Autoportrait 2 rewrite az pink hobocamp zine w/ n0 i5BN yet


3/9/24 > 2 14th, walked 2 11th, saw a partment across from Julian Shnabel's pink palazzo that again looked good in pics but there was sum 1 sleeping in 1 of z rooms that had 5melly feet > got pizza in Chel5ea Market + walkd baↄk along z river thinking U wanted 2 keep yr good memories of living in z West Villaj (20042005 + 2009) + foke us on Bklyn > 9 miles

3/10 > 5peaking of pink palazzo, Zebulon House is in z house! if U want ^ ARC lettuce no

3/11 > in z last post U quoted z opening Line from Molly Brodak's Cipher: «Infinity scared me /when I was small» > 1 of z most trans4ative moments of yr childhood was when z Pink Panther vaccuumed himself up:

3/14 > happy pi day, 2 celebr8 u can lis-10 2 «U + i = 3.1415926535897» ... actually z 1st song U recorded on z above guitar

> walked down 2 39th st + hopped z fairy 2 Hoboken > or Hobocamp az Jerri Blank wd probly 5pell Sinatra's birthplace > z eerie Lackawanna terminul under con5truction ∴ they let u off further up + y'all walked along z waterfront then around Hobokamp + 8 fi5h s&wich @ sum cuban place then took the PATH back + walked from 33rd st 5topping in @ Kinokuniya > 14 miles


midtown az 5cene from Hobocamp



3/15 > walked 2 96th + took z 2 Eastern Pkwy + went 2 Bklyn mu5eum 2 check out z Zine XZbit: Copy Machine Manifestos > brot baↄk memories, tho z perspectiv 5kewed, mostly from z collection of John Dowd (∴ domin8ed by LGBTQ+ 5tuff) > no mention of Maximum R'N'R or Factsheet 5 or all those west coast punk zines U red + n0 concert flyers + only 1 or 2 ca55ettes, nada about home-taping networks ... granted iT was ^ zine xzbit but they had plenty of videos + fotos + other parafanelia



+ not much mail art 5tuff either B-sides this 1 by Ray Johnson


> after, y'all walked around Prospect Park + then thru Leffert Gardens, not looking @ NE apartment in particular but getting ^ feel 4 z area az U see ^ lot of 5treet EZ 5tuff coming up in PLG > Prospect Park def more chill than Central > 5till not sure y'all cd picture yrself in PLG tho > 8 @ Franklin Park + got B-r8ed by sum woke park slope Karen that din't like yr bar ettiquette then z back, 11 miles


> on the train 2/fro red most of Autoportrait by Édouard Levé > u red Suicide, but wanted 2 read more about how EL lived + also b/c U R xperimenting w/ ^ similar nonlinear piecemeal approach 2 writing yr autobiography (i5BN ... last week U wrote ^ 15-pg self-contained chapter 4 Puerto Del Sol entitled «PLUTO RESOLED») > Autoportrait = 1 continuous p-graph so 4ces 1 2 read every sen-10-ce 2 not miss N-E thing b/c important info gets mixed in w/ mundane D-tails

> reading Autoportrait maid U think z 1st line of i5BN mayas well B yr childhood phone # (5trange U can remember dat but not yr phone # now) > U = dada-driven sighingtist after all > Autoportrait begins:

When I was young, I thought Life A User's Manual would teach me how to live and Suicide A User's Manual how to die.

> U haven't red Perec, yet > z most useful word in Bahasa Indonesian = belum > nothing 5pecial à propos du langage ∴ dozen't matter u red iT in transL8ion > perhaps Levé uses z word «interlocutor» 2 much? U also input The Girl with Brown Fur by Stacey Levine (1 of z Starcherone books), dadark + dream-in5pired, just like U like it > movies input:

  • Poor Things——A 4 ef4t, wanted 2 like this but thought iT was overdone/trying 2 hard + felt ^ bit icky @ times, like Lanthimos exploited Emma Stone az ^ puppet 2 project his warped notions of what feminism shd B
  • American Fiction——watched this + Poor Things b/c we were going 2 ^ oscar party + wanted 2 B in4med > in yr opinion AF shd of gotten best picture + best actor 4 Jeffrey Wright + even tho Cord Jefferson got best adapted 5creenplay, lame he didn't even eggnowledge Percival Everett > it differs a bit from Erasure but @ z end of z day iT's Everett's art + z movie wdn°t exist were iT not 4 Everett
  • The Joker——rewatched it b/c 1st time U watched it = on ^ plane
  • Haunting in Venice——not sure Y u agreed 2 watch it az U cant st& Kenneth Branagh
  • Cocktail——not sure if it was so bad az 2 bee intresting (part of Criterion's razzie colllection of movies so bad they're good) but nevertheless dare U admit y'all watched the entire thing? like watching a trainwreck

> other than that iT's that time of year 4 5pring ¢leaning + oh, released The Moons by Yuxin Zhao yesterday


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