426> riveRRuning to ever arrive (on a rivir dereenigineered) for the sake of Huck Finnegans Wake (spoke 1 of 4)

«riverrun» begins Finnegans Wake > + if 1 word longer wd end on this same note | musing on this as we run along our current home river (the Hudson) > thinking about The Wake | most say The Wake = «about» a dream but we think Wake = a river > in particular Joyce's life-giving Liffey <

> in French to dream = rêver so almost the same ether way > + as weave pointed out b4 in Latin river becomes defined by its banks (ripa) | in our derivative of Traveling with Derrida post we also dwelled on the uncanny etymology of the verb to arrive > then in the context of writing The Becoming + now here we begin work on the seakwell (A Raft Manifest) | if The Becoming becomes «about» becoming then A Raft Manifest arrives to the conclusion of arriving > the state uv ever-arrivering to our senses > same diffrence ether way u say just a change in direxion ± a polar shift | so here over the next month or 2 shift us our ponduring + hereby declare it the lunation (April 2015) uv re-reading Finnegans Wake (in the name of A Raft Manifest) > uv reading Finnegan again <

> our mothering river corresponding to the Liffey = the Columbia > the waters we became born upon > named for Columbus the sposed «discoverer» of America | the headwaters nearto the end of «Manifest Destiny» | in The Becoming we halve no clue as to our existence ± where our bean comes planted > but as we come now into consciousness (into the 2° psychological state of conscious incompetence) we set out to discover where we come from w/ our father's Discovery Doctrine + expedition journels as a roadmap (rivermap really) | + since we guest wrong we learnt to read rite to left < ± backcover < front < here we essentially riverse engineer the route Lewis + Clark took in fulfillment of manifest destiny > on a self-fulfueling + pallindromec rivir dereenigineered <

> thats all we halve to say about that for now > as we ran along the rivir H we also thawt about how we not yet mapped out our running course ('course' for Vico's corso-ricorso of course) like we did in Rome > busy as weave obsessed over mapping our Maphattan Project this past year (which involved walking not running) | when 1° we moved back to Manhattan 2 yrs ago from Rome we managed to run a diffrent route every time for probly the 1° year b4 eventually settling into a few routines + even still we manage many variations on these themes | as w/ our Maphattan project for these following running courses we use Manhattanville as our origin (125th + Riverside):

1. upriver (~10k)—run down the hill (1 of the steepest in Manhattan) + under the viaduct (currently fucked w/ construxion) + up along the river past Fairway + then u have to jog inland underneath the freeway (to get around Riverbank State Park overhead) but after that this it becomes 1 of the nicer stretches of river-running in the city winding all the way to the little red lighthouse beneath the GWB > if u like to do circuit/loops like we do it gets tricky here getting up above but there ∃xists a trail thru some desolate woods w/ homeless encampments that (after xing a few freeway onramps) leads u back to Riverside which u can run along w/o having to cross any roads > 1 shorter variation on this (if u dont run all the way up to GWB)—wind up thru the Trinity Cemetery between 155 + 153 (a decent hill) or take a detour thru the elevated Riverbank State Park (ugly purhaps but beats the garbidge dump it wuz b4 + u can throw in a lap or 2 round the rubberized track) > or on days u want a longer run u can continue north or loop above (convoluted but possible) + run across the GWB (dont let all the suicide hotline signs give u any ideas) into NJ + keep going even deeper into Palisades park <


1. upriver ......................................................................... 2. downriver

2. downriver(~10K)—run south along the river (watching out for asshole bikers) to the 79th boat basin (usually we cut up b4 cuz it = a pain navigating thru that dumb restraunt blocking the way) then up above thru Riverside Park which = 1 of the nicest places to run in our opinion | u cd of course keep going further south as long as u like + in fact when we lived in the west village we used to run (indian sprints) from there all the way to where we live now <

3. Harlem to Highbridge (~10K)—when we want to take a brake from riverruning (specially on weekends when the river path becomes crowded) weave contrived a route that scarcely crosses a road or encounters ppl > strait up thru Harlem along St. Nicholas Park then Jackie Robinson's up along Edgecombe (@ this pt if u want a shorter course go east on 155th + loop around Yankee Stadium (letting out a hearty Bronx cheer)) or continue along Edgecombe thru Highbridge park which has sum of the «wildest» trail running in Manhattan | @ the base of Highbridge (renovation still not finished as of this writing) go up the makeshift stairs + wind thru Washington Heights back along the Hudson | u can also go back down along the Harlem/East River but u got to run all the way to Dyckman to get across Harlem River Drive (unless u want to risk x-ing frogger-style > in which case follow Harlem River Drive + the same path back or cut across over to Trinity Cemetery + follow the Hudson back) <


