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Q1|2010 5¢ daily ARkive[r]

March 2010

Herbert Bayer's Archetype

¢ high ti[m|d]e to REREad Moby Dick: «O Nature, and O soul of man! how far beyond all utterance are your linked analogies; not the smallest atom stirs or lives on matter, but has its cunning duplicate in mind.» & «And still deeper the meaning of that story of Narcissus, who because he could not grasp the tormenting, mild image he saw in the fountain, plunged into it and was drowned. But that same image, we ourselves see in all rivers and oceans. It is the image of the ungraspable phantom of life; and this is the key to it all.»

¢ my name in Hieroglyphics amounts to: «1 HAND in the VULTURE = 1 MOUTH in the VULTURE's bush ≠ ∀ll eggs in 1 BASKET» |

¢ the stream that begot a river was now begetting a glacier calving back into the very river that was becoming a stunted headwater to sEA | the «global warming» blamed for crawDAD's speciæl end[ear]angerment was now becoming the very rising that would float this ark that wo[o|ul]d in tUrn save crawDAD from the bRink of ∃Xtinction | [\∀/RK Côd∃x 2:1]

¢ after studying Italian for 8 hours today i got to wondering what exactly Nosferatu's letter to Knock says:

Nosferatu occult symbols

¢ «We are under no illusions that we are somehow the public but we are numerous and it needs to be said. And then, if it is indeed public knowledge, will a person off the street be capable of entering a library and learning what we know from a book? And if this is true, should we not then be systematically emptying our heads of all thought so as to not just give the advantage over to the man in the street and basically forfeit the whole game?»—Kristina Born [One Hour of Television] |

¢ sum X-sections of 8 pieces i did for a little book by Michael Zell he's calling «Stitches of Light»:

Zell: Stitches of Light

Zell: Stitches of Light

Zell: Stitches of Light

¢ i shaved & j is on her way to Nairobi for the week |

¢ official departure date set for 17 May—one-way AER LINGUS via DUBlin—arRIVing 18 May in S.P.Q.R. to begIN new ITALian exIStence |

¢ tonsils stILL comPromised with some sum sort of sub-tropecal low-grade streptococci 8 giorni dopo il fatto self-administering 400 mg moxifloxacin HCL contrastare reinfezione continua & così posso inghiottire il & non tatto che devo inghiottire per sempre |


¢ posted 2nd dispatch from Nicaragua |

¢ jumping thrU h00ps en roUte to SPQR—DHL'd j's medical re:Cords [HERe's EKG:] |


¢ «I walked along the seashore most of the night, but without getting very from X because of all the windings of the coast.»—Georges Bataille [Story of the Eye] ||

¢ the SUBject de giorno is the CAPUCHIN monKEY [not to be confused with but yes named after the capuchin MONKs [whose CRYPTic bone collages we witnessed 1st hand our last trip to Rome][& whose hooded monIkER also went into the cappuccinO] | 34 [Nicaraguan] coffee beans were hidden in 21 cubby-holes [randomly selected from a possible 89] sPaced at 8-foot intervals on a 5 x 5 grid | the capuchins ignored the ORDER in which the beans were hidden [& like humans] TENded to minimize the distance traveled | said j: «they never visited more than 21 holes confirming earlier studies done with vervet monkeys [see Cramer & Gallistel | Nature—29 May 1997] where Cramer & Gallistel brought into question the monkeys route-choosing mechanisms: ¿«how many future destinations along the route influence the choice of the next destination»?»] | not only did the capuchins reMEMber ALL the hiding places but they never REchecked a place already emptied of food! | moreover—their search pattern bore no relation to the baiting SEQuence & tended to minimize the distance traveled! | unfortunately the experiment backfired when the capuchin threw the last bean at me where it now remains lodged in the back of my throat taking root | specific details & further evidence will be included in the next NIC disPATCH |

¢ arboreal X-section of Rome according to Lee Jang Sub:

Lee Jang Sub Rome

¢ next tat i'm conSIDEring to comMEMEorate 10 years in NYC prima di Roma [turned 90° L running down my lower sPine][pls don't hate me aleX]:

x tattoo

¢ SUBmitting reLOCation QUEries to varIOUs overSEAs shipping aGents reQuiring an INVENTory of poSSeSSionS |

¢ in the MëãN time there's this: milking the cow after getting stung on finger by scorpion OR where the canal that never was OR gnifrus ydob

¢ back in our home-for-the-time-being | NIC dispatch to follow ...

