«evacu8 u cave» pro¢e55ed in para||e| 2 4m ^ nomadic monad ± mesostic mosaic 2/4 tenet # 0.8


3/17/24 > dia day St Patricio 🍀 > 2 J st, then camino'd 5mith st 5outh of Gowanus then zigged baↄk on 2nd/3rd north of gowAnus then zagged back on 4th/5th ... tour de Bk|yn, Gowanus in2 lower p^rk 5lope, then wint up 9th thru Windsor Terrace (4 yr money z best place 2 live in Bk|yn) then laid in z sun in L parQue(B-U-tiful la5t 3 dayz) then met L, M + 3 of their frends @ Nitehawk + saw Make Me Famous--abt unnone artist Edward Brezinski but far az U = con¢erned ze = unnone b/c ze didnt halve talent + n°t even ^ very intresting person but Ngaging movie nevertheless 2 C who b-comes fameus + who dozen°t + gr8 footedge of East Vi||age art 5cene in z '80s ... 4 yr money Basquait = by far z 1 w/ most talent from that 5cene (if not z best contemporary artiste ever) > B-sides Basquiat they were 95% white ♂ + z ga||ery oners white ♀, not ^ lot of diversity B-sides ^ good # of 'em bing gay > after went 2 owl farm 4 drinx then 2 Lore (pseudo NDN) 4 dinner > 9+ miles on z day


gowAnus cAnaL

> on z train 2/fro red The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor As Myth and As Religion by Joseph Campbell ... not zir best book, more abt z G-word then myth/meta4 (con5idering 5UBitle) > @ 1 pt Campbe|| tries 2 make a|| sorts of cosmic correL8ions w/ z # 432,000 (z Hindu Yuga cycle of time), but n°t sure U bot in2 a|| z 5upposed ¢onnections

3/18 > walked down 2 z iMax + saw ⸧ U ∩ ⸦ 2 > haven't 5cene ^ movie in z theatres in aNYCity in yrs if n0t decades + now 4 2nd day in ^ row? yr bedder-½ had z last few dayz off (5pring break), Y y'a|| halve bin toodling around + z weather's bin nice, walked over 50 miles in last 5 daze > ⸧ U ∩ ⸦ 2 was in-10-se in iMax > after walked a|| z way downtown > 5topped @ Ear Inn, witch y'a|| haven°t bean 2 in ^ long time ... yrs, if n0t decades, when U used 2 work nearby on Varick 2004--2005, ear|y dayz of Ↄalamari > oldest bar in NYC, glad 2 see iT 5ti|| there + 5ti|| semi-real, tho now there's new condos next door that block z sunset over z river if U st& drinking out on z 5idewalk, wear z waterfront used 2 B but now = block away w/ highway built on L&fill


> 8 @ Nobu (sum 1 gave y'a|| ^ gift card), now franchised in WTC ... WTF? again, haven°t eaten @ Nobu in yrs/deckaids > 10 miles 4 z day, 52 miles past 5


vu from St Paul's Chapel (triage HQ on 9/11)

> on z way baↄk on 5UBway red The Human Use of Human Beings by Norbert Wiener witch perhaps has z best title + cover of NE book ever (C above) > Wiener's in5ite in2 humun n8ure = a5tronomical, far from ^ book just about cybernetics + fair 5hare of reality check doom + gloom (w/ ^ postiv 5pin):

> X gets 2 z crux of z Sound Furies 2n «Novus Ordo Secolorum»

self-driving cars
deliver eggs
uv city streets
can't u see?


gun-steel turns to rust
in Dogs we trust
the leash

reverse the rites
the right to arm bears
yield to a congress of ravens
welcome to post-humun novus ordo seclorum

> Campbe||'s Outer Space book also tox about z cymbalogy on z baↄk of z do||hair bi||:

> both Campbell + Wiener's book tock about monads, witch Weiner attributes 2 yr homie Leibnitz (Wiener 5pells iT w/ ^ T) when con5idering z continuity of z soul > Campbell's angle is more psychillogical:

3/22> The Inner Reaches of Outer Space does get bedder twards z end, in z last «Way of ^Rt» chapter > but it's The Human Use of Human Beings that you'll B returning 2 w/ high probability 2 ¢on5ult Dog-eared pgs

> when u goog|ed Liebniz 2 see how 2 spi|| iT carwreck U went down ^ Lezbien Seagull rabbit-hole ... hear U were a|| these yrs thinking iT was just ^ si||y Beavis + Butthead song but apparent|y z di5¢overy of Lesbian Seagulls (+ surrounding contraVersE) in z '70s = imPortant mile5tone 4 LGBTQ+ + 5peaking of L&mark events of z '70s every ^merikin shd see z documentary Attica witch y'all saw last nite

+ goog|ing «monad» U di5¢overed in ¢ontemporary (cyber) terms ^ monad = i/O type 5tructure dat combines input program fragments + raps output return vaL-Us in2 ^ burritO (yes, most commun meta4) in Haskell, ^ programming language w/ i/O type inference + LayZ evaL8ion (n0t 2 B confuzed w/ John Haskell n0r Jackson Pollock), wherein z a4mentioned 2010 po5t perphaps = z last ware U st8 yr given name?

+ 5peaking of i/O, U/i, ^ nomadic monad, dada-driven sighingtist dat processes input in para||e| 2 produce output, in X case works-in-progress = i5BN (akin 2 yr Finnegans Wake dat w/ high probability will take rest of yr life 2 rite) + NEST OF TENS, witch U worked on this weak (hence nu wallpaper, w/ high probability z cover img) > NEST OF TENS will con5ist of 100 pgs + u've on|y finneshed up 2 ^ pg 8 + ^ dRaft @ dat

> however, both projects = 5eeped in numerology (R'nt they a||?) 2 4m nu associ8ions, witch reQuires deep-diving re5earch > in writing 4ier X4ms U on|y made iT 2 z # 4 ... now U've moved on2 2 5, 6, 7 + now 8 + part of X trans4m8ion involves making mixtapes 2 Lis-10 2 wile U rite (or let yr digits do what EXTernal 4ces make em due, az iF on auto-π-Lit)

> U wouldn't call iT «writing» ƧO much az com-π-Ling, 4ming dada maps, ho||owgraphic 2D mesostic mosaics ... wow, is «mesostic mosaic» ^ goog|ewhack? no 1 uddered these 2 words 2gether til now? @ NE r8, hear's ^ 5nap5hot of pg 8 2 giv U z iDea, in case U die b4 U finish z book there'|| B X [●]

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