3. Harlem to Highbridge.................................................... 4. Central Park

4. Central Park (~10K+ or further if u loop all the way around)—getting to Central Park not so hard for us (+ specially nice going thru Morningside park) but we do it less + less these days cuz Central Park has become insanely crowded (+ u run the risk of getting hit by the likes of a biking Bono Vox (what kind of asshole self-declares himself «good voice» anyway?) > + weave dun our fair share of park running living in the UES then UWS + also when we lived midtown 57th <

> weave also dun our fair share of running along the Hudson further downtown + also on the East river | when we lived like trolls in DUMBO we ran bridges mostly > not much in the way of good riverruning in Bklyn <

4 April 2015 > NYC to Boston > this morn woke up + rode the stationary bike (hippocrits we know in light of this post) > listened to Finnegans Wake > how Joyce intended it xperienced > gazing out @ the river letting the words pass thru us > our listening comprehension = terrible > even worse than reading > but w/ the Wake doesnt matter > just let the words pass thru u + pick up what u can | like a river spoken word u cant dam to isolate or capture a molecule > becomes mor how it flows > like an enurgey feeld that can (physicly ± psychicly) remagnitize or realign the molecules in our brain | weave also bean listning to the Wake whilst we sleep > ∀fter ∀ll it becomes a dreamtime hystory > a «night in the life» antithesis to a day in the life (to his other opus Ulysses) > picking up bits + pieces subconsciously by osmosis > dublin over + incorporating it into our rêver nocturne <

our soul possessions (what we live out uv or carryon) for the next 6 weeks—the Skeleton
Key = the bulk of the weight (+ the bulge in the leftside pouch = our special spice mix)

> subwayed to Penn st + now on train (anotherr sorta rriver uv rrails) back to Boston > rivirse engeneering our course (encore via Vico of course) listning to mor Finnagain whilst reading it (on our computer) simultaneously witch becomes xtrasensory | the only (physical) book we brang this trip = The Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake by Joseph Campbell which also weave bean reading in tandumb | always a bit reluctant to read a book on how to read a book (like «The Wake for Dumbies») > better to figure it out fer yurself > but we respect Campbell a lot > probly admire him mor than Joyce actually <

> we read the Wake once b4 in college > or shd say tried to read > dont member much xcept to remember (at the time) not comprehending much | so figured weed give it another go w/ the help of Camp-bells to guide the way > + in the name uv our own Raft Manifest | as menshunned 2 posts ago going Boston to NYC if we had to sum up A Raft Manifest in 3 words = Huck Finnegans Wake > the bifurcated cross-breeding of Huck Finn + Hump Earwicker > in 1 sense a book about a river + in another a dream > a rêve > a mor American dream (as opposed to mor Irish)(also mor visual than earish) <

> not that A Raft Manifest will resemble ± re-assemble ether > but both wheel use to structure our thinking («deliberatively summersaulting off her bisexycle» as the Wake says) > the 2x2 = 4-fold cycle of Finnegans Wake Joyce borrowed from the Italian historian/philosopher Giambattista Vico who viewed hystory as an endless cycle repeating over + over again in 4 stages:

1. the mythic-theological
2. the heroic-aristocratic
3. the human-democratic
4. the chaotic ricorso <

> like its predecessor The Becoming > A Raft Manifest will also halve 4 chapters (+ the overarching series West of Kingdom Come will also halve 4 books uv witch these 2 = the 1st 2 in the 4-spoked jugglernautical pyschle > Vico/Joyce's 4-fold view of hystory becomes yet another 4-plied layer to enfold mise en abyme into our pre-xisting 4-pyschled canonical injun (witch déjà includes Campbell's 4-part hero myth) <

> @ this point weave mapped out A Raft Manifest but need to develop the voice-boxed vox (malus not bono) | whereas The Becoming becomes writ in a primel state of unconscious incompetence > A Raft Manifest transitions to a heroic-aristocratic state of conscious incompetence > i.e. we becomb self-aware of what idiots weave becumb > the secret becumbs how to halve the landgauge flow like a river > yet simultaneously dumbed down | ± purrhaps it shd floe like a glacier > the txt like a terminul morerain riddled w/ wordplay like The Wake | as Campbell says (in the Skeleton Key):

«The books is a kind of terminal moraine in which lie buried all the myths, programs, slogans, hopes, prayers, tools, educational theories and theological bric-a-brac of the past millenium.»

