error-tRavel notes dedic8ed 2 the dead b4 us: zzz ><((°> XX feeds on paper 5nake


1/26/24> last nite U/i boardid N error-plane bi R-self (N route 2 meat R bedder-½) 2 sumwhere in Asia, naut even shore ware > R a-signed seat was on a woodeN bench in a crowded airea but after we took off U/i walked around the plain + there was another sexion w/ rows of plush reclineable seats that were MpT so 5tarted 2 wander back but couldnt fined ware U/i was originully 5itting > U/i 5trolled thru loungey aireas + restraunts, there was an even a pool, az iF this was a cruz 5hip > U/i was wandering around trying 2 find R seat + then we got back 2 where we boarded the plane out5ide on the tarmac + U/i figured we'd just rebored but then realized U/i din't halve R boarding pass b/c we left it w/ R stuff + then 5tarted 2 panic realizing U/i was out5ide the plane + dint C how this = po55ible b/c U/i rememberd taking off > U/i ran in2 U-gene who was all casual + when U/i questioned how iT was passible we were out5ide + U-gene said they u5ed virtual reality + then 5howed me 2 N N-trance ware 1 cd get back on the plane but U/i 5till dint halve a boarding pass + sum sort of Chinese gestapo were taking away su5pected tearerwrists + X-ecuting them on the 5pot + U/i really 5tarted 2 panic + woke up

> 5trange, b/c just a few posts ago U/i said we nvr had dreams (tho this qualified az nitemare) on error-planes, always on or w8ing 4 trains [o——o]

5panning the GWB on 1/27

1/31> Stanley Crawford has gone up 2 the gr8 garlic farm in the 5ky > he was a legend, Log of the S.S. The Mrs. Unguentine = 10♦ in R desert i-L& boox, a classic that in4med us in so many wayz (+ we're long overdue 2 re-read) + led us 2 contact hym about re-issuing Travel Notes

> R last email 2 Stanley was 11/11/23, we askd if he wanted 2 swap a box of books in kind 4 garlic (as we'd one a few times b4) but we were 2 L8, the harvest was earlier in the fall ... his last words were: «Have enough for now and am out of garlic besides.» > in early January he found out he had untreatable cancer + chose a medically-assisted death

> fellow New Mexican writer N Scott Momaday also died a few dayz ago

> lots of death L8ly ... R friend Ch (½ of who we refer 2 az «Chedro» herein on 5cense) died a few dayzz ago, of vCJD (mad cow disease) of all things... the risks of working az a soil sighingtist her whole life in all parts of the globe > R paths crossed in Kenya (in fact, the «purple hippo» we drove the 1st month living there was their car), South Africa, Rome, NJ/NYC, Florida, Woods Hole (where the memorial we'll B next weekend) + who nose where else


> we officially released zzz ><((°> XX 2day, that we «Dedicated to the dead before us» ... if we'd none we wood uv deadic8ed iT 2 Stanley


> i.e. Sleepingfish sleeps w/ the fishes > bin 5tuffing enveLopes + 5huffling 2 the PO

> U/i = Δ i/O, the diffrence B-tween in- + out-put > input-wise weave engaged w/

> Embarrassed of the (W)hole = «operation manual for those who may choose to generate opera-tions through the (p)articular theatrical/theoretical apparatus» of EotW > hear = representative page

> we red it 2 in5pire chants oper8ions (ala Cage) of R one User eXperience (U/X) manual in progress, tho we prefer the word h&book 5ince «manual» has a man in it, hermano > in Span(y)ole, brother has a h& + man in it, go figure

> McTlán is a book by Steven Alvarez, who is also in the above zzz ><((°> XX > iT's a C-quill of sorts 2 Codex Mojaodicus, the continued pyschogeographic adventures of Chaley Chastitellez throughout Amurka, even passes thru Cananea, where we were when we found out R brother ('SSEY" 'SSES" 'SSEY"'s Telemachean Dedalus, who also figures prominently w/ Alvarez) died + we had 2 dRive back 2 Tuxson

pg 69 of McTlán

+ then Paper Snake by Ray Johnson, a reprint of his 1st attempt @ compiling his mail art weirdness into a book object

> movies we've engaged w/ this past week or 2:

  • Rockers (1978)——classic reggae film featuring all the key players
  • dare we edmit we saw Barbie? stupid az we imagined it wd B
  • only got a few minuts in2 Personal Velocity (2002)... way 2 violently misogynistic
  • finished rewatching season 3 of Bored to Death, such a pity they cancelled it in its prime
1133 <(current)> 1135 > 5tart yr one ff/ppre55 of curious-cities w/ pedals in yr ii's on n i-L& of misfits
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