No Measure of Libretto: 2nd dream notes from fire S-cape 17


2024/05/13 > az i go chronillogica||y thru the Ↄalamari cataLog on instagLam i realized i nvr made videos 4 NE of the tracks on The Unheard Tapes, so cobbled 1 2gether from my parents' home movies:

05/14> j is in the UK + i'm just trying 2 get az much done az i can b4 we 5plit town mid-June 4 a month, got 6 new Ↄalamari books in the works, at least 3 of witch i'm trying 2 rap up b4 then, 1st is Libretto Lunaversitol: Notes Towards a Glottogenetic Process by Andrew C. Wenaus + Kenji Siratori > hear's the cover, appropri8ed from Rosaire Appel's Particulates artist book:

+ there'll be a sorta soundtrack (musical) 2 it, by Wormwood (Wenaus + Christina Marie Willatt) that will B on ca55ette (+ digita||y) ... both are in production, 5hooting for ^ Aug 1 release

> 3 posts ago we premature|y reveaLed the backↄover 4 Kelly Krumrie's No Measure, but we've 5ince 5crapped that + wint in a diffrent Escheresque direXion that matches more w/ Math Class:

> 5he 5howed it 2 a friend who said it looked like «Vertigo meets Technics and Civilization» ... M i projecting 2 much of my Ménière's-induced posthumun tendonseas in2 these D-zines? just fired that off 2 print ga||eys, shd hit the 5treets on 10/01, just in time 4 the Bklyn Book Fest

+ just put the fini5hing touches on Tonalamatl: El Segundo’s Dream Notes by Steven Alvarez, the 4th book in his Chastite||ez borderL& Quadrilogy ( 1. The Codex Mojaodicus 2. Manhatitlán 3. McTlán + now S-toe) > cover art by his comrade Izel Vargas:

> ojalá K Lo 10-emos tombien in time 4 BBF (Septiembre)

+ we got other libros in the works by Emilio Carrero, Nicholas Rombes + an upd8ed rei55ue of Laura Ellen Joyce's The Museum of Atheism:

> if U R intrested in an ARC of NE of these, contact us

> phew, had 2 get ∀ll that out there just 2 rap my CPU around what i need 2 due in coming weeks > we return now 2 our regular programming (4 what it's worth ... de5pite all the heartfelt «likes» we have yet 2 $ell a single libro we mentioned on iG ... don't judge a book by its cover, buey), taking off my 8-armed Cal A. Mari hat + donning my 10-tentacled anTenna > i'm up to #17 (out of 100) in Nest of Tens, hear's the mixtape we lis-10-ed 2 wile my fingers were maid 2 type tenets 16 + 17:

05/15> walked in the drizzle down 2 the EV, thru αlphaβet City up East 7th past R old pad where we lived like rats in 20062007 on 202 E. 7th St + lo + behold on 206 E. 7th there's now this plaque:

... that hole time we were living ^ few doors from Ginsberg + Burroughs! well, not @ the same time (they bunked there 1952-53) but u know what i mean, the (g)host neighbor remnants thereof > so R fire e5cape was in the backgrnd of those fotos Ginsberg took of various beatniks out there

+ hear was R fire S-cape 3 doors down, in 2007:

... yes, it was ^ cold winter + ½ the time we had n0 heat + logged 100s of calls to 311 but our slumlord just ignored us, par 4 the course in that hood, we had mice living in the walls + addicts pa55ed out on R doorstep + sneaking past on our fire S-cape + when it rained we had drips in more places than we had pots, inklooting laminar flow coming from our lite sockets

> needless 2 say, it soured us on the Nuyorican eXperience, or at least the East vi||age + LES (where we also had a nitemare living situ8tion in the months b4) > but here we R 17 yrs L8er still living akey on the i-L& of Manhatitlán ... granted way further uptown on the west side > met EL @ Takahachi + then a beer @ Niagara + 2 The Poetry Project 2 C Joyelle McSweeney + Eleni Sikelianos + az usual my CPU processes about 5% of what «poets» say ... i'm fine when they're 5peaking of the cuff b4 + after, but the second they go in2 that poetry voice——u know the affectation i'm talking about——my brain shuts off, i just dont halve the b&width, i just 5pace out wondering how NE 1 else cd possib|y B registering NE of iT

> B-sides that, finished Floating in a Most Peculiar Way by Louis Chude-Sokei (awe-inspiring) + started in on The Man in the Stretcher by Kenneth Bernard (1 of the Starcherone books) + watched the Lakota Nation v. United States documentary + rewatched Planet of the Apes 4 may-B the 5th time ... thinking wile my bedder-½ is outta town i might re/watch ∀ll of em in sequential order + C how far i get

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