amput8ed dReam syndicate banking off Wilt the Stilt's baↄkbored chronotopillogically 2 Ikarie XB-1


1/18/2024> Đ-zined (w/ the help of ĐALL·E 2) a cover 4 a digital mini-chap 4 Petrichor that we're calling Ni/tro9ee9or\Tin (can't really 5pell it w/ these limited web fonts), a st&-alone Xcerpt from 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loops (it5elf an Xcerpt fRom U/X?):

> 5peaking of 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loops, ii think ii (in8 iĐ, under the guise of 1-wing 2can) might go ahead + publish iT R-self, stay 2ned...

1/18> took the 2 2 Jackson Heights, walked aroud a bit (awesome hood, feels like a 4in country N-E-where else in the whirled) then went 2 E + J's (+ F + L's) 4 dinner > 2 the > on the [ oo ] 2/fro red sum of Apology by Christian Tebordo


1/19> ii wanted 2 show L + J the backbored that Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 pts on but it was in5ide a mens room, so ii went in 1st 2 check + the coast was clear B-sides 1 -less person that was totally out of it so they came in + saw it + then a few -less ppl started stirring from beneath blankets + ii asked if they knew they were 5leeping propped against the baↄkbored that Wilt the Stilt scored 100 pts on + they shrugged like they knew but din't care + 2 make 5mall tock (by this point we'd settled down on a couch 2 make R-self @ ) ii said, yah, Wilt probly din't halve much competition in those daze, naught az many quality players az they have now + then they asked if ii was an olympic athlete + ii said no + then they asked if ii was a rock climber + ii said ii used 2 B, but by no means @ the olympic level

1/20> 2 2 1st ave in 20°F whether, 5topped in @ Niagara 2 ask about halving the zzz ><((°> XX launch there (stay 2ned 4 Đ-tales) then got another drink across the 5treet @ Amor Y Amargo w/ M + L + then 8 @ Van Đa (yes, they rite it that weigh) then went 2 the new Knitting Factory (moved again 2 the East Village on Ave A) + saw Đream Syndicate > 2 the > on the [ oo ] 2/fro red Declarations of the Technical Word as Such by Andrew C. Wenaus

> 5peaking of Đream Syndicate, hears a syndic8ed dReam Log mixtape ii maid resently:

> sum other books ii red this week (5peaking of amput8ed dReams):

> when Ↄalamari submissions roll in (weave already got ½ dozen boox in the Q for 2024), we like 2 check out sum of these author's other wares 4 the bigger pitcher > the middle book (Ω – 1 Chronotopologic Workings) is also by &rew Wenaus, a 700+ pager, but u litteruley just scan yr i's along the pgs az if reading de-brailed barcodes, a beast of a book objet:

> the other nite we watched Ikarie XB-1 (1963 Czech sci-fi film way ahead of its time) + Tarzan (2016), witch maid 4 an intresting dubble-feetsure

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