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4/9/2024 > walked down 2 the West Vi||age, dinner @ Bangkok Supper Club ... savory, but ez 2 do when u overload on both sugar + salt 2 counteract eachother, overr8ed if U ask us

4/10 > had E + J over 4 tacos [same E + J Calamari 5hared ^ table w/ @ BKBF]

4/11 > i (az «No One») have sum co||ages (from 4!×) in Word 4/Word #42 .... gr8 2 see W4/W 5till going strong after all these years (i was 1st in there 20 yrs ago) >

> finished ^ 20-pg piece «11 x 11 eLem^nts 2 give [||] @ e11even o'cLocK» + sent it Fence, who have rejected me @ least ^ dozen times over the yrs, fingers crossed

> had M over 4 tacos ... so much 4 not drinking during the week

4/12 > walked 2 Chelsea, met LE + MM [co-author of Residue] + 8 @ Chama Mama (good Georgian grub) then saw The Feelies @ Racket (1st time @ this venue, we'll be back) ... @ 1st felt like Feelies per4ming a charity event in ^ nursing home but eventually they 5tood up + plugged in + rocked > they came out 4 4 encores, tho nvr playd «The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness», bummer

4/13> speaking of racket, Ↄalamari Arↄhive got «accepted» by CLMP, tho they asked Ↄalamari 2 disclose the names of those B-hind the 5cenes, their reasoning: «to make sure that all editorial practices are as transparent and ethical as possible» > in the name of full transparency, hear = our answer to them:

Thanks for getting back to me. While I’m fine paying $125, adding a staff list goes against the Calamar ethos. It’s a collective about the books, not the people behind the scenes (which for the most part is just me). Calamari has always been fiercely independent + punk rock, I make up the rules, beholden to no one. Calamari has published 100 books in the past 20 years, that should speak for itself. I find most of the time that mastheads + staff lists are padded w/ each other’s friends + colleagues + this won’t stop people from acting unethically. For example, do you allow presses into CLMP that have contests + charge reading fees? To me that is inherently unethical, regardless of who’s behind it or what promises they make, you can never guarantee those fees are put to good use (for the record, I have never charged reading fees nor had contests, and have done nothing but lose money over the past 20 yrs). I’m actually not even sure it’s fair to charge $125 to be a member of CLMP, whether I can be guaranteed to get my money’s worth. If you stop allowing presses to charge reading fees then I’ll consider joining.

I really appreciate what you’ll are doing to help other presses in the aftermath of the SPD collapse, so consider the $50 a donation in appreciation.

> i have n0 problem revealing my given name (Derek D. White (tho don't ask what the middle D st&s 4 az that's embarrassing az hell (hint: same az the X-prez))), i just dont see the point > if i was going to post a «staff list» it wd amount 2 all the Ↄalamari authors, which vioL8s their rules b/c they require that: «over 50% of content published must consist of work by authors not on staff»

> full disclosure: Garielle Lutz + Peter Markus cd be considered «staff» (i've filed 1099s), is that ^ criminal offense (since both have multiple books w/ Ↄalamari)? do i really need to hire non-Ↄalamari personnel 2 B legit? fuck their «eligibility» requirements, feels like the twitter blue verification badge, sucking up 2 them 2 be part of their club

> shd i be like every 1 else + just list the names of my friends (who in turn will list my name az honorary bored member on their site, in a big nepotistic Circle JƎrk)? Shd i list Eugene Lim + Jared Fagen (the E + J mentioned @ the beginning of this post, that i 8 tacos with) + they in turn cd list me on the Ellipsis + Black Sun sites? nah, if anything i'll resort back 2 the original «masthead» i used in early ><((°> issues:

> why doesn't CLMP focus more on $topping reading fees? they use vague language, say member presses can charge a «nominal fee for standard submissions» ... who defines what «nominal» or «standard» is? + n0 contest can truly B trusted 2 B blind + ethical, in my eyes

> [PANK] was a [clmp] member (funny how they both stylize their names the same way) + they swindled many an author w/ a $25 reading fee... is $25 «nominal»? speaking of, not only was Yuxin Zhao punked by pank but the next Ↄalamari book by Steven Alvarez was also a pank casualty

> so there u go, not only did [CLMP] out me but i revealed the name of the next Ↄalamari author

... tho u wont find much about «Derek White» googling, i don't have any credentials 2 B doing what i'm doing, i nvr even took an english/composition class past grade shcool > a few weeks ago our real est8 agent googled my name (2 vet how my inurnet presence might LooK 2 potentiaL co-op boards) + found this photo of me naykid petting ^ parrot:

> witch souprized me b/c over the pa5t decade or 2 i've tried 2 eraze evry traze of my given name from Inurnet, but i have n0 CTRL over the Powell's site (who interviewed me in 2007) > crazy thing is note the d8-stamp on the photo ... while Neil Armstrong + Buzz Aldrin were L&ing on the moon i was lounging on a sunny patio somewhere in Mexico, apparently taking dictation from a parrot ... dozen't that summarize my current role @ Ↄalamari now? + yes, fool disclosure, the «man behind the curtain» is a white ♂ > the all- staff of CLMP (there's 1 «outsourced accountant» that uses the «he» pronoun) are deciding who gets to be members of the literary elite ... is this fair?

> 5peaking of reaL est8 agent, we've pretty much ab&oned our apartment search, it's all such a racket

+ while we're making such disclosures, my «bedder-½» (the 1 who wears the pants, who finances the press, so shd be listed on staff az CFO) is Jess Fanzo, u can find out all u want about her by googling, tho she has n0 credentials in the litterairy whirled 2 speak of, xcept she has ^ book (not published by Ↄalamari)

> Ↄalamari has always been 100% transparent, every yr we show how much money we make vs. lose (2023 recap), who else does that?

> fool disclosure, in Ↄalamari's 20 yrs in existence:

     total amount grossed from selling books = $103,359
     total amount spent to make these books = $138,271

... do the math > sure, i cd be lying, but ppl can lie abt anything + get away w/ it, az our ex-prez has tot us > disclosure: i voted for Hillary in 2016 + Biden in 2020 > i considered registering republikan early this year so i cd vote in the republikan primary, b/c that seemed the most important election 2 vote in, but it nvr even got around 2 the NYC primaries > i'm currently not registered to vote in NY st8, tho if i do it will likely be az an indeependant or green (party i was registered 2 in the 80s + 90s)

> i've never asked 4 money up front for a printing, nor charged a fee for editorial services > i have never been accused of a crime, except i was cot shoplifting fish hooks once when i was a kid > i pay my taxes > i've never hit any 1 or have been hit > i've nvr «cheated» on any 1 or 2 my knowledge been cheated on > i've nvr done anything that our society wd consider immoral besides being born ^ white

> i've also bin none 2 wear ^ Germs T-shirt, but nun of «what we do is secret» > if u want 2 find out about Ↄalamari Arↄhive dont take my word 4 it, ask the Ↄalamari authors if our practices are ethical or just > all i care about is making cool books > any press/magazine shd be judged by their output, not by whose behind the scenes, that's what the press is, a summation of all they've published, that's all that will remain after we die or the press goes belly up

> why is being anonymous such a crime? not only do ppl seem to have a problem w/ me writing anonymously, i can't even anonymously spend money on publishing other's books w/o being judged 4 it > + since when did the publishing world devilip such a stigma twards self-publishing? in other fields (music, art, etc) being DiY, self-produced is ^ bonus

> i was nvr good @ team sports b/c i always worried too much about letting down the rest of the team > disclosure: when i cook i nvr follow recipes > i've always given the middle finger 2 «authority» not just in relation to authorship, but following rules (tho 4 the most part i am a law-abiding citizen)

> sorry 4 yet another rant > i support CLMP + think its gr8 what they do (especially in the wake of the SPD implosion), there's just a moral ickiness to it all, of meeting their eligibility requirements (i read «eligible» az «illegible») 2 B part of their elite club that decides what the rules of engagement are + judge others that aren't in line w/ what they deem the proper way 2 do things > this D-feets the whole pt of being «indie» (rooted in independent, thinking for 1-self)