7 April > Zürich Airport > watched Birdman (not so impressed xcept for the acting) + then that Sonic Highways series on DC to get siked for our upcoming move > when ppl aks if we «excited» about the move we cant say «excited» but if Bad Brains + Minor Threat came from there cant = all that bad | but this = all down the road come fall <

> then we put on headphones + listened to mor of the Wake while falling asleep + woke up to it too | in the lounge in Boston we had a long wait w/ lots of screaming kids + other distractions so we put on the Wake (loud > up to 11) + also read along the PDF @ the same time to dubble the xperience > in complete wakeful emursion | the recording by Patrick Healey ≠ so good > he stumbles a lot over words (strangely not usually over the hard 1s but sum of the easier/correct wordings he just brainfarts (what the influence of the Wake will do purrhaps) + his pacing feels rushed > a lot faster than we'd read anyway | for sum time now weave also had Finnegans Wake in our Twitter feed > commingling it w/ quotidian news + randumbness | sum passages from the 1° book that stuck out in no particular order ± reason (tho this 1° sentence below cuz he refrences the heroes of our book > Romulus + Remus (which he also does later quite a few times)):

«And the Cassidy—Craddock rome and reme round e'er a wiege ne'er a waage is still immer and immor awagering over it, a cradle with a care in it or a casket with a kick behind.» (cleverly morphing basket > casket)

> + these next 4 passages cuz he (Joyce as Shem the Penman) gets all self-refurential talking about the writing/publishing process:

«Naysayers we know. To conclude purely negatively from the positive absence of political odia and monetary requests that its page cannot ever have been a penproduct of a man or woman of that period or those parts is only one more unlookedfor conclusion leaped at, being tantamount to inferring from the nonpresence of inverted commas (sometimes called quotation marks) on any page that its author was always constitutionally incapable of misappropriating the spoken words of others.»

«So why, pray, sign anything as long as every word, letter, penstroke, paperspace is a perfect signature of its own?»

«Now, kapnimancy and infusionism may both fit as tight as two trivets but while we in our wee free state, holding to that prestatute in our charter, may have our irremovable doubts as to the whole sense of the lot, the interpretation of any phrase in the whole, the meaning of every word of a phrase so far deciphered out of it, however unfettered our Irish daily independence, we must vaunt no idle dubiosity as to its genuine authorship and holusbolus authoritativeness.»

«and look at this prepronominal funferal, engraved and retouched and edgewiped and puddenpadded, very like a whale's egg farced with pemmican, as were it sentenced to be nuzzled over a full trillion times for ever and a night till his noddle sink or swim by that ideal reader suffering from an ideal insomnia: all those red raddled obeli cayennepeppercast over the text, calling unnecessary attention to errors, omissions, repetitions and misalignments:»

> + this next cuz we feel it relates to our feral Huck Finnegan hybrid charactor methodology:

«... filled fanned of hackleberries whenas all was tuck and toss up for him as a yangster to fall fou of hockinbechers wherein he had gauged the use of raisin; [...] learned to speak from hand to mouth till he could talk earish with his eyes shut; hacked his way through hickheckhocks but hanged hishelp from there hereafters;»

xing the A.L.P.s (Matterhorn smack in the center)

8 April > Rome (again via Zürich) > Trastevere this time (where Trastevere = «across the Tiber river» in Latin) > further south in Trastevere than from where we lived | back to river-running along the Tiber (route iii of our Rome Running Routes > tho they've since xtended it further w/ a new bridge going over to the gasometro) > + since we on the southern end we can run pretty much the entire stretch from here to Castel Sant'Angelo <

> the above menshunned pedestrian bridge to the gasometro (which we documented already in another recent re-roaming) typical of Italian Engineering > so many things in this town left in a neglected state of disrepair yet they build this fancy new bridge that goes nowhere > in 1 direction it dead-ends into a shanty camp full of stick-wielding gypsies w/ dogs (which for fit guys u cd argue only adds to the workout) + in the other direction into an industrial junkyard full of dust-raising dumptrucks (sum fine graffiti ether way tho) | the new airbnb attico we staying in also as always full of plenty of examples of fine Italians engineering > lots uv power outlets near the kitchen sink but none anywhere where u might actually sit + use them (sitting on the floor to write this) > hidden lightswitches (in the kitchen u reach behind the frigorifero to get light) > toilets that always require manual intervention to get all the poop to flush + of course that ever-pervasive sewage smell > + heat that comes on @ 8 am (which by then every1 has gone to work) | this airbnb also feels like sum grandmother's apartment chock full of bad art (beats a sterile hotel tho) | altho Joyce spent time in Italy > about Rome he said it reminds him «of a man who lives by exhibiting to travellers his grandmother's corpse» <

view from our 9° piano terrazza looking out @ the gasometro + far off to the distant rite = St Paul's > between us + the gasometro lays the mighty Tiber

