware we 5witched 2 the ... bet naught menny ppl halve ever taken the B4? we don't mean the Gr& Central shuttle, witch sumtimes they D-note az on sines but is really the ... the = short 5huttle w/in Bklyn that runs 3 [◼]s B-tween Franklin + Prospect Park, FYi, ware R bedder-½ + ii (in8 iD) got off

S train Franklin to Prospect Park


> we were going 2 look @ an in Leffert Gardens so wanted 2 check out the hood b4h&, witch weed nvr bin 2 b4, Xcept mayB 2 go 2 the West NDN Day parade when we 1st moved 2 NYC, in 2001, rite b4 911

west indian day parade 2001

> the = amazing, wraparound terraza + retractable doors in the living room 2 give that seamless feel ware 1 can't tel the diffrence B-tween in5ide + out + the hood has a chill lo-key vibe, but it's far from N-E-thing, even Prospect Park = 20-minute walk + Leffert is 5till 4 the most part ungentrified + we wdn't want 2 B the douchebag white folk contributing 2 more gentrification, just ain't R tribe, don't want 2 spoil their party

> next saw an in Park Slope witch was cool, but again, not R tribe in a diffrent weigh ... the 5hared the top floor + rooftop patiO w/ another that had baby 5trollers + toys all over the place > from everything weave 5cene, the reputation Park Slope has of B-ing baby stroller hell = true > saw another (by this point there was a snow squall) on Prospect Park West, witch was a mazing, rite on the park, but almost 2 nice, orn8 built-in wood feetsures, just couldn't pitcher R-selves there + naught top floor

> then we saw a right off Gr& R-me plaza, chex all the boxes, gr8 location, pre-war, top-floor, etc. in an old-shcool bldg ... we the Gr& R-me plaza area, feels like Yourup + lots of good grub in that hood, central 2 everything, near the park

mike D toile wallpaper, hasidic jews, notorous B.I.G.

the gr& R-me Plaza perhaps worth it alone 4 the wallpaper D-zined by Mike D

> then we saw a in downtown Bklyn that had an in5ane rap around vu uv all of Manhattan + Bklyn, u cd see all 5 bridges, from Verrazano all the weigh up 2 the Queensboro, better vu then u get atop the M-πire st8! but iT was Xpen$ive + the selling A-gent an A-hole + that downtown Bklyn area sucks (Gold st) ware u step out your door + it's all court houses + black SUVs + a 15 minute walk til u get 2 N-E-ware practical

fuck-off view

fuck-off vu

> walked 2 Cobble Hill + drank wine con5idering R options then 8 french food on 5mith st, then the 2 the > walked ~8 or 9 miles on the day

> on the train 2/fro, ii red We The Animals by Justin Torres, his 1st novel > we saw the movie a few yrs ago, coinsidentally made by Jeremiah Zagar, younger brother of R childhood friend Zeke ... we nu Jeremiah when he = wee baby + we also published Justin Torres' 1st story in zzz ><((°> 0.875 (+ we're rerunning it in zzz ><((°> XX) + now Torres 1 this year's Natl book award! all well-deserved, We The Animals = 5-starred 5ubway read, almost finished it back + 4th 2 bklyn

We the Animals by Justin Torres

> the reader may 1-der Y we're -hunting 4 a nu already when we just got hear? ... 1). we don't want 2 throw away money twards rent when we can a4rd 2 by (e5pecially 5ince the 5ame sub5idy Columbia gives twards rent they'd give twards bying + 5ince there's such a Columbia ing crunch they upped the ante on the buying $ub$idy a few weeks ago + 2). R now ≠ top floor + we can here R neighbors above + 3). we dont need all this luckshorey 5hit (doorman, etc.), makes us uncom4table (boo-fucking hoo, rite?), we're DiY + wood rather open doors R selves + take the stares in5tead of elev8ors + 4) much az we iT, weave lived a long time in this hood (UWS/Morningside/Harlem) + would B up 4 a nu nu york eXperience + 5). last but naught least, there's little lite in R current ... nvr underestim8 the importance of B-ing able 2 C the 5ky + southern Xposure > we can hardly tell when it's raining, or what phase the ☾ = in, nvr see the ☼ rise or set > but it's buy n0 means urgent, e5pecially 5ince R upstares neighbor is on sabattical til end of summer

