eNdorsed bi ^dragon 2 index Sen-10-ces B-Longing 2 No 1, dear Inurnet, 4 Nest of 10s


3/26/24 > walkd down 2 E Vi||a9e (~8 miles) + had ^ drink @ Hard 2 X-Plane on 10th then 8 @ Hasaki on 9th

3/27 > reissued POD ver5ions of Endorsed by Jack Chapeau 2 an even greater extent by Ted Pelton + Cartilage and Skin by Michael James Rizza > also red Dear Ra by Johannes Göransson witch we hope 2 rei55ue soon, tho 5ti|| avail-able used

3/28 > worked ^ bit on ore9onizin9 i5BN in2 mana9eable buckets + now back 2 NEST OF TENS, finished 11 sexions (out of 100), 0.0 thru 1.0 > also 5witched 10-se (± tents) 2 «1st person» (eYɘ) @ Least 4 NEST OF TENS, may-B i5BN 2? where U = i = n0 1

index of
B-Longing 2
No 1?

+ U/i need 2 finish 2nd ½ of U/X + 2day U/i rememberd ^ ma55ive (3") 3-rin9 binder of notes U/i 5tarted 2 com-π-le ^ deckaid or 2 ago: NaviG8ing the 5enses (± census)... sew miny unfished projex dat sumtimes 9et mashd 2gether (B-low = 5nippet of Nest of 10s ¶rinted on used ¶aper leftover from when we sold R REMin9ton wype-ti9hter on Crai9slist + used iT 2 test/demonstr8 + 4got U/i typed on dat side

print air or ?

+ if U'r wonderin9 about z name NEST OF TENS, i took z 1st letters (O, T, F, S, E, N) from z 5pe||ed out #s (One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine) ... yah, so i cheated ^ bit, but «SOFT NET» or «SET FONT» doeznt halve z same rin9, tho «OFFSET TeNS» comes close (if on|y we cd halve 1 more E)> if U inkloot Zero u can 5pe|| SOFT ZEN

> i a-ran9e (or D-ran9e) z above a||-purpiss buckets bi #s (i halve ^ D-gree in com-put8ional math after a||) witch mite 5erve 4 z other WiPs, ^ weigh 2 ore9onize mine thiNKing > last week U/i dedic8ed 2 #8, thi5 week i dwe||ed on #9, #9, #9 (2 quote z white album («nam daed no em nrut» phonetica||y, i.e. «turn me on dead man» backwoods))

> we cdn°t inkloot track #5 from Danger Mouse's The Grey Album on z above mixtape (^ mash-up of «Helter Skelter» + Jay-Z's «99 Problems») b/c Apple records = 9reedy idiots

+ if ^ 6 turned out 2 B ^ 9, i don°t mind!

> 5peakin9 of comput8ional math D-grease from UC Santa Cruz, i wuz reFreshin9 mine memary abt #s + rememberd this 10-yr-old kid Adragon De Mello wuz in sum of my classes inklootin9 Number Theory (a more numb theory of #s) ... @ z time z youngest 5apien 2 ever gradu8 from university (@ age 11), but seams Adragon's 5ince bin surpa55ed ... 5ad 5tory actua||y, reminded me of dat kid in Magnolia tho far from ^ wunderkind, Adragon xce||ed one|y b/c his father maid hymn + Adragon actua||y bare|y pa55ed z cla55es i was in w/ hym > where is Adragon De Mello now? per wikipedia: «In 2000, De Mello was training to be an estimator for a commercial painting company.» > dat's where ^ D-gree in computational math wi|| L& U + hear i am publishin9 books n0 1 has ever herd of

> 2 get in2 z 5pearit of #9, also re-read The 9s by Xtian Peet (w/ cover by yrs tru|y) ... appears iT = OOP witch = ^ 5hame, 9uess Palm Press n0 lon9er Ǝxists? aNother K9 2 res-Q in Cal's n0-kill 5helter?

> my eYɘs also 5canned in M by John Cage, n0t Cage's be5t work bi NE 5tretch of imagin8ion (@ 1 pt Cage writes (in unnessasorri|y weird fonts): «Fame has its advantages. Anything you do gets used.»... witch pertty much summarizes z M book), but Cage was z 1st 5apien i ever herd of dat used mesostics so bi9 influenze on what i'm doin9 w/ NEST OF TENS (i'd demonstr8 hear, but it's 2 tricky 2 rite a

mesostiC in HTML b/c 1 cant 5pace bar thru ^
 MT areA ... 1 needs 2 [⌘ + C] + [⌘ + V] ^ « »
     + Gau9e by h&
   wherE 2 L& iT, 10-4?)

3/29> z 5hit5how of $PD came 2 N official end yestrday, sorry 2 those presses who din°t C z writin9 on z wa||, we tried 2 warn U last March > even tho Calamari 9ots n0 5kin in z 9ame i hopped on ^ «emer9ency» ca|| CLMP hosted (w/ Asterism + Bookmobile/Itasca), in dama9e CTRL mode + az i wrote in z Zoom chat (didnt halve z pateience 2 w8 in z Q w/ ye||ow virtual h& held up), NE 1 wants 2 know about Calamari's eXperience w/ Asterism feel free 2 get in touch, 5uffice 2 say it's bin 100% gr8, n0 brainer if U ask us > also 5purned Cal ^ Mari 2 join CLMP, so may-B we wont bee such siloed misanthropes 9oin9 FWD ... az if i havent sad dat B4 haha, just dont ask me 2 get on X

> TV/movies input last week or 2:

  • Drive My Car (for 3rd time) + then watched Down the Road: The Making of Drive My Car
  • Songs from the 2nd Floor (for 3rd time)
  • Apollo 13 (2nd time)
  • Anselm——Wim Wenders documentary about z artiste Anselm Kiefer ... sure, watchin9 this maid me green w/ NV wishin9 i had resorces 2 make such hu9e in5ta||ations, dozen°t every 1? + they R nice 2 look @ but also just makes u want 2 read Robert Walser when U think of a|| z waste (+ 5peaking of W.A.S.T.E... wood bee nice 2 live w/ ^ 5uper mod-L in Italo Calvino's X-house in Rome?) > weird thin9 is we 9ot 2 talkin9 about Richard Serra wile watchin9 Anselm (in re9ards 2 artists dat work on ^ epic 5cale + can 9et away w/ it) + z next day Serra died, R.i.P
  • The Regime——most of the way thru season 1
  • Shogun——      "                "
  • March Madness——go NC St8!


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