> it's 1 thing if Ↄalamari was an academic press w/ funding, then yes, such presses should B held accountable > or 501c3 non-profits, but we're not even non-profit, Calamari oper8s @ a net loss > or if we were a sighingtific journal or dealt in a fact-based world (even then, i think the best journihilism is anonymous, like The Economist, w/ n0 bylines nor masthead), but we're dealing w/ ART ... art is 100% subjective, what Calamari accepts 4 publication is completely up 2 my current whims, has nothing 2 do w/ weather it's good or bad + certainly is not in line w/ what the «majority» thinks

+ coming from a sighence background, it always souprizes me the lack of criticical criticism in the arts, which only leads to mediocricity (+ although i'm not savvy enough 2 have a comments 4um, if NE 1 has feedback/response 2 this email me + i'll add it here)

> i dunno, it all just seems like ^ racket ... i'm not even sure how Ↄalamari wd benefit from CLMP, i don't need 4 them 2 tell me what 2 do, no fun + i'd have to 4k over $125 to fined out (they balked @ me paying the $50 for an introductory year)

> in other small press news, Variety announced the documentary abt Giancarlo Ditrapano, Long Live the Tyrant > the filmmakers asked me 4 a sound byte 4 potential investors/producers, but i'm not sure what 2 say, weather i'd agree that Gian was the «Basquiat of the New York Literary Scene» az they characterize him in promo swag ... is that an appropri8 comparison? Gian was not black nor marginalized + the «art» he produced no comparison whatsoever > a more apt comparison would be Harry Crosby (of Black Sun fame) or if you're talking about the NYC art scene, Edward Brezinski (we just saw the Make Me Famous documentary a few weeks ago) or Keith Haring or sure, even Andy Warhol, but Basquiat?

> the other sad thing is what's lost in this are the books > they (in the Foundation) call the books «Gian's books» w/ little regard 4 the authors, who have all been left in the lurch, contractually bound 2 the robes of the tyrant (now worn by Fat Possum) > if there's anything the foundation shd be fighting for is getting the rights of the books back, not exploiting the tragedy of Gian's death to raise money, money 4 what?

> file this post under hypocrisy of it all

> this is all why i dont want my name associ8ed w/ Ↄalamari Arↄhive, the books are their own dogs, no leash attached, i don't own them nor have any rites to them > 5ince i don't have contracts, if something happened to Ↄalamari Arↄhive rights wd by D-fault revert baↄk 2 the authors, just like how after Tony Wilson lost his shirt w/ Factory Records the associated bands cd take those albums elsewhere > in Wilson's words (written in his blood, on a bar napkin, when Joy Division asked 4 a contract):

The company owns nothing, the musicians own their music and everything they do, and all artists have the freedom to fuck off.

> i took a Q from Wilson in starting Ↄalamari > speaking of Tyrant + thick Lutz books (which i have reservations linking 2 b/c much az i encourage u 2 read it if u haven't, the proceeds go to the fat marsupial bastards that in effect killed off the Tyrant), i just rcvd Backwardness, a monster of a book (932 pgs) > tho like Tyrant, Elizabeth Ellen's name is inextricably linked to the press, so much so that it's baked in2 the «Elizabeth Ellen's Hobart» logo w/ that dam cigarette extending in2 the book covers they promote > but may-B that's why every 1 has herd of Hobart + Tyrant + probly more ppl will read those books than the Ↄalamari 1s, a sort of brand recognition tied to the debaucherous antics of those behind the scenes (seems the Hobart requirement 2 be on the staff list is to have a cigarette dangling from their lips)

> we haven't cracked the 5pine yet on Backwardness (which feetsures the / subway stn @ 53rd/5th on the cover), but this week we red Derrida's Paper Machine, ^ loose collection of S-ays mostly about the relationship B-tween books + the tecknowledgy used 2 cre8 them + how mechanicity = integral 2 landgauge b4 ink even hits the pg + also the notion of being «documented» in regards 2 «illegal» aliens + clandestinos + how the archive is evolving (tho, 5ince Derrida died in 2004, a bit d8ed) + being virtualized (+ 5peaking of archive fever + disclosures, another 4thcoming Calamari book is Archive Fever by Emilio Carrero, stay 2nd)

> hear's a pg about my favorite subject (how what we write is inextricably tethered 2 the tecknowledgy used 2 D-scribe it):


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