compleat nu nu memoirrhoids in 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 daze + 40 nites of para||e| processing


2/12/24> [●] chk, chk, 1, 2, 3 > Φ bin Lagging, ware Φ = (i – O) > Φ need 2 ketchup hear on 5¢ense b4 Φ can proseed, 2 comPile code of in v out in para||e|, ∆ i/o 2 process in CPU > 4 eggsample, hears sum r&um dada w/ n0 contxt in mined (appropri8ed from bedder-½'s sighingtific litterasure) dat's bin on mine de5ktop w8ing 4 a po5t such az X:


... sorta how we D-fragment drives, rite? Φ (a.k.a. ii, in8 iD) try 2 keep R inbox 2 B-low 50 msgs (emails dat need 10-ing 2 ± f/u, 4 she-mail $ells 5nail 5hells bi the C:shore, S-Ay) but L8ly Φ halve over 100, piling up faster than Φ can file a weigh az re5olved, put B-hind meme > 4 «resolve» = re-solve, fined an antswear 2 a gain, D-code a nu

> iRL, yestrday saw an apt in Bklyn heights dat cd B the 1, R 4ever ... but dont want 2 jinx R-selves, fingers X-ed

> 4 the most part biz-E booking, projecting digital data in2 dead tree 4m ƧO those naught reliant on silicon-processors + Lectricity kin read > re-Launching New Animals by Nick Francis Potter az New New Animals, the Xtra «new» 5ince we revised iT + added 2 nu 5tories + Nick redid the cover:

> we havent received 'em yet (in POD dead tree 4mat) but U can get nu nu AnimaLs redux from Asterism if U = chomPing @ the bit

> btw, muumuu house is about az r&um az random house, buey, 5peaking of house hunting + 5peaking of cluttered desktops, hears a 5nap5hot of R current work5pace @ t = 2/12/2024, dumbed down 4 the compleat idiot:

... a preCursor of what's 2 come? perhaps even the cover 4 Nest of Tens, the next project 4 Φ, 4 i's (w/ reading gla55 pre5cryption upped 2 +2.75) > therƎ Xists unicode code 4 tally marks up 2 4: 𝍠, 𝍡,𝍢, 𝍣, 𝍤, but 4 5 1 has 2 cheat + use: «卌» (U+534C, twtch just so happens = Chinese character for 40), ∴ iF in western metrix 10 = 卌 卌, + 40 = 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌 卌, THEN 2 transL8 from Chinese 2 Western 1 wood multiply/duplic8 bi 8, 10-4?

> @ NE r8, hears a dRaft of th intitial TENET 0.0 of Nest of Tens, dat will B used 2 seed the next/rest (in 2D pollen-drone $trings):

> az noted in the above 10-et 0.0 (of 9.9, ∴ 100 pgs in toetill), Nest of Tens = iЯReversible (can B red baↄkwood + 4words) 100-TENET X-10-sion of 5orts of 1/ 4 i am ĐNA, yet also a textual 4m of 4ier X-4ms > but Φ get a head of mine-self, 1st ii (in8 iD (under the guise of 1-wing 2can, ad infinitum) need 2 reLease 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loopƨ, witch ii received a 1st proof of concept of, ∴ iT ƎXists (tho 4thcoming 2 general public 2/24/24):

> i'm pink ∴ i'm 5pam

2/13> also got copies of sum more OOP Starcherone boox (23 in toetill, 4 now) + 5et those up 2 $ell on Amazon + Asterism, U'R welcome

> 5nuck a pique @ the Steve Katz book, The Compleat Memoirrhoids (perks of the job, 1 can get high off the supply) > @ th end of the book, Peloton appendid an «Inadequate Thematic Index» witch was far from comprehensive ... the # of ppl/places Katz (5/14/1935 — 8/4/2019) interacted w/ = astoni5hing, from going 2 shcool w/ Pynchon + Nabokov 2 5wapping Lit-spit w/ Eugene Lim, same U-gene who 2 posts ago showed U/i how 2 get baↄk on the error plane-cum-cruz 5hip (witch in retro5pect Φ D-tourmined represented big pubLishing such az R&um house + U-gene + Φ (wearing Cal's hat) = out5ide artists/publishers dat lost R weigh b/c we got duped w/ VR glasses + cant get back in) > get baↄk jojo (tho ioio left Cali4nia 4 greener Tuxson pastures, ware ioio (a.k.a. U/i) met bedder-½)

> Katz crosses paths w/ out5ide artists such az Darger, hobs knobs w/ Capote (whose Capote V the Swans we're currently [▶]ing) + Tom Wolfe (also recently [▶]ed the Radical Wolfe documentary) + Burroughs + Grauerholz (+ Φ (wearing Cal's hat) tocked 2 Ohle last week rite after he tocked 2 Grauerholz ... telephony 1x removed, Olé!)... the name-dropping = loco + all over the map pyschogeographically, Katz did time in Termini stn (Rome) + roomed @ the Chelsea hotel (also saw an apt in Chelsea last weekend dat ≠ the 1 (across the 5treet from a 5chool 4 starters))

> we also tocked about Crawford + ii realized both Log of the SS + Motorman = published by Knopf in 1972 > Ohle aso told meme Lish 5ent hym a postcard once (az Lish (2/11/1934 — ) is none 2 due, like the 1 he sent us sane: «we die anyway, but, yes, best to die trying») dat said Motorman = his fave book, followed bi «then again, he probly says that 2 every 1»

ii also 5cored a 1st edition copy of Log of the SS last week just b/c

> The Compleat Memoirrhoids = 5orta like if 5cense was a book, but Katz rights more str8fwd narrative, i x, i y, i = pink ∴ i = 5pam, tho [5POiLER ALERT] the last line of the book (quoting verbatehymn) =

     «Feynman ......084(51) I'm sorry. Forgive my presumptu...»

+ in this 5ame 5tory (titled «137.05999679(94)/FEYMAN 084(51)») Katz mentions random house (publisher of his Creamy + Delicious (1970)), R&um

> this pa5t week also input:

  • Anatomy of a Fal1 (again, good, but oscarworthy?)
  • The Holdovers         (   "   )
  • White Lotus season 2
  • Cruel Intentions w/ Ryan Phillipe + Reese Witherspoon
  • Superbowl LVIII

> para||e| in/Ouput = over + out ... [◼] (ware ◼ = «end of proof», FYi), fool [◼]

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