522> time-lapse deconstruction of a mounting flood of information

26 Mar 2017 | Georgetown> last post endid w/ slabs of ice out our window on th vurge of falling, well now th ice has meltid + crash'd down but we still here + our bedder-½ still in Timor, actually Barcelona now. Got a bit warmer then cold again out our window this past week they dug up our perfectly good street + put her back together far as we kin tell for no reason @ ∀ll just like $i$$yphu$..

dont mind such distraxions as sound of jackhammers so loud shit falls of our walls, th noise dont bother us as much as th nieghbors bitching to th workers cuz they cant park their cars ± why do they got to make so much dam noise .... nice ∫umtimes to not travel just sit in 1 place + watch change by round u .. gitting a lot dun these past 10 days still not able to ride mo than 1 pg per day may-b 2 each pg pack'd to th gills, lotta weight, flood of information we musterin' to cuntain, channel into rite irrigation sistem .. well, helps to blog here so thank ye, releases pressure .... certain things we mo @ liberty to suss out here, ∫umtimes freedom of choice overhwhelms us + need to vent off xcess, speak a things we woont dare edmit w/in th confines of A Raft Manifest, feel a certain sacredness to th book objet, a need to stay in charactor bud here we kin git out of our skin + not have such cunstraints, reminiscent of th ∆iffrence tween snorkeling + scooby diving tho not sure wich applys to wich situation, a lit bit of each in both i spose w/skin or "free" diving 1 gots no worrys or cunstraints, akin to free association, whereas w/ Raft Manifest feels technickle, got to worry about air pressure, depth, yo dive buddy, etc. may-b actually th other way around dont know, snorkeling gits a bad rap, dont have that macho bucketlist kind of appeal, like th difference 'tween surfing + body-surfing, we always preferred th latter (feel 1 w/ th wave mo) just like we usually prefer skin diving, good for seeing 97% of th shit in th ocean (forgit th actual #) most "life" lives in th top ~30 ft axsessible thru free diving but to go deepr + see certain critters u need to scooby dive .... mo + mo we git frustrated w/ technology, guess that's th cunnection we tryin to make, feel we gitting duped, @ 1° cumpooters cool in theory but often they a pain in th ass, mo trubble then they worth + seems Inurnet providers give u just enough these days so u wont cumplain, or cross that threshold of waiting time to git thru to cusomer service, mind u our cumpoters = cumpariatively old + software outdated, still on Adobe CS6 on th mothership, we have Adobe CC here on this laptop but our main computer we still running some antiquated OS (still a cat of some sort) so old we cant update nun of our software, we scrambling to finish A Raft Manifest 1° cuz we dont want to switch boats midstream, bud we pushing that poor ol machine to do crazy shit (embedding custom fonts every wich way + weave generated 800 images so far in 188 pgs) in making th manifest appear lo-fi like analog interference weve lost some of that in past decades, feeling a certain nostalgia twards 70s-80s, like music now we god it ∀ll @ our fingertips, kin have your entire catalog on a little d-vice th size of a bar of soap who wd of imagined but we miss th hiss of tape, th scratch of vinyl, having to flip th casette, how it wd git "eaten" by your tapedeck + play backwoods, th failures of computers far less intresting how much of our day spent waiting for our dam machine to ketch up, not nearly @ th speed of our brain dump ∀ll comes flooding while we live day to day, trying not to niglect our health, eat well, exorcise, etc. when our bedder-½ goes out of town we live mo frugally, spend less time cooking, skip meals, dont clean house as often, spread yoga mats + weights in her room + leave them along w/ dirty clothes on th floor we always clean th kitchen tho always have probly got our stepmother to thank for that, kept a clean place even as a teenage bachelor, may-b not always tidy/ see ∀ll this stuff th boring shit we dont mention in aRM obviously .... we got a d'raft but scarce 3% of what we riginally wrode finds her way into th final take, mo like notes to trigger us to say ∫umping else not stopping to xplain if u dont make assumptions u never git nowhere no 1 cares bout yo problemas so u mask them to fit in to cullective unconchus scarce innything we ride comes out rite on 1° take typickly we go back dozens of times spend ½ th time looking stuff up, make sure it corraborates, has continuity, mite seam randumb half th details bud check th math you'll see .. not that inny1 reads this ± th final book 'cept our future self ± if we die + beecomb «famous» (face it, this notion lives in th back of any artist's noggin') folks will check wah we sed here ± scribbled on th drafts to see, sure enough he threw out 97% of what he wrote such a waste, yes hard to swallow cuz we obsessed w/ afishinesea like w/ living + eating trying not to waste food ± enurgey to live on this planet w/ least footprint another reason not to travel, feeling a sense of urgency cuz come May probly gunna live nomadic for th summer + we kin only work on A Raft Manifest on our mothership, not on our laptop + we got 45 pgs to go + want to finish @ least 95% before we split town, at least so we kin print out + read over last d'raft haha weave sed that b-fo, last d'raft, perhaps why we impose page cunstraints, ride direct in InDesine that dont messysorrily scroll shit accordionly if u insert text, hardcode w/ type-riders + images udderwise th text baloons from th inside out during th editing phase for every passedge we edit we add th same amount of new info w/ multiple threads going on unlike here where we got no page cunstraints just keeps a scrolling + we keep spewing like geothermal vents @ th bottumb of th ocean where them crazy critters live b-yond th range of scooby diving u need real fancy gear for that, breath nitrox chingadera, best leave that to th experts + James Cameron let him waste his money wheel just steal it later .... we "work thru things" here on 5cense by talking to ourself they have a funny way of working themselves out just like going for a run, how we think of ½ th shit we do, that + form dreams, stuff we scribble ½ asleep, got to cumpile th notes into 1 cuntinuous passage, no breaks, no seams, why? Not sure why, just what we do, always have. If we cd explain probly woont do it that way or bother @ ∀ll.

input-wise aint reading much, tho did read New Animals by Nick Francis Potter, 1 of th bedder new books weave red in this past year, like th way he mixes text + img + usually u find yourself in absurd situations where things dont go as plan'd, sorta like life .... 1 of th pieces from th book we published online in Sleepingfish + another appear'd in th last print issue 12 .. good stuff. This a pg from th book:

28 Mar> our bedder ½ in NYC now, almost home .. this afternoon she goes to Baltimore to teach a class + then finelly home tonite .... like th opposite of us, ∀ll th pressure we have = self-imposed + we hardly leave th house + what we do randumb + meaningless, far from doing el moondough inny good .... dont halve much else to say, dear Inurnet.

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