455 CPW

now that it's winter u can C R bldg from Central Park, tho R 3rd floor ⌂ is out of view well B-low the cancer castle roofline

1/15> last nite we were on this narrow road + in front of us was this sort of roller-coaster train w/ chimps on it > they weren't buckled in + their feet were Xposed 2 the ground (like Flinstones cars) + this 1 chimp kept jumping down off their seat + there were sensors that wd make the train automatically [◼] + this chimp kept doing this over + over, each time the train coming 2 a grinding [◼] rite in front of us + a game warden w/ a prod wd tell 'em 2 get back in their seat + iT was annoying + they were blocking the weigh > then the train 5topped near a fence + all the chimps + other animals S-caped, climbing up the fence + the wardens chased them + tried 2 capture em > the animals din't get very far b4 they'd [◼] + make noize + throw 5tuff @ the wardens (almost az if once they were free, they dint no ware 2 go) ... pure K-OS > we were secretly amused + wanted 2 take photos but apparently it was a 5ensitive issue + we weren't sposed 2 > we were all 5tuck B-hind the 5talled train of S-caped animals + ii saw a 5mall glider plain that onely held 2 ppl + R bedder-½ + ii got in it + 5tarted flying off then felt bad + loopd back 2 tell em weed go 4 help > we glided down this gradual slope + got 2 a rocky cliff going down 2 the 5hore + 5toppd 2 walk down a 5ketchy trail > the engine D-tached from the glider + we 5tarted 2 lower it down then looked back + realized we wdn't B able 2 get the wings down w/out the engine so ii said we'd go back + fly the glider 2 a flat L&ing 5pot down B-low but we needid 2 scout it out so we new ware we cd L& > we got 2 water lvl + saw sum reckage + 2 white towels + 4 sum reason we needid 2 get 1 of the towels so ii jumped in2 the cold clear water + dove down 2 grab the wet towel + brought iT back, feeling accompli5hed

> 2 Bergen, walked around Park Slope + in2 the park + across 2 Crown Heights back 2 Bklyn Heights 4 a 2nd look @ the near Gr& R-me plaza + D-sided close but n0 cigar, naught the 1, @ least naught @ that pri¢e > we can a4d 2 w8 + B picky > 8 chirashi @ Ozakaya + train , 7 miles on the day, in sub-freezing whether

> on the train 2/fro red Tender by Sofia Samatar, who also will halve work in the 4th-coming zzz ><((°> XX, witch is B-ing printed az we 5peak + hopefully wheel halve copies by end of moonth

Tender by Sofia Samatar

1/17> when ii cant sleep we count backwords in time, 5tarting @ 2024 ... usually we don't get 2 the year ii = born, but last nite we got in2 the 18th century + then all in a sudden we jumped out of bed 2 go 2 the bathroom b/c we were about 2 go on a long roadtrip w/ Thurston Moore + his girlfriend + ii figured ii shd go 2 the bathroom 1st (even tho when we woke up we didn't really halve 2) + Thurston was making fun of the weigh ii pronounced Massachusetts

> yesterday + this a.m. we laid out the reissue of New Animals by Nick Francis Potter (New New Animals?) + read thru it more carefully then when we red it 4 pleasure + even tho it was supposedly copy-edited by Subito we found almsot ~200 edits (not all nessysorrily typos)(+ who nose how menny more Gari wood fined)

> movies/shows [▶]ed this past week:

  • Lingua Franca
  • Rustin—(saw it on MLK day)
  • started 2 re[▶] Bored 2 Death b/c it's a classic Brooklyn show, shame on HBO 4 cancelling it rite in it's prime:

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