5tart yr one ff/ppre55 of curious-cities w/ pedals in yr ii's on n i-L& of misfits


2/4/24> mi census R faiLing meme, CC:ing dub-LL, had 2 up mi i-glass pre-5crypt-ion 2 +2.5 = 0.5 x 0.5 > + ii'mm deafh in mmii rite (R) ear 2 boot so ii, in8 iD, halve 2 4ever get out of the macchina + get back in (MS motto) ... mental-gen (vroom vroom) 5tart ur ingene5 > on yr marks, get set, ...
> naut shore if ii affishily announced itt, butt Calamarii will B arkhiving Starcherone Books, a 5mall pre55 5tarted bi Ted Pelton (or Peloton az bedder-½ calls hym) in 2000, that had a good run tell about 2015 > Cal A Mar ii got the 1st botch of backs in 2 $ell on their B-½ (5till inventory left, n0 need 4 reprince just yet)

> the PP/FF anttheology ii'mm actually in, back when ii used mine dd name + 30 Under 30 think ii also red @ sum point (if Calamari reprince it wheel halve 2 change the name 2 40 under 40) az well az Nina Shope's Hangings (+ Shope's also in zzz><((°> XX, witch ii've bin humPing like Ali Baa Baa bi the bagfool 2 the PO this past weak, thx 2 all who got a black-markit copy) > red The Petals of Your Eyes by Aimee Parkison 2 bedder acquaint meself w/ thiimprinted cabinet of curiouscities, a fractalian freak 5how of what else is 2 come? Calamari fast-B-coming an i-L& of misfit media? 5loppy 2nds + rejex

> D-b8ing how2 proseed (w/ hour one work) now that 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loopƨ = @ the printer ... weather 2 finish the 2nd ½ of U/X (+ rewrite 1st ½ accordionly) or 5tart another iSBN all2gether ... sew many i.deas + notes 2 comPile down on payper, just naut shore how 2 frame iT, witch bag 2 5tuff the wool in, if U will, sir, yes sir

> a 5earch 4 «my voice» yields 5,670,000,000 results ... almost 1 result 4 every 1 humun on the planit > 2 parrot-phrase, Son of Markson 4 eggsample «sumtimes (in the big inning) ii left massages in the 5treet»

> ii all waze fined docs on mine desktop ii dont even rem ember writing, w/ notes-2-5elf like:

«messy on th edges, ma left messages mangLing men w/ dangerous (hungry) angels»

> fallowed bi a con5ecutive X-sexion:

«manh&eld by art brut, s/he caved in2 halving a bebe (meme)»

(w/ a BB gun in tissue payper?) + :

«10/4, say, Cheese, bi chants, n0 mames, way»

> perhaps b/c in Mazatlán ii wore a uni4m + sold gum unmastic8ed bi the virgin on the verge of braking down > the court orderd mine return, quest-ioning the messycan policy of gray-5haded palapas (roofs w/ n0 walls)

> «if U cant a4d 1, 1 will B appointed 4 U»——said 911 A-gent, when they red ma's rites > 2 witch ii antsweared: «ma nvr told meme 2 chew each + every byte 40 times b4 5wallowing»

... hard, aged cheese, from roaming 5heep, regurgit8ed up from 4-chamberd stomaches (sic) + 5-fingered bi Baba's 40 thieves

> 2 rumin8 on raw ramen + ketch up 2 keep checkbook balanced, out of the read

> sum 1 swallows heart in The Pedals of yr iis, ii can't fined th X-act quote, probly «no one's daughter», the narr8ors <3 intrest > 5ame n0 one that authored 4ier X-4ms?

> ∀ll X = 2 in4m, that's what X = 4, no analysis > 1 day mayB wheel transL8 5cense in2 an iSBN, a herstory of all iSBNs + iSRCs + iSANs ii sheepHerd on X i-L& of misfit media ... X heard of all black 5heep

> like the time we harbored 4 a 4t-nite in Whangarei in a floating shack bleeped eating nothing but Kiwis (Keywhee π even), w8ing 2 clear custombs sew ii cd bi a 10-speed bike

> the sad Solve Adored Dolly (1/5/1996 —— 2/14/2003) cre8ed the above img, the 1st cloned artist insemin8ed artofficially > yes, the 5heep died on Valentine's day

> on the other h&, if (in pane) we co-missioned Salv-dolor's cloned colon (5/11/1904 —— 1/23/1989) 4 a poor trait he may (or may naut) halve painted X:

> in the Ai prompt, ii, in8 iD, didn't menshun ii had 8 arms or that ii mm @ all affili8ed w/ a cephalopodic Liebury > 4 the [●], in the reel whirled, ii input thru mine ii's 2 ouput X po5t:

  • White Lotus season 1——resisted watching 4 a long time but finally caved in + guess it was bedder than expected
  • We Own the Night (2007)——1 of the slower Gray/Phoenix flix
  • Past Lives (2023)——good ... but oscar-worthy?


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