4ier vvave-4m 5tat-us upd8 rePort 2 a-nouns U az author of 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loopƨ


1/23/24> po5t #1133, nice symmetry, eh? 4 sum 1 born 11/22/66 > figured ii'd take the opportuni-T 2 revamp the 5¢ cas¢ading 5tyle 5hit > also o-curred 2 meme dat the hystorical finan¢ial rePort (L) ii po5ted in #1130 reassembles Terence McKenna's hollovvgraphic 4ier analysis of the i Ching az time-vvave zer0 vvave-4m (R), i.e. K-OS w/o ream or raison:

1/24> we (bedder-½ + ii) were 5hacked up @ N error'B'N'B last nite + Sir Paul McCartney was the host/live-in 5uper 4 the bldg, sew we felt kinda bad asking hym 2 do 5hit 4 us + wondered Y he'd take such a job + he said b/c he loved doing iT + then we wonderd iF mayB he did iT b/c he din't halve a family 2 go home 2?

1/25> 4 the 1st time 5ince we (Cal A. Mari + ii (in8 iD)) 5tarted Ↄalamari Arↄhive we halve 2 had 2 5tart a tracking 5heet 4 the various projeX Ↄalamari has in the Q (@ this pt about a dozen, 8 more ± less conFirmed + another 4 R 10-tative (seams 2 happen whenever we do an issue of zzz><((°>) ... feels like R project management dayzzz > weave nvr bin 1 2 a-nouns things in advance nor take pre-orders (tho Asterism does by D-fault (hint hint))——we mite B bad @ cre8ing «hype» or a «buzz», but @ least we don't make promisses we cant keep (ahem, like [PANK], or us announcing Subito prematurely (+ hint hint, there's another imprint in the works) ... weed rather put R money ware R mouth is + a-nouns things az they happen, naught that they WiLL happen sum day

on 2dayz walk ... what if everE objet had a sine next 2 iT sane what the object is eQuill 2?

> akin 2 Magreet's «treachery of imgs», the whirled dub-bling up upon it5elf ... imagine if we had a sine 4 every object coming up, how the whirled wood B 2x az cluttered ... + dont get meme 5tarted on advertizing

> 5uffice 2 say (call meme a hippocrit), zzz ><((°> XX is due baↄk fRom the printer N-E day now (Amazon KDP seams 2 take longer (~2-3 weaks) this moonth), just in time 4 a 1/31/24 launch (eXactly 20 yrs 5ince the daybiew of zzz ><((°> zer0):

> guess we nvr did po5t the official 2-D cover hear on 5¢:

> naught sure what's Q'ed up in the hopper next after that, Yuxin Zhao's The Moons is 5lated 4 3/23/24 (2 accomod8 the absurd 2-3 moonth window review places reQuire), but ii might 5lip in a project of meme one in the ice-cold Piscean moonth of February (+ 4go the review period): 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loopƨ ... a project that ii (in8 iD, under the guise of 1-wing 2can, ad infinitum) finished last 5ummer but has bin DKing in2 a st8 of indetourminancy due 2 inbox overload/academic burrocrazy of the 5mall press that accepted iT back then, sew az usual ii'll 5elf-medic8 in trademark DiY fa5hion > what's the ol' sane, if U want sumthing done rite, do iT yrself? perhaps 2-b-β-8-½-L = 1st book ware iF U read iT U b/come a part of the authorship? i.e. if u obtain a copy wheel list U (the reader) az an author, a crowd-5orced weigh 2 fund the over-arching U/X (fROM witch 2-b-β-8-½-L = ¼ uv a 5top-gap dRaft (+ 1/ 4 i am ĐNA = the 1st ¼)

> C a patterning 4ming? a methud 2 the madness?

> 5¢ = s&box 2 [●] R (Cal + ii's) thoughts + ∴ clear R CPU 2 think str8 about the fewchair, what = 4th-coming in 2024, 5tay 2ned ...

1132 <(current)> 1134 > error-tRavel notes dedic8ed 2 the dead b4 us: zzz ><((°> XX feeds on paper 5nake
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