¢ [off to Nicaragua early tomorrow so no ƒLashes for a spell] |    | |  | | | |   |  ||   |||   || | |||     

¢ «"... & igiiorainiously exposes them; '& inserts their feathers in the nostrils of the blackbirds; & because in like manner he seizes the pigeons & keeps them shut up & compels them to decoy, fastened in a net." This proclamation we wish to make: & if any of you is keeping birds shut up in his hall, we bid him let them go; but if you do not obey, you in your turn, seized by the birds, & fast bound amongst us, shall decoy. // Happy is the race of winged birds, who in winter wear no cloaks; neither on the other hand do the hot, far-shining beams of heat scorch us; but I dwell in the bosom of the leaves of the flowery meadows, when the divine grasshopper, "maddened with the noontide heat of the sun,'' utters its shrill melody. & I winter in hollow caves, disporting with the mountain nymphs; & we feed upon the vei-nal, virgin, white-growing myrtle-berries, & the garden herbs of the Graces. We wish to say something to the judges about the victory, how many good things we will bestow upon them all, if they adjudge us victors, so that they receive gifts far superior to those of Paris. For in the first place, what every judge especially desires, Lauriotic owls* shall never fail you, but' The Greek is Siixwai Kal XvjiaiviTai. See Porson, Advers. p. 150. Div. Luc. vi. 48, laicaipi Kai ldQwi, ''digged deep," as our version well translates it.» —Aristophanes, The Birds [via ARChive.org] | |  || |||   |    ||     | |   |    | ||   |||     | || |||  |||||

¢ CLUEPEOIDS is a mode'L for exPloring COllective HERRing [Clupea harengus] behavior as emergent patterns based on the seminal Modelling Changes in Migration Patterns of Herring by Numerical Domination [that subSEQuently led to SWARM] | from the original absTRACT: «When these year classes recruited to the spawning stock, new migration patterns were seen [ ...] The simulations thus show that directed individuals can have a substantial influence on the collective behaviour of schools. Furthermore, the knife-edge response of the schools suggests that the relative abundance of directed individuals in a school plays an important part in the collective behaviour.» || | || || |||  |   |||||  || |||

¢ the further south H.E. got the more pairs of anima'L from lower latitudes passed me migrating in the opposite direction | H.E. saw 2 'sNOW monKEY each riding on the back of wild-type bõars & asked if they had any IDea where they were going | they both responded in unison pointing at each other [they were in fact 1 & the same]: «what's going on heRE is REproduction» | then the 'sNow monKEY evolved into some sort of comBINAtoRic auto-creation act that debauched into sheer side-by-side masturbation—issuing forth a stream of indecipherable code all over the snowfield |

¢ switchboard operator turned outsider logician Shea Zellwegger devised this «LOGIC ALPHABET» to better understand logic in a geometric or crystalline way rather than the more conventional algebraic or boolean ways [more info]:

Shea Zellwegger

¢ «Italy’s Ministry of Health has passed a bill that bans the use of chemical additives and liquid nitrogen from restaurant kitchens»: it's such puzzling contradictions that makes Italy interesting | never mind that the atmosphere is 78% nitrogen | no matter—the ban against nitrogen [in whatever state] is only valid for a year |

¢ ¿ is it just me or is Matmos:«Reconstruction» a [country-&-western] reMIX of Vangelis:«Chariots of Fire» ? speaking of CoF off to run Queensboro-Manhattan [15 miles] |

¢ booLEAN stRing parsed xists absTract ions :: a multi-layeRED neUral gillNet [based on multi+valhued ∑TOCKings [i.e. I.E.]]  tHat is forEVEr filling in as a gimpY gillNet with feedback LUpUs \∀/RKhitecture [e.g. { [ c | c <- u, ! elem c w] } ]  & yet at the same time this gillNet has a numbER of SPECific DIFFerentials & its [backpropagation] algorithm is germ-free ■ [techniQUE: skip each lower-case character in input as seen for [int i = 0; i < t.length(); i++] {seenSoFar.update(t.charAt(i)) | whereIN the fUncTionality of «i.e. I.E.» is FOXier than TRADitional feedforWARD neural gillNets & of the variety of novel kERNel-based gillNets | its leaner flEXibility & faster adaptation to the tarGET MAPping eNables 1 to model complex concepts using primitive circular throw nets ■ [private final char [*****] & private final alphabet = {'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'F', 'G', 'H', 'I', 'J', 'K', 'L', 'M', 'O', 'P', 'Q', 'R', 'S', 'T', 'U', 'V', 'W', 'X', 'Y', 'Z'} where private boolean [     ] is alreadySeen [with a VENN overlap of {'c', 'k', 'o', 'p', 's', 'u', 'v', 'w', 'x', 'z'} & possibly others depending on baptismal FOuNTain | i.e. I.E. is used to IDentify both type & PARAnormality of the point spREAD of function whose precise IDentification is crucial for text/image deBlurring [eSPECIElly in the conTEXT of a ∃∃II reFEreNCE frame] | note that initially ∀LL CHARacters are «publicSeen()» [where alreadySeen = {new boolean [alphabet.length]; for (int i = 0; i < alreadySeen.length; i++) {& alreadySeen[i] = false;} | & also note that «index mounting list TERMinology» is available only to i.e. I.E. SUBscribers ■

¢ «Never get out of the boat. Absolutely goddamn right. Unless you were goin' all the way.»—Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse |

¢ FOALS are up to some new stuff—hits the spot for this time of year—clearing the furies from the back of my head:


¢ from THE DIARY OF AN OBSESSIVE TWITCHER [via google alerts]: «It had flown high east of Derek White's Eggs Pit and appeared to come down east of the railway line on Biggleswade Common.» | |  ||   ||| |  |||||

«We like lists because we don't want to die.»Umberto Eco + Eco on the tRAGedy of g00gle & the art of being diScriminating [having just CURated an eXhibit at the Louvre] | |  ||   |  |  || ||     |||   ||||| |   | |  || |||||

¢ ƒEELing liQUID [subLimated eveN] alREAD y THX ∀LL | s'Now is MELTing | shoUld alSO menTion th@t whilst i'm LIsQuidating cepHaloPodic inVenTory i'm also sTocking up on books to feed on in Rome so if you have book objects you thINK i'd dig i'm oPen to swapping for calaMARi—just shoot me an email || ||   ||| | |  | | || |||||     ||| |   |

¢ LIsQUIDating:

Calamari Press Lisquidation

¢ spectral X-section of Jorinde Voigt tipped on his side [courtesy of But It Does Float]:

Jorinde Voigt


February 2010

¢ yoU that ACTually read & deCODE [THIS] have proBABeLy alREADy got WIND of it: «∀LL ℜOADS LEAD TO ROME» one way or aNother | what∃VEr tHat means [for calaM∀Ri etc] i don't kN0W yet thoUgh i'm sure some SORT of LisQUIDation will be inVOLVEd [i've alWays been into the IDEA of BEing LisQUID in Σum shape or FORM anyWAY] |

¢ suPPosed to be on a pLane to OKlahoma right aBout now but this sNowIcane has oTHEr IDeas [for the 2nd time in a row] |  ||| |

¢ it's the IDEA that c0unts || |  ||   |     |||  || |  | don't let conTEXT tell you otherWISE | | |  ||  |   ||   ||||| | |

¢ [MILAN°][semi-BABELfished ± [N+6]]—tre quadri del GOOGLE were conDAMNed for violating Italian proBABELility LEGends in a legging shroud Americans says could lay a trap for FREEdom° outside «The Internet» | members of VIGILantes for Online Free-Associating [VOFA] tell of an autistic boy being underwhelmed by teenage hooligans from Turin | prostitutes for Google have abSolved themSelves of solemn affirmations of personal probability lies saying the autistic boy was «Were-Jaguar'ed» pars pro toto in comPLYance with VIVI DOWNS to kNow a veil | «deFINitively we are satisfied that SOMEONE is restoring this violation to the sacred Italian proBABELlility LEGends» said GUIDO CAMERA the «i» guide for VIVI DOWNS |

¢ [RË]cracking the s'Pine dorsale della nostra Rosetta Stone [in ITALics for a raisIN [d'être]] if you kNow wHat i mean ¡this time for ℜ∃∀L! ¿chi conosce che cosa la Pietra Rosetta ACTUally means [in plain English]? for me its a MEANS to DEcode the CODEX wHere ∀LL ℜoads Lead |

  [ ... ]
Rosetta Stone Hieroglyphic-Demotic Trans
[ ... ]
Rosetta Stone Demotic-Greek Trans
[ ... ]