> further misc notes on reading Campbell's Skeleton Key + Finnegan again (again plenty to glean ± decipher but herein we only comment on it as relates to our Raft Manifest) > the 1° book of the Wake anyway (the rest to come in subsequent posts):

  1. the Wake begins (appropriately enuff > like falling asleep) w/ Finnegan's fall > which stands for a general decline such as that (serendipitously) of Rome | momentum gathers from this fall + gets re-channeled into our all encompassing hero H.C.E. (Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker > a.k.a. Here Comes Everybody) > a universal father-figure piece-mealed dumpty-wise of every father figure b4 that we will merely re-absorb into a rogue member of the Lewis + Clark expedition but also whoever fathered Romulus + Remus
  2. HCE also embodies the original Adam + carries his guilt (garden of Eden = Phoenix park) + ALP (his wife Anna Livia Plurabelle) = Eve > amongst other things | despite her Apline name ALP embodies a river «always changing yet ever the same, the Heraclitean flux [...] bearing in her flood the debris of dead civilizations and the seeds of crops and cultures yet to come.» | a flood sets the course in A Raft Manifest
  3. their 2 sons Shem (Jerry) + Shaun (Kevin) embody the universal brother battle theme > altho serendipitously Jerry + Kevin sounds like Derek + Kevin > not sure our brother Kevin corresponds to Shaun or whether as a pair we = such polar opposits > but sibling rivalry definitely inherent in our Raft Manifest | the correlation between Shem/Shaun + Romulus/Remus also uncanny > tho Campbell never xplicitly says this he does say «Shaun's business is not to create a higher life, but merely to find and utter the Word. Shaun, on the other hand, whose function is to make the Word become flesh, misreads it, fundamentally rejects it, limits himself to a kind of stupid concretism, and, while winning all the skirmishes, loses the eternal city.» (which actually means Shaun = Remus > who we identify with) > otherwise we identify w/ Shem the Penman > as did Joyce | also intresting in relation to the main 3 Hindu deities—Brahma (= HCE (he has a bull-like hump on his back)) Shiva the destroyer (Shem) + Vishnu the preserver (Shaun)(our observation not Campbell's)
  4. ALP's manifesto comes unveiled in the form of a letter («the germ and substance of Finnegans Wake itself» per Campbell) «dug up from a mud mound by a hen, was saved by Shem, but then passed off by Shaun as his own discovery» > in The Becoming our twined feral twins born of the she-wolf become born in an underground quiggly hole ± bunk cum we refurbed to it as:
  5. sexion of The Becoming (also note even then we derived our tongue from a «felt-tip
    skelatin key» (we wrote b4 reading Campbell's Skeleton Key + also unaware of the
    importance of the word tip in the Wake > a «dream transformation of the sound of a
    branch knocking against HCE's window as he sleeps» per Campbell)(+ tatoosh = Chinook

    for tit) rigged from a halo-moosum («not sleep» in Chinook Jargon)(+ also note that another

    word for «no» in Chinook Jargon = «wake» + if any 1 word embodies Finnegans Wake

    it = YES (per Campbell «we hear James Joyce uttering his resilient, all-enjoying, all-animating

    "Yes," the Yes of things yet to come ...» )+ yes also = the last word of Ulysses > per Molly:

    «... and yes I said yes I will Yes» (part of the reason we tagged the super-scripted "SSEY'

    onto our brother's original 'SSES" 'SSES")

  6. this letter gets unearthed by the scratching of a hen «and what she was scratching at the hour of klokking twelve looked for all this zogzag world like a goodishsized sheet of letterpaper originating by transhipt from Boston (Mass.) of the last of the first to Dear whom it proceded to mention... » > this we read waiting for our plane in Boston | not related to the Wake but intresting to note the name Paul Revere (whose house we saw passing thru Boston) > the name of sum1 famous for disseminating information named for a dreamy river | purhaps our father-figure HCE-equivalent we will name Reverend Revere > or if we write ReverAND Rever it becomes a mutated pallidrome
  7. in our mind the washerwomen of chapter 8 not only conjure Nausicaa + her maids washing clothes by the river > but seems we member reading about a variation of the Romulus + Remus myth where a washerwoman finds the abandoned twins floating in a basket (not casket) of reeds > tho perhaps we confuse this w/ Exodus 2:5-6—«And the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash herself at the river; and her maidens walked along by the river's side; and when she saw the ark among the flags, she sent her maid to fetch it. And when she had opened it, she saw the child: and, behold, the babe wept. And she had compassion on him, and said, This is one of the Hebrews' children.» | washerwomen = scheduled to appear in our mythology + also this idea of abandonment (not that it figures @ all in Joyce's mythology > in Wake the washerwomen derive stories from each garment + long for sons like Shem + Shaun)
  8. Joyce uses the inverted (+ also sideways) a few times (most notably in chapter 2) which Campbell says ∃ = the mark of HCE himself > but Campbell neglects to menshun that in mathematical terms ∃ = there exists
  9. this passage stuck w/ us: «we live in our paroqial fermament one tide on another, with a bumrush in a hull of a wherry» maybe for it's seaming connexion w/ Exodus 2:3 (preceing #6 above)—«And when she could not longer hide him, she took for him an ark of bulrushes, and daubed it with slime and with pitch, and put the child therein; and she laid it in the flags by the river's brink» + how this connecks w/ Romulus + Remus | + how bumrush fits in w/ the free-for-all onslaught of Here Comes Everybody
  10. Campbell menshuns that Giordano Bruno (that Joyce calls Bruno of Nola) has a theory of opposites that underlies the brother-play of the Wake but also worth menshunning that Bruno got burned @ the stake here in Rome (in Campo d'Fiori) for saying the earth revolved around the sun + also for denying the existence of the holy trinity (not to menshun the divinity of Christ)
  11. the characters in the Wake fleet in + out of existence like shape-shifters > the accusers becoming the accused > the victimizing taking on traits of their victims > «Every successful revolution puts on in time the robes of the tyrant it has deposed» as Barbara Tuchman says | this hypocrisy still ever-present in pop-culture > up + coming rock or movie stars critical of the critically-acclaimed but once they become «critically-acclaimed» they sell out + become like those they criticized in the 1° place
  12. per Campbell—«Throughout the remainder of Finnegans Wake, the reader must watch sharply for incoherent shifts of scene and characters: a deluge of gossip has confused the evidence, mixing this story with many another, splitting personalities and recompounding them, mixing centuries, countries, heroes, villains and tenses, in a great broth.» this degeneration into chaos = sumthing weave bean thinking about a lot lately | educated in the wake of the «chaos cabal» @ UC Santa Cruz (took a few classes w/ William L. Burke) weave of course thawt about chaos in terms of math + physics but mor recently perusing Chaos Bound by N. Katherine Hayles (a free download via Monoskop Log) she makes the argument that seemingly chaotic literary works purhaps pack mor punch > that degeneration into chaos does not necessarily imply disorder but can actually maximize entropy (informational content)(also see our post on Hayles' How We Became Posthuman) | while sum might argue the Wake = nothing but chaotic gibberish > others (like Campbell) think «The Wake, at its lowest estimate, is a huge time-capsule, a complete and permanent record of our age.» If the Wake itself = Humpty Dumpty then after the fall (after mankind self-destructs + we become posthuman) the hollowgraphic pieces cd get put back together again to reconstitute a snapshot of our world (or at least 20th century Dublin)
  13. + the entropic thermodynamic theme resurfaces w/ antheaped termites in death spirals reforming into quiggly moundens: «Before he fell hill he filled heaven: a stream, alplapping streamlet, coyly coiled um, cool of her curls: We were but thermites then, wee, wee. Our antheap we sensed as a Hill of Allen, the Barrow for an People, one Jotnursfjaell:» | this mound continues to resurface like a juggernautical death spirel
  14. related to chaos + thermodynamics—the concept of irreversibility (± riversability) > which we considered 2 posts ago travelling Rome to Boston (a path NYC>Boston>Zürich>Rome which we now riverse to get back to our Roming home away from home | where also we introduced this > fwd bracket notation > to guide the direxionul floe of our terminul more-rain | not related to the Wake (b4 Joyce's time) also intresting that Christian groups got so freaked out about backmasking (playing music backwards) that they tried to introduce legislation to ban it > how come backmasking always considered satanic? | ¡devil never even lived! | ¡devils to idiot— salt a Spam and (so cat taco's DNA maps) atlas to idiots lived! | ¡on a clover (if alive) erupts a vast pure evil—a fire volcano!  | ¡satan oscillate my metallic sonatas!  
  15. + speaking of ants «entychologist: his propenomen is a properismenon» tho Campbell thinks an entychologist = «a conversationalist met by chance and skilled in the science of being» | but also cuz propenomen conjures the phenomena (or just omen) of a proper pen name + likewise properismenon a persimmon
  16. trout + salmon also figure prominently (not just in the Wake but in Irish folklore > Finn MacCