1 U-turn (of many) under mined CTRL 2 nod off bedder


  2/17/24> u pooL a
U-ie + come face-2-face w/ a relick of yr 4mer 5elf, btw, bway, down bdwy un-

il u reach an agreement w/ 1-self (fewchair 4m of), wherein
U also reeL-eyes N-E word kin mene NE-thing deepending on context, intend s?
Reaching X realization makes u
Nod ...

> nod in unison/con5enses, 2 concur, not 2 nod off, ox > 2 in-10d = 2 underst& after all, entiendes?

> wearing yr Calamari hat, ƨo far in feb u re-publiched 24 libros, Nu Nu Animals + then the 23 Start-yr-one books + a few more starchy ones in the works (setting up az POD), stay 2ned

> u + yr bedder-½ didnt get the apartment, FYi, if u were following that th- read, u got outbid again ... go figure, in this markit > this time y'all did up the anti a notch but apparently naught enough ... 2 bad b/c it was a sweet pad u shd of 5cene it, in Bklyn heights on the promenade w/ f/o views of NYC 5kyline + bRidges > probly all 4 the bedder az it was out5ide of yr com4t zone ... y'all wood of bin 5trapped 2 yr 30-yr mortgage (az if sum sort of death guage) + BQE central recon5truction (naught 2 mention helicopter noize) cd of bin a nitemare > ƨo its back 2 the drawing bored

> Ur 4ever learning a 4m of mined CTRL, if that makes 5ense, how2 let yr CPU do the thinking 4 u, naught yr e-Go or iD dict8ing the course > 4 the most part 2 help u 5leep (along w/ melatonin), witch u think makes yr mineareyes bedder, but also wear thou art

> a 4m of O-pen sorcery?

> it 5nowed on aNYCity not 1x but 2x in this past week

2/21> even tho u itemized Calamari last month, just last nite u paid unkel $am, biz-E w/ that short of sit, getting ducks in a row

> working on the D-zine for The psychic surgeon assists, hear's the cover az it st&s:

> they're «House (or Horse)» in zzz ><((°> XX but just HOUSE hear, u here?
2 go from HEART 2 EARTH just move the H 2 the end, FYi
> a 4m of [▶]ing H _ _ _ _

> pay the π-per > 5peaking of H-O-R-S-E, bin reading Floats Horse-Floats or Horse-Flows by Leslie Scalapino (1 of the Starcherone books + the 1st 1 u $old), beat-knicked L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E mindfuck that sorces from H=E=A=R=T's Lake, salted down 2 E=A=R=T=H

> almost 4got about yr one nu book in the K-OS, knot eXactly «advance» review copies (5ince the book launches in 3 dayz (just cuz u like the symmetry of 2/24/24)) but if N-E 1 wants a ↄopy lettuce no, know doubt N-E 1 that reads 5cense D-serves 1 on the H-O-U-S-E + bi getting a copy then u yrself can bee part of the author5hip (we'll add u az collabor8ing ↄo-author), get it?

> what else, i/o-wise? y'all [▶]ed:

  • 24-hr Party Ppl——re[▶]ed, this time realized now r&um Tony Wilson, just luck he L&ed Joy Division) ... XTC gets fool credit 4 cre8ing that movement
  • The Passenger (2023)——intresting CHARactors but not sure there was payoff 4 the Xtreme violence
  • Babylon (1980)——movie about dub sound system culture of Brixton that u can only think must of in5pired Steve McQueen's Lovers Rock (or 4 that matter the entire Small Axe pentalogy, witch accounts 4 sum of the best movie-making so far this deckaid)
  • True Detective season 4———intresting charactors + location (way north) but otherwise cliche cop shit

+ glad 2 C Stewart at least weakly back on The Daily Show, con5ider this yr moment of zen

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