Z phenomenology of derivin9 undbridged 2 vvreckon + D-cipher zir $9,999.00 quest-ion


3/3/24> dutiful bay, record 5etting 67° + 5unny > 2 High st, diseMbarked + mow-Z'd tvvard Vinegar Hill then Looped baↄk thru DUMBO, Z vvaterfront more X-essible then vvhen vve lived on Plymouth + ^nchorage in 2010, but if U build iT they vvill come, throngs of 5elfie-takers in 5tiff competition w/ packs of sp&exed runners > savv ^ apt on Pacific in Cobble Hill dat looked good in pics but vvas ^ 5hit s&vvitch in person + packd full of real est8 porn addicts / ^ veritable feedin9 fren-Z / hunger games of house huntin9 > requizit D-brief vv/ real est8 agent after then vvalked 2 Red Hook + 8 out5ide on upper deck of Bklyn Crab, in ^ T-shirt n0 less > vvalked back, more alon9 Z vvaterfront 2 Bklyn Heights > to 96 st home > 13.1 miles on Z day, ½ marathon!

had 2 map-R-vvalk in 3 stages


5elfie vvindovv 5hopping in Vinagrr Hill

> dovvn 1 hole / re5urface Ls-vvhere > on Z train red Cipher by Molly Brodak > after U savv bLake read in D-cember (in DUMBO az ^ madder off act) U cureus 2 D-cipher Molly's 5ide of 5tory > cost $9,999.00 on ^mazon (+ vvhen U 5earch 4 «Molly Brodak» bLakes book comes up 1st?) so U found pubLisher (Pleiades) but they out of 5tock / redirected U 2 sum pre55 in Louiziana vvare U orderd 1 copy > vveeks/months vvent buy + nada, n0 book + U mentioned iT in passin9 2 bLake + B got on Z case + Pleiades edmitted it'd gone out of print > they didnt have ^ ansvver az 2 hovv they cd B $ellin9 ^ book they din't have, or Y they dint tell custombers iT vvazn't available ... yet another sMall press 5vvindle? ^ Pleiades rep told U «our distributor is LSU Press, which uses Longleaf services» + that U needed 2 contact them 4 ^ refund 2 vvitch U replied that customers shdn't have 2 knovv ins + outs of their distribution chain, it's ^ simple transaction, U order C from P + if C ain't received U shd get refund from P, P shd naught even of taken yr dinero 2 B-gin ... @ N-E r8, sorry 2 rant, The Cipher vvas eventually received + U red it on Z train 2 bklyn

> Z 1st line of The Cipher (aftr th epiGraph: «UH = TUR = kUO|UR|2 + k|UR|2UR + k|UO|2UR + kU*OU2R» ... witch, even tho U got hire D-grease in math + phy6) U dont n0 wtf dat means, tho U su5pect there's ^ typO, that Z last term shd B: kUO*UR2) =

Infinity scared me
when I was small

> ^ apt epiTaph? vveather ore naught N-E vvants 2 edmit, vve all read in2 vvhatever iT is vve input (e5pecially other artistes), U fix8 on certain lines 2 recapituL8 in current vvork yr vvorkin9 on (in other vvords):

a plot of empty space,

with a calendar on the wall. Each day ahead
is lake black. Bells, still.

> Y U obsess over hash-marked 卌 卌 (on yr de5ktop (2 remind U what U work on) + perhaps soon 2 repLace backdrop hear az U transition 2 Nest of Tens (+ (hablando de calendarios) also plzed 2 announce Ↄalamari will bee pubLishing Tonalamatl by Steven Alvarez, or delay bway!) 2 cope w/ calendure obSESSion (in wake of bissextile) ... O Z anaLog dayz when U drew X's on calendured dayzzz of future past (knot only a Sound Furies 5ong but 1 of yr fave climbs in SE AZ (Cochise Stronghold) from rock-climbing dayzzz + also neck of woods Alvarez hails from) + Ǝ ^ black Lake in bLake? «you will code then decode your mind» az Brodak sayz / vvitch bares ripeating: U code then D-code yore mined

+ perhaps Z hole Molly v. bLake D-b8 can B summarized bi: «Man is a way of not being a woman»? + is U = bLake + I = Molly in Z follovving?

The dead come back
not for you,

for themselves,
to hear their own stories

for the first time

I still don't
get to know the world

> remini5¢ent of Z OS's Line from Her (2013): «the past is just a story we tell ourselves» > U actually only red ½ of The Cipher on the train b/c yr bedder-½ finished Z book ze brot so U h&ed yr bedder-½ The Cipher + U dove in2 Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich (witch U bot 4 yr bedder-½ 4 Valentine's), witch U've red B4 but iT's bin ^ wile, U red iT in Z L8 '80s when U 5tudied math @ UCSC (where Rich coinsidentally professed)

> when U google «Adrienne Rich UCSC» (U do fact check after all), Z 1st result (a banana slugged site in fact) calls Z book «dRiving into the Wreck» haha witch tricked U in2 thinkin9 4 ^ sec that U'd D-rived iT wron9 all these yrs ... U'd think ^ tribute pg wd B important enough 2 copy edit, no? they can track alumni down after 20+ address changes 30 yrs L8er 2 hit U up 4 dinero but they can't higher a copy editor 4 their web5ite?

> Z juxtaposition of Brodak/Rich intresting, tho born 5 deckaids apart, both stole steely cold cryptic metaphy6 from Prometheus + repsychled iT baↄk in2 emascuL8ed 4m > just so happend that Z x-act point U 5wapped boox w/ bedder-½ coinsided w/ «Phenomology» (Brodak on top):

> Rich's angst more unwound + refined, more in CTRL, less unhinged, 4 bedder or worse take yr pick > Z 1 time U met Molly iRL was 5trollin9 aRound aNYCity mayB even on z Broad-way Rich refers 2 tho U distinctly remember partin9 wayz down near Hudson + W Houston b/c Molly complained iT was hot (iT was, but U wreckoned bLake + Molly wd B OK w/ iT comin9 from Hotlanta) > most of Z time ze tocked w/ bedder-½ ^bout bakin9 cakes wile 10 steps ahead U Used bra-5peak w/ BB

> The Cipher 5till = $9,999.00 on ^mazon, 5hd U photo¢opy Z hole thin9 + putt it online? no eXcuse 4 beaucoup 4-figures in X day + age of POD > callus Z robin hood of book mongers

3/8> in v. out / re5urface > Z a4mentioned peace U mentioned workin9 on = co-missioned from Puerto Del Sol (only weigh U seam 2 finish nu things, when others a5k 4 sumthin9 (witch = what prompted U 2 prompt G, FYi), ^ piecemeal weigh 2 wRite iSBN, witch U eNvision 2 B ^ Marksonian autoBiography cobbled 2gether from lines U've writ-10 or com-π-iled from other libros, in particular 1's U (az Cal ^ Mari) halve pubLished (inkLootin9 BB's), resently rein4ced by readin9 (in ^ editorial capacity) Z 4th-comin9 Emilio Carrero book, Archive Fever > we are leftover prawducks of (in – out) tho «product» imPlies multiPly in mathmatical terms > regurgit8 / recapituL8 > rinse / spin / ripeat

> most textual input az of L8 = 5ubmissions + there's also Z 23 Starcherone books U need 2 take ^ crash coarse in 2 acQuaint yr5elf > Z 2 U're in Z process of convertin9 2 POD = Endorsed by Jack Chapeau 2 an even greater extent by Ted Pelton (available mayB in another week or 2) + Cartilage and Skin by Michael James Rizza (mayB in ^ week or 2 aftr that) > 5tay 2ned

> U also spedred Animal Sanctuary by Sarah Falkner, like History of the Imagination meats Sunset Blvd (1950), Xcept Z protagonist Kitty Dawson has ^ Gerald Durrell-ish obsession w/ resQing exotic animaLs > ze had us convinced Kitty Dawson = real hystœrical charactor but when U google Z name U get ^ NSFW pics of 5cantily clad amateur SM influenzers (or porn 5tars, hard 2 tel the diffrence) > Falkner even menshuns other maid-up books w/in the book ( ≈ «Manimal Kingdom» by Sandor Gebel-Wildenstein) that U had 2 dub-L check 2 C if 4 reeL > boom!

> hear's also Z cover/D-scryption of Z pyschic surgeon assists by Zebulon House (4th-coming April 1st) 2 wet (or whet) yr beak:

> NE 1 intrested in ^ ARC lettuce no

> other media input X week that influenzed X post:

  • Amanda (2023)——good movie about what SM + Z modern whirled is doing 2 further alien8 weirdos (e5pecially 1s 2 rich 4 their one good ... Y do so many Italian films foke us on decadenza? è come loro con i soldi fossero quelli che fanno i film
  • Walk on the Wild Side (1962)——Lou Reed's Wild Side a far cry from the movie (zir 5ong in5pired bi Z Algren book Z movie d-based on) + just so happeNs Z main charactor = named Kitty (^ hotty prosti2te playd (well) by Jane Fonda)
  • Death Watch (1980)——didn°t finish, intrestin9 premise tho (+ perhaps ahead of iT's time in talkin9 ^bout «reality TV» + usin9 Ai 2 wRite novels, specially 5ince it's dbased on Z 1974 sci-fi novel The Unsleeping Eye by D. G. Compton) but wandered off r&um tangents
  • Three Months (2022)——also dint get 2 far in2 this 1, 2 millenial
  • Basquiat (1996)——rewatched in anticipation of American Fiction, boom! 4 reel
  • started 2 watch the Shogun series + The Regime + continued w/ that Capote Swans thin9


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