how2 pronouns 10-zing in indexed αlphanumeric 5orce ¢ode 2 5kull frack an O-ring codex in ANMLY


2024/04/15 > now that the CAT's outta the bag (5ince [CLMP] outed us) ... mayB i'|| continU 2 rite in 1st person tents, witch might also help az i juggle the various voices i rite in > i don°t have an issue pronounsing «i» or even «me» but it's harder 4 me 2 use the «my/mine» pronouns, may-B b/c of their po55essive n8ure ... is there ^ weigh 2 rite that avoids pronounsing a|| posse55ive pronounce? this writing doesn°t belong 2 me, this body where Derek White re5ides, iT B-Longs 2 whatever external impulses posse55 me, that u5e me az a v-uckle 2 get whatever down on paper (or page 2 po5t on inurnet) + 5peaking of pronouns, i (in8 iD) use they/them (+ i suppose even «their» if they're/there's n0 getting around it), not nessysorri1y b/c of gender but in8 iD ≈ accumulation of voices > a|| this confusion aint «my» fault, i'm just adapting 2 a|| the abmi-goo-ities of inGlish language

> «i» = in8 iD (so i cd be con5idered an initial) + i think in8 iD wi|| be the assigned author that takes credit 4 U/X + iSBN (works in progress) but th author of the more immediate project i'm working on (Nest of Tens) wi|| bee 10-zing Northway (^ nod 2 the 5herpa 1st 2 climb 2 the hiest hites) > i'm 5ti|| writing semi in this αlphanumeric 5orce ¢ode, but w/ Nest of Tens it's 2D/nonLinear (txt going mesostica||y in vertical + horrorizontal direxions) + ba5ed in the st&ard 10-ba5ed decimal counting we're a|| used 2, perhaps ^ way 2 reconcile/transL8 2 the binary counting/organization 5chemes (used in U/X + iSBN (tho iSBN wi|| B ^ hybrid of both)) ... may 5ound crayz but even our st&ard αlphaβet is in ^ way ^ #ing system that machines (via machine code) need 2 transL8 on the fLy thru R keyboreds + then in turn transL8 back 4 us 2 make 5ense of ... i'|| inkloot the mapping (αlphaβetic-2-decimal) hear 4 «my» one refrence 5ince i'm always con5ulting this:

A B C D E F G H i j  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

> i'm also gna 5tart writing d8s how they shd be writ-10, az the rest of the whirled does (DD-MM-YYYY ... in order of shorter 2 longer time increments), tho when writing filenames i do the reverse YYYY-MM-DD, 2 make it EZier 2 5ort files ... actua||y, Y not do it this way across the bored?

4/16> there, so now it's more reCOGnizable 2 ^merikins that we're in the 18th day of the 4th month > i resolve 2 B more ≈ clockwork, get in2 ^ routine, 4 starters not get in2 ^ rut of The Daily Noose ( leads 2 after a||) i D-sided my onely noose 5orce wi|| B: Jon Stewart, The Economist + Harper's Index ... 5ti|| Depressing, but in ^ more fact-based weigh (or in the case of Stewart, entertaining)

> i've 5tarted using ^ 20/20 ap when i'm @ my computer, so every 20 minutes i st& up + 5tretch + look out5ide or off in2 the distance ... not that my eyes aren°t already 5hot (i'm up to +2.75 reading glasses), prob|y from a|| this writing in dense|y packed αlphanumeric 5orce ¢ode > in «my» youth i had 20/10 vision, now who nose, prob|y 20/100

> «my» blog psychle has always bin sorta week|y, but loose, sumtimes every 5 dayz sumtimes 10, but mayB i'|| make ^ habit of posting on the sabbath/day 6, in ^ 5trict Weak|y Noose psychle, 2 meat D-m& from the mi||ions of eager fans chompin' @ the bits/bytes

4/17> had this excerpt (O-ring Codex) from 2-byte βeta Ei8ht ½-Loopƨ pubLished in ANMLY #38, they even used ^ 5nippet from iT az the header 4 th i55ue (w/ ^ gratutitous boot5trapped nod 2 5cense)

4/18> haven°t bin dreaming much L8ly, we||, i just havent bin logging 'em b/c e-there i cant D-5cribe them in words or feel they're bedder left un5aid, but last nite j + i were preparing 4 sum sort of rituatlistic lovemaking ceremony (az if ^ 5cene from Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain (witch i dont endorse b/c of the animal cruelty))

> j + i were in ^ claw-2th bathtub + had assts that put pi||ows in the rite spots, etc. + Anthony Hopkins was the master of ceremonies, tho he was given direxions by an owl > after consulting the owl, AH was given an object that j + i in turn were 2 present az an offering, ^ humun 5ku|| that had curved ram horns coming from the jowels, sort of like ^ less slimey version of the creature in Aliens, here's ^ crude photoshopped rendition:

> Anthopy Hopkins (via the owl) told us 2 pre5ent this 5ku|| az an offering + when i a5ked why AH said «they were summonsed 2 Rome 4 a reason» ... the implicit meaning being that they were 5acrificed b/c they were less than humun + now we were 2 do the same

> iRL, films logged thi5 pa5t week:

  • One Love — disneyfied (PG) Marley + az usual w/ these biopics they dont foke us on creative process process, wd of like to see them focus more on early yrs, his relationship w/ Peter Tosh, etc. better az documentary than biopic > intresting 2 note tho that Bob Marley di5covered he had cancer on 7/7/77 (or 77/7/7 in this nu scheme)
  • Shirley — lasted about 5 minutes, just couldn't take the choppy film style
  • Repoman — i've probly seen Repoman 100 x (most|y when i was ^ teen), this movie imprinted me in so many ways, not so much Otto's character (who i always thought was a bit of a bra, not the kind of punk i aspired 2 B) but Mi||er, the 5pace Cadet who in the end gets the $20,000 Chevy Malibu > + lit-L did my geeked-out teen mind know that a decade L8er i'd get a ride 2 LAX + ½ way 2 the airport discovered it was Alex Cox that was giving me the ride (Tom Richmond's roomm8)
  • Pig — 2nd or 3rd time ... Nic Cage @ his finest


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