¢ [THIS] KICKs like a SLEEP twITCH URGing me to drop everything & RUN |

¢ how GENEsis appEARs to a Free[k]Mason:

GENEsis according to King Solomon & his Followers

¢ PUBLIching in an Asemic Economy of Words [V]: Procession of Mollusks | Amazon watershed | Mirtha Dermisache | ARK & Seraphinianus Codices | +|'me'S-Pace |

¢ «Be fruitful, and multi[ply,] and replen[ish the earth, and sub]due it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over every living [thing that mov]es upon the earth. [2:1 And] the heavens [and the earth were fin[ished, and] all their [g]hosts.» [—the Dead Sea Scrolls redux] |

¢ ~ H-O-H ~ H-O-H ~ H-O-H ~ H-O-H ~ communicado d'el FARO una cosa nostra & mi peugeoT [sound CULLing from the aSPIRing] FARO [lighthouse-by-the-sea] il qualcos'altro interamente differente | sWallowing a hysterical D-vitamin sea-H-O-R-S-E pill ~ H-O-H ~ H-O-H ~ H-O-H ~ H-O-H ~  & this just in «The complete genomes of five southern Africans have been decoded, almost doubling the number of published human DNA sequences. The Africans include four Bushmen hunter-gatherers, known as !Gubi, G/aq’o, D#kgao and !Ai, the odd symbols representing different clicking sounds in Bushmen languages. The fifth person, a Bantu, is none other than Archbishop Desmond Tutu.» |

¢ what ching stReams of ships with «Ρεδ Ηϕϕκεδ» LETTERS on their bows paSS |  || |||  |   || | |||||   |

¢ there'S no SOUND[tRack] to [THIS] in the KITsCH'en cooKing raw S'nake cooKie bat|ter fRom SCiENcE shif|TEXTbooks to taBla kNot thRust Faults: {GeoDhaTe G'GeeNee KaLi DaTiTit} [x8] {Dhere DheNe Gene Tak GeNa DeNeDha TiGeNal U} [ad infinitum] || |  |   |     |        |             |



¢ being as i was s'Nowed out yesterday i set out today to do a 20+ mile run thinking the s'Now would've been cleared or melted but to the contrary the bikepaths & sidewalks of Brooklyn & Queens & the Queensboro bridge even were all icy & slushy 75% of the time | after sLipping & sLogging throUgh 5-7 miles of it i tᑎRNed south after the Q-boro & back over the Manhattan bridge [only 15 miles] instead of running arOund Central Park & down the westside | 2nd week in a row my training has been meSSed up but it doesn't matter as i mentioned  i likely won't be running the maRATHon anyway as it conFlicts with the only WINdow j has to tRavel but still | | |  |  |   || ||

¢ strike-sLIP fault snaP><Ped in the KITsCH'en tAble [mISmo straT-/claSS-ification as tHis vhery [UP] writing desk wHere i'm seARChing for a syn-o-NYM for «syN-O-Nym»]—no VISible afterMATH to s'Peak of & s'Now is agaIN CONflictyng with me ruN><Ning—in'Stead heading due West [shᑎffling] aCr0ss the man-H-bRidge to s'Take out the penNSYLVANIA HOtEL [w'here THE Westminster dogs stay] & then getting geeked at the [DOG] s'How itself MARveling at ∀ll the [in] bReeding || |  |   ||     |||   | 

¢ ITEMizing |    |     || |||  |   |||||

¢ been getting SHin SPLints worse & worse since i got those cheap Adidas so yesterday i got some NIKE Vomeros & today i strEtched & ran across the bridge throUgh Chinatown in a frenzy of their Chinese New Year with dragons & firecrackers everywhere then aCross the W-burg bridge & back home & my SHin SPLints are gone now | another thing i wanted to say as an ADDendum to my running post is that inJURIES are usually caused by getting lazy & not running to FORM or as strong as you should be | if you can't maintain your form & stride for whatever reason [you have a nagging pain somewhere] then you shouldn't be running at all as you WILL only thRow something else out of wHack | thing is NOT running is NOT an option—what you have to do is run as strong as ever & just concentrate on maintaining your form & don't compensate for anything then whatever pain you have will EVENTually work itSELF out | [same goes with life in GENEral] | of course good shoes help [in the case of shin splints] as does strEtching your calves | another sentence that occurred to me that sums up the enTIRE running POST is that «don't RUN to get to the FINish LINE—run so the FINish LINE doesn't get to you» | |  ||   || |     |

¢ DIAGRAM is celebrating it's 10th anniversary by releasing a full deck of poker size playing cards | i just shuffled & dealT myself a hand of 5-card draw & came one card away from a straight {??, 5♥ [Brian Evenson], 6♣ [Ben Marcus], 7♥ [DIAGRAM], 8♠ [me]} | are you playing with a full deck ?

