floating in a most peculiar way 2 the 5ubsoil of NY-aCk


2024/05/07> had 3 pgs from Nest of Tens posted on Always Crashing:

> they were the 1st pgs published from Nest of Tens so i was on the 5pot when they asked the author name so said 10-tentacled Antenna ... guess that'll be the author of the book? sorta like how the butthole surfers were so-named b/c @ their 1st gig they asked the roadie to introduce them w/ whatever name he wanted (if u believe that story) > 10-tentacled Antenna = yet another extension of in8 iD, 2x removed ... a 5quid w/ 2 eXtra arms

05/08 > went w/ j 2 Nyack, ware she's been working once a week 4 the past yr (@ the Lamont-Doherty campus), across the river back up in2 upst8 NY > took the Columbia shuttle... haha, not not the 1 that blew up but the free 1 that takes Columbians 2 the other campus, right on the NJ/NYC border > saw her office then i took off walking into The Palisades (Lamont sits on the northern edge of the park), down 2 Peanut Leap falls


p-nut leap cascades

> then along the river's edge + up the «Giant Stairs» ... not sure it justifies all the warnings about how treacherous + dangerous it is, on the west coast or the Dolomites this wd be any other cakewalk, a bit of a scramble @ best, but yes, to naive NYers (especially if it's icy) ...




> then the trail dropped back down 2 the river + met up w/ another 1 coming down from the lookout (up until this point i hadn't scene a sole) > walked downriver a waze til i could see the GWB thinking i shd come back + do this walk all the way back 2 NYC ... stay 2ned > went back up another way 2 the st8 line lookout + back 2 Lamont, 13 or 14 miles (16 miles on the day)




a distant NYC




scared this roosting vulture when i peaked over the edge


triple timeline


> then j + i got a ride in2 Nyack + walked around the town (nothing 2 write home about, it's only claim 2 fame is that Edward Hopper is from there), 8 @ the Hudson House which was good but more eXpensive than NYC restraunts

Hopper's house

05/09 > 5hitty nite 5leep ... funny how these quaint 5mall towns can bee noisier than NYC ... ak! a lot about NYaCk made us appreci8 NYC, how quiet + tranquill our hood is, we hardly hear anything, not that much street traffic, every 1 chill, not that many unhinged unhoused ppl (like there seems 2 B in Nyack) ... feels more like a small town than these quaint 5mall towns > had coffee then walked in2 town + down along the river past the tappan Z in2 Tallman Mtn St park navig8ing our way thru Palisades (the town) 2 Lamont + then the shuttle back (~9 miles on the day, so around a marathon in 2 dayz)


if a black snake crosses your path is it bad luck?

> good 2 get out away from the computer screen + of town @ least 4 perspective, haven't been travelling much 5ince the p&emic, actually, not even sure we've left the city limits 5ince being back in NYC ... not that Nyack is even that far, just across the river

> red Subsoil/Subsuelo by «EL L¡BROTORIO [¡!] PR!NT RUN + friends», K no say como describir ... a co-labbed spanglish textobjecto rooted in undercorriente of landgauge

> also 5tarted 2 read Floating in a Most Peculiar Way by Louis Chude-Sokei ... if my life was ½ az intresting az Chude-Sokei i might write autobiographically + on top of it he nose how 2 write, az evidenced in The Sound of Culture > from Nigeria (where he was born, on the eve of the start of the Biafra war) 2 Jamaica 2 the st8s ... but that's az far az weve got-10

> movies engaged w/ this past week

  • Chariots of Fire —— for the 2nd or 3rd time
  • Brian Jones and the Stones —— @ the heart of Brian Jones' demise was his inability to write songs (+ not being content to just being a musician like Watts, Wyman or Wood)
  • Tótem —— seems Mexicans are making more good films these days than gringos
  • The Life and Times of Harvey Milk —— was thinking about our high school days in the bay area so rewatched this, even tho we weren't yet living there when Milk + Moscone were shot we were there in the aftermath + when Dan White was released (+ remember being @ a butthole surfers concert that night + they threw a bunch of twinkies in2 the audience)
  • Baby Reindeer — 5tarted to watch it, but it's just so unsettling + we kept just banging our head over why he keeps letting it happen + now googling guess there's all this controversy that he was dating the auditioning trans actor (for the trans girlfriend part) + the real life stalker claims it's not true ... just something off about it, like he purposely got himself in this situation 2 write a movie about it + by watching it we're shaming the types of charactors he's potraying + belittling ppl that in real life are stalked + oh the poor white guy comedian who's not even funny, boo hoo
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