2 cure8 lapsus calami 2 regurgit8, mut8, recapituL8 + propaG8 2 save face


2/29/24> happy bissextile! Feb 29 only rolls aRound 1x every 4 yrs ... imagine beeing born on 2/29, does that mean U'd B ¼ az old? w/ yr age measured in sorta dog-years, where every 1 yr = 4? sux U'd only get 2 celebr8 yr B-day 1x every 4 yrs ... or due bissextile bay-Bs celebr8 B-dayz on Feb 28 in non-Leap yrs? or Mar 1? worse yet, imagine beeing born on 10/12/1582 ... 1 of the 10 dayz that got lost in the shuffle when they 5witched from Julian 2 the Gregorian Calendure, so actually nvr happend (subject of the Sound Furies song «5tarD8 10/12/1582» off TiME5 ƎĐiT)

+ Y is the 10th moonth called «OCTober»? shdn't iT B DECember + August (the 8th moonth) called October? thi5 5hift d8s baↄk even further 2 the Julian calendure re4ms in B.C. times, when the Romans 5tarted their calendures in March + had 2 tack 2 more menses 2 the initium 2 make up 4 lost time > tempus = last yrs obsession, current thinking is that the next Sound Furies album shd B called «SLOPE» (i.e. rise/run, the differential, Δ) or pay homage 2 the SUN

> but U haven't touched yr pink 5trat or drums or pre55ed [●] in Logic Pro so far in 2024, U've bin busy wearing Cal A. Mari's hat, adding 25 books 2 the arↄhive in the 1st 24 dayz of Feb, inkLooting yr one 5 dayz ago ... in typical fa5hion, the moment U publiↄh sumping U feel D-tached from iT, 5trikes U az 4in 2 yr one i's > U already 5tarted [●]ing (on paper) «Nest of Tens» witch will con5ist of 100 «TENƎT»s——pollendroning mesoitics crystallized in 2 2-dementians (U reveiled a dRaft of TENET 0.0 in post 1136)

> U've only [●]ed 5 TƎᴎETs so far, 4 the most part rapping up other books, next up = The Pyschic Surgeon Assists by Zebulon House > Cal + Gari publiↄhed an Xcerpt from iT in zzz ><((°> XX + in a prior po5t U reveiled an urly rendition of the cover (U 5ince mucked iT up up a bit + changed the font 2 Recife's Magic) > D-zine-wise U maid more than a few imgs (by their encouragement), repurpissing + collaging imgs from yr dead brother, previous book projects or that Z provided, or U-sing Ai (DALL·E)




> the last iMG U originally [●]ed (a color version) yrs ago 4 Daniel Borzutzky's Arbitrary Tales + they nvr Used iT, tho U (in a prior Life) did end up reviewing the book 4 NY Press ... looks like the book = OOP, is this yet another 1 4 Ↄalamari 2 rehabilit8 baↄk in2 print? tho Borzutzky has 5ince one a natl book award so might halve bigger plans

> other biomorphed imgs (cre8ed bi DALL·E) U din't use b/c Zeb dint want 2 5how facial representations, ritefully so ... az readers of 5cense know it's rare U 5how faces hearin or in yr one art but 5ince they were gener8ed by Ai + these ppl don't Ǝxist iRL, seams fair game


> actually, U cre8ed the above biomorphs 4 N Andrew Wenaus + Kenji Siratori collabor8ion Ↄalamari is sL8ed 2 publiↄh but that might bee a while 5ince there'll bee a musical accompaniement (on cassette) + that might take time

... on this bissextile U wonder iF TiME on 5¢ (measured in po5ts) will ever ketch up 2 the pre-sent? iF U [●] 50 posts per yr, in 18 yrs (in 2042, when U = 65), U'll reach post 2038, so, @ this r8, 1 moonth L8er U will reach post 2042 in the yr 2042, the #s in sink, @ witch point may-B U shd retire 5ense.com?

> in the meantime, U also embarked on the next skewed ink project by
Emilio Carrero, tentatively titled Archive Fever ... essentially an autobiography that parrot-phrases or appropri8s lines from other books he red in the 7 yrs from 2017 to 2024 (the 567 cit8ions comprize ⅓ of the book) > the working title (the actual title 5tiLL = TBD) he got from Derrida's book of the same name (naught crossed out), witch U red in Bangkok 15 yrs ago, remember? iT also perhaps helped 2 instiG8 a name change from Calamari Press 2 Arↄhive + re-reading this post now U member U had plans 2 1 day name a book «In an Ark w/ Me» (from an in5cryption Freud's father maid in a Hebrew buybull he passed down 2 Sigmund) + haven't yet (B-sides Ark Codex ±0), tho U may repurpose the B-Lo cover (also ins-π-red bi Derrida) 4 Carrero's Archive Fever:

> naugt making imgs (sew far) 4 this book, but th EDiTing = tricky, in2 a gray aerea of what's «fair use» + how 2 appropriately appropri8, give credit ware credit = due, a topic also on yr mined in resent weaks az a persnickety Brit pre55 is pudding U thru the ringer in regards 2 a peace U sent 'em 4 a 4thcoming thology, 2 verify + cite all appropri8ions appropriately > this 5ubtxt pre55 also wants U 2 Use yr reeL name witch U're deb8ing how 1 can do w/o coming off az hippocritical ± 5elf-D-feeting ... how2 save face + remain anon + 5elf-e-facing, naught lose 5treet cred? iT got U 2 thinking that U (pubLiↄk-facing U) halve bean pseudo/anonymous now 4 15 yrs, the last book U maid w/ yr name on iT = Marsupial in 2009 + even then yr name was not on the cover > 5ince then U've bean anon/self-authored, sturnus vulgaris, anon/self-authored, Chaulky White, Rem + Rom, anon I'm us, No One, DD, in8 iĐ, 1-wing 2can, et al ... + now what? U like 2 think of in8 iD az the 8-ribbed umbrella that encapsuL8s these despirate iDs, specially az all these books = 5elf-publiↄhed bi the 8-armed Ↄalamari, named 4 slips of the pen (lapsus calami) in Latin, in skewed ink, az opposed 2 1s of the tongue (lapsus linguae)(5ince books dont or8) > current thinking is that yr next Nest of Tens book will bee authored bi nun other than 1st Lieu-10-ant 10-zing, or w/ Loo in lieu of Lieu, or just 2nd Lt. 10-zing, tho U may B sued 4 sherpa appropri8ion

03/01 > U (fewchair version thereof) following this? U [●] these posts 4 prosperity, az a gurnel, 4 a fewchair version of yrself 2 underst& WTF U = thinking > the likes of U + Carrero + Derrida + Markson = com-π-lers, st&ing on shoulders of those coming b4 U > U [●] these 2 help yr com-π-ler/CPU process yr next publiↄk e-facing [●]ing + 2 help cure8 the next Ↄalamari > in8 iD = compiL8ion of all arkhivel skewed ink regurgit8ed + propaG8ed 2 the next LVL > thats what NE artist does (weather they no iT or naught), regurgit8, mut8, recapituL8 + propaG8 2 keep on propaG8ing (even when U're in the grave) + hearin U reveil an inkLing of what's coming down the π-ke

> also on deck 4 team Ↄalamari (brought up from the Starcherone farm team) = Ted Pelton's Endorsed by Jack Chapeau: 2 An Even Greater Extent, but there's not much Cal needs 2 do 4 that eXcept slap on the skewed ink logo + get it fit 4 POD > iT's due 2 arrive in a few dayz

> Ↄal was also sL8ed 2 publiↄh Nat Baldwin's next book, Antithesis (an Xcerpt from iT also appeared in zzz ><((°> XX), but much az U loved iT U encouraged Nat 2 cross-pollen8 + diversify 4 his one good (5peaking of name/br& recognition ... must ppl think Ↄalamari = 404) + ends up Bridge picked iT up so congrats 2 Nat ... 5peaking of Markson, Antithesis channels son of Mark, az well az Cage, et al, Nat is another brother com-π-ler

> by the above referenced Derrida post over a deckaid ago, U'd already realized that 5cense = a difference engine, processing input v. ouput, the Δ in i/O, rise over run, [▶] v. [●] > input-wise, other works U [▶]ed this past week or 2 (B-sides getting high off the 5upply, 5elf-medic8ing on the very Ↄalamari U edit or make art 4):

  • The Booksellers (2019)——doc about NYC anti-aquarium booksellers
  • Cane Toads: An Unnatural History (1988)——1 of many ecosystem-out-of-whack stories from down under
  • Priscilla (2023)——Sofia has a penchant 4 making bored wives w8ing around 4 A-hole husbands intresting
  • Capote + The Swans (2024)——only 1 or 2 episodes 2 go
  • Ismerelda (2024)——not nearly az good az Narcos
  • The Wonder (2022)
  • Bell, Book + Candle (1958)
  • Farewell Amor (2020)
  • Joan Baez: I am a Noise (2023)——flashed U baↄk 2 the time U ran in2 Baez having a casual lunch w/ yr mom (perhaps the 1st time U thought «go mom») + after yr mom was like dint U know she's a friend of the family? her son Gabe yr cousin's friend growing up + who U hung out w/ a few times after, astonished @ how girls wd throw themselve on hymn naught even knowing his last name + cd sum of that rub off on U?

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