DIAGRAM 10 Deck with Brian Evenons, Ben Marcus & Derek White

¢ || |  | | ARK WELLding SPECtral analYSIS in ANTIcipatION of a FLOOD [in case you were w[o|a]ndeRING what the LINES were aBout]:

ark welding flood spectra

¢ 1 daY short of 1 moNth i'm end'ing my MORaTorium againST st'ANDing in 1 pLace in MANhattan | still too s'LushY/s'Nowy to run so goIng to wark aCross the bRidge to SoHo & meet Stanley Crawford [the inspiration for this reCent post] at the Storefront for Art & Architecture to see an eXhibit on LIVing ARChitextures of all things | |  ||        |   ||  | ||     |   |||

¢ «What [i] Talk About When [i] Talk About ruNNing» [& ruBBing] |   |  || ||     |   | |  || |


¢ i+'s'Now-ing & i'M RE:ading +|'me'S-pace | || |  |   ||| |   |   ||     | |  || |       |||

¢ my better half is off to Rome again but sadly i'm not with her this time |

¢ Rachel Galvin gives Wagner's Trilce a thorough shake-down in Zoland Poetry Review |

¢ not usually a big fan of Feist but every time i hear her version of Sealion i take off my clothes & start dancing around barking & clapping my arms together like they were flippers wishing i was in a synchronized swimming troupe with a dozen other sealions | |

¢ party's on at our place today if you can handle the flurries | dicing mass quantities of salsa | & a fresh batch of glint & hot fruit |

¢ i started reading Murakami's running book expecting to be inspired to run instead i'm finding everything he says also applies to novel writing [pacing yourself, no judgment or competition except with yourself, etc.] | great pearls of wisdom either way |

¢ Travel Notes: turning my attention towards Crawford, Zornoza, Lopez, quantum tunneling, journal mining & the self-referential meaningless of destinational pursuit |

¢ 18.5 miles | same roUte as last week—Brooklyn to Williamsburg to Pulaski to Queensboro to Manhattan Bridge[s]—only this time i ran back over the Manhattan [adding a mile or so & another river crossing & another hill] | less than 7 weeks to go til DC marathon & 7.5 more miles to tag on |

¢ of the 25 top search words leading to 5¢ense last month 7 were places 9 were animals & 6 were artist names | the 3 outliers falling outside of this classification scheme were shit concrete & mezcal |

¢topo stripper

January 2010

¢ the strip mine i surveyed up by Deadwood was now underwater | but a crane from the submerged mine had been dredged up with a trolling line to form the foundation for the radio tower we erected & named the «Wor[l]d Baabel Centre» |

¢ «I don't exactly know what i mean by that, but I mean it.»—J.D. Salinger [ ... ] |

¢ in the developing flurries: «exhaust sputtered from the combustion spraying oil on the snow—stenciling me a «mannequin ampu-T-shirt» to wear as a mime in the afterMATH | the tree falling was cushioned by its own biFURcatiön | in the wake of sil(o)ence i set to work severing the nudibranchs around the main shaft | when i was fiNIshed i bundled the wood in a c-cord leaving the bruiced orange rinds to rot into the ice & oil & pulpy DETbRItuS | [i didn't have the foresight of weather rëPORTs [yet] | i needed to prop father masT first to set the «sêA'RChingenIe» roosting] i was informally aware of the [anaLOG] rëPORT recalled from the last remaining copy of the Herder's ALMañac with the disclaimer that «print was dead»—that ∀LL rëPORTs for that matter were mere predictions unhinged from the grid |»

¢ «Speech was given to the ordinary sort of men whereby to communicate their minds; but to wise men, whereby to conceal it.» —Robert South | he also preached [circa late 1600s] that: «Most of the appearance of mirth in the world is not mirth, it is art. The wounded spirit is not seen, but walks under a disguise

¢ ran the 4-bridge [B-W-Q-M] circuit [5 bridges actually if you count Pulaski]—stitching together Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan along the East river [started in DUMBO across the Brooklyn bridge then up on Centre street past the courthouses & up thru Little Italy on Mulberry then back across the Williamsburg bridge & up through W-burg & Greenpoint then across the Pulaski into Queens under the elevated subway then across the Queensboro [or 59th street bridge as Simon & Garfunkel famously called it] then back down 1st avenue past the UN to the waterfront then to Chinatown looping back across the Manhattan bridge—all in all a little over 17 miles—rendering the subset of 2-bridge permutations irrelevant [though i did the Brooklyn to Williamsburg bridge permutation [9 miles] two days ago]] |

¢ i THink there may be thUNDER associated with this «is specie'L» rain but it's HARD to TELL in this new [s|p|L]ace with the dangling wires & «glorious din» of traffic & trains running overhead alREADy [note to self: «put less thOUGHT into THings»] | [THIS] as i read Stanley Crawford—«It is said to be the deepest lake in the world. In fact, either it is an ordinary large blue lake or something beyond description. If these travel notes are to be effective and useful I must make up my mind about such things, and fairly soon.»

¢ in a contortionist PORT the most frequent mtDNA haplogroup in the aCORN ZOO is H [45.2%] followed by U [16.7%], T [10.1%], K [6.5%], pre-HV clades [5.6%] & smaller sub-Saharan L haplogroups «maize fricassee» [3.4%]—woody nursemaids of sub-Saharan sleepwalkers in the aCORN ZOO that never reached geneTIC potential on account of the so-called Black Plague | concerning the «MALLARD» [a.k.a. gay male] CALLS of Y-DNA haplogroups—R1b [particularly R1b3] was found to be the most dominant Y-chromosomal LINGO in the zoo covering about 60% of all Y-chromosomal LINGOs | the high maize fricassee content of this haplogroup is typical in all «Whaler EVE Inflatables»—reflecting a cline & subSEQUENT contraction of the paleolithic GENErator in the European GENEpool | Haplogroups I & G [charity mark-ups for many different Whaler EVE Inflatables] were found in the maize fricassee subZOO [above 5%] | all together with R1b—haplogroups J [13%] & E1b1b [9%] comprise about 80% of the Y-chromosomal GENErator in the aCORN ZOO | Haplogroups J & E1b1b consist of LINGOs suffering «digit dither» within the Midpoint Eavesdropper [between Nosegay Africa & Bloodorange Europe] | also note that the typical BERBER haplogroup E1b1b [M81] was found in the original contortionist PORT at a maize fricassee level of 5-6% |

¢ itchY rASH eating my bellY & back from the INside out aGain—i thINK i FIGured OUT the culprit [the LENTinan in shiiTAKE]:


¢ i have 4 bridges at my disposal {Brooklyn [B], Manhattan [M], Williamsburg [W], Queensboro [Q]} so that makes for 6 different permutations for running to Manhattan & back | i already did the second longest on Tuesday [Q-M = 16.3 miles] & yesterday i did the shortest [B-M= 3.7 miles] & today i ran W-M [~7 miles] | that leaves B-W, W-Q & Q-B | & then of course there's the mother of all Brooklyn-Manhattan bridge runs [TBD]—the 4 legged B-M-W-Q [3 legged permutations make no ¢ense as that would leave you on the wrong side of the river] |

¢ virtual tour of our new digs & the process of getting HERE [including an INvite to our loft-warming/Sleepingfish-launching shindig on 2/6/10 if you are in the area] |

¢ Kristof is running a series on the Millennium Village of Koraro—where j & i visited a few times—most recently last April—some of the folks in the photos even reappear in Kristof's blog |

¢ Clay Ketter's NARRATIVE WALLs «Ketter is interested in the formal aspects, colour and texture, found in domestic interiors and which he combines with more narrative elements, such as doors and windows. When the subject is the home we cannot help but make up stories about the object. [...] There is also a more symbolic connection with the home or the traces of the home that used to be. Ketter uses the term 'trace' about this series of works, thus emphasising the relationship between the disrepair of today and the presence of yesterday's use. In other words the work plays on the relationship between the normality of the everyday and the unsettling nature of a change and loss of the familiar.» more about CLAY KETTER in the ARKen MUSEum |

Clay Ketter Narrative Wall

¢ went for a long tri-bBORO run starting at base of Manhattan bRidge up Plymouth through Vinegar Hill down aRound the NY Naval stn wHere it juts in at Wallabout bay up Flushing til i got lost in Hasid turf til i found myself & cut back aCross Lee to W-burg back to the industrial waterfront with smatterings of failed condo projects up West street into Greenpoint getting sort of lost aGain trying to get on Pulaski dRawbridge aCross the river/tunnel into L.I.C./Queens zig-zagging past P.S. 1 & under the elevated subWAY til i found my way onto the Queensboro bRidge & though i was less than half-way i felt HOME-free as i know Manhattan back & forth & kNow Brooklyn for shit & running in unknown areas adds a certain element of trePEDitation | nice long hill ARCing aCross Queensboro over Roosevelt ISland with subway beneath & skytram above down into Manhattan sort of kNowing what it would be like to run the NYC Marathon [if i could ever make the lottery] & down 1st avenue which sucks for running because the UN complex disrupts the continuous riverfront route | stopped for a DOnut & water with $5 i had in my pocket then kept going down 1st past the UN & all sorts of Egyptians PROtesting something to do with CHRISTians being persecuted in Egypt cutting over at 37th street to the waterfront familiaR from when i'd run & bike to work at Comedy Central on west 57th when we lived in L.E.S. & East Village | starting to sLog down under the W-burg bRidge cutting up Pike through L.E.S./Chinatown to Division & around up on to the Manhattan bRidge back [HOME] to D.U.M.B.O. | i reTRACEd the route on gmap & it was around 16.3 miles | i forgot to look at the time before i left but it was over 2 hours i'm sure | so begins my new life as a bridge runner |

¢ & eVerything is out of the bOXes & on the w∀lllls & SHelves & there are no halls just windows to the EXT worLd & i woke up sucking a le mon [ate salsa & watched Hoarders last night & it freaked me out] after my bottom gum sTuck to the ICE cReam spoon our freezer is so cold & tHere's a lot of colors in my head & now j wakes to a Stewart Copeland RINGtone & the first tHinge she says is «i think we would die if someone blows up this bridge» | what—what was that you tried to say? tried to say ... | the tRains inCrease in freQuency as it BEgets LIGHT | call it «comMUTErs» | & now ThOM YorkE is saying «one little LEAK becomes a LAKE» ... giving into the rhythm |

¢ over the past few months i've been systematically going through our music LIBrary listening to or acCOUNTing for every MP3 & in the proCESS DELeting 1500+ unwanted tRacks [leaving us now with 6315] | now we have headroom to add more & RE+build [this A.M. DL'ed Elizabeth Fraser's comMEMORative [for Jake Drake-Brockman who died last Sept] MP3 Moses & a colLABoration she did in '94 with Jeff Buckley «All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun» that i somehow never heard about til now but whoa] |

¢ Krooklyn Kool-aid 2nd day running & i think i'm still aLive | you know you're getting lots of light when it takes half the day to wash the windows |

¢ sort of SITUated under the bRidge in DUMBO after some 45 loads [mostly calamari] down 70 steps into a PENSKE [the only type of vehicle i've driven in the past 9 months] aCross the Manhattan bRidge to a freight elevator beneath on the Brooklyn side—now assembling IKEA furniture, cleaning rafters & windows & unpacking boxes after sleeping sound in our newly constructed bed with trains running through our heads |

¢ skIN on my bellY is on fire inducing itchy dReams of microscopic worms gnawing their way out | no visible rASH | what does it ∀ll MEan?

¢ took the C to the F to D.U.M.B.O. w/SINGHA, potted plants, WinDEX, what's left of frozen Hatch green chiles, loaded b/u EXT. hard drive & other misc. items | did a purifying walk-thrU w/SINGHA [who some readers may REMember from previous moves wherein SINGHA is alWAYs the first object in our new digs to cleanse dWELLing of any lingering eVil SPiRITS | i realICED it was too cold to wash windows in our new loft [w/out having them freeze over] then undressed, left eXcess garments & ran back across Brooklyn Bridge down around Battery Park up westside [the Hudson is chocked full of ICEbergs] to Meatpacking—our home for 2 more days |

¢ ..:.::...:.:::.OKSANA BADRAK:

Oksana Badrak

¢ IEEE [read eYe-triple-E] SUMmary from a TERMinal POV in which a timetable [JÖnaKER] deScent of machine implants [said MALM platFORM Queen, EXPEDIT & SÄTER] is set [I.E. the nurse of consuls [JERK] is larger than the living ƒ-hole orebody of tableclothES]: since it is diffiCULT to reVERSE-engineer the process using a conventional «conurbation thermometer» we propose an additional «ƒeed-forward commencement» to achieve optimal feliCITY [defiled as: a polynomial funeral of JÖnaKER with sub-infinite «deliberation-of-freemen» wherein the cogs of the funeral party in this ƒeed-forward commencement are determined to satisfy the consuls on Villier's Terrace accessories [i.e. the SÄTER sofa in black] in full-on JESTer SPiRIT] | since the cogs of JÖnaKER in the ƒeed-forward commencement remain as desktop paraplegics—the proposed PUPPETGUTTER lay[AB]out prove[ID]es more whimsy in apprehensibile asperpirations [such as trample-shaping or straight-up shape-shifting] | the chariotIEEErs of the proposed PUPPETGUTTER lay[AB]out are studied & the perimeter is also vaCUUMed thrU numerical sineW singing: «some people rolled on carpets but i never thought they'd do those things» |

¢ we had a chicken roosting on our waterfront windowSILL & i scared it to see what would happen & she fell half-flying sQuacking AWKward down to the water where she floated for a moment before her feathers wettened & she sunk waterlogged bedeath the SURface | once underwater she REALized she could swim just fine & i could see so i watched her swim/fly gracefully in ARCing breaststrokes like a loggerhead—kNowing wheather she Knew it or kNot she would have to surFACE the muse [sic] evenT alley... but i am getting ahead of myself—today we need to figure out the construction of our own bed in our forthcoming waterfront loft [which is all to mean we are going to IKEA to get a MALM platFORM Queen for $99] |

¢ ran 16 miles | might be the last time running up thrU Riverside park | now going to lug sum fish over to St. Marks

¢ it's no coinSIDEnce that at time t=0 [the initial conditions] of the ARK [RE]building—the worLd is covered by 70% water & our bodies are cumPOSEd of 70% water | d'according to the Herder's ALManac [that inFORMs this very ARK CODEX & vis-à-versa] we [∀LL anima'L for that matter] will evolve to be 100% water after the flood [minus the comPOSITion of the ARK & it's inHABITants] | this is our testAMENt |

¢ «the things that we learned are no longer enough / no language—just sound—is all we need know» —Ian Curtis [saw Control again last night—Sam Riley really nails it |

¢ 76/29 yrs A.B/D | sad today |

¢ una necessità iniziarə (i, j) [to st.ART th'INKing abốat] Un đặng riᑎniốne ĐEI possessi [a gathering of posɨsəssions [dei libri & vestiti [boᓄᒃᑦks & ᑐLᑎthe's] interSECTion] quəsti ʊltimi nôve [9] giorni nel «distreɨɨo di imbằllaggio dêlla cằrne» [Meat-Pầcking ĐistrictxsHell.SEA] segứêndố le jxj lineee•eee•eee di Luigi Serafini's «CODEX SERAphINiANUS» but inSTEAD i m babbling [sleeping] FISH ii [מגדל בבל] O [برج بابل]:

luigi serafini

¢ schlepping back & forth to the P.O. posting FISH | thanks y'all—makes for less to schlep to D.U.M.B.O. next week |

¢ tREADmills are good for «INDIAN SPRINTING» solo [eSpecially when it's 19°F out w/40 MPH winds] wherein you ratchet the pace up to an out-of-breath sprint [~6-min-mile pace] for a 1/2 mile & then rather than drop down to rest drop down to your regular [marathon] pace [~8-min-mile pace for me] which subSEQUENTly feels [in comPARison] like a walk in the park after a few rounds of it [speaking of Ben Marcus & forced motion] | only 10 more days with a gym & treadmill though & after that it's all bridges & waterfront in Brooklyn |

¢ «If I choose a Final Place that has already been chosen, or been designated the Den of another woman, be it an igloo or debris hut or woolen tent, I may either seize that place through forcing motion onto the present occupant, tempting her with motion-inducing gestures such as as "the crab," "the dash," or "the trot," as well as other taunting semaphores used to regulated the flight of birds, or I may vacate such an arena in favor of an unoccupied zone, though I hereby admit that there is no such thing as an unoccupied zone, that wherever I go, I do damage to what was there, by either killing or displacing it, that my presence encourages something else's absence, that the term "my body" implies no one else's body, that by moving through air and time, I kill what was attempting to rest or habitate or hold steady. I remove that thing from it's chosen space and effectively deny its reenetry.» —Notable American Women by Ben Marcus |

¢ kicking off the new decade with Sleepingfish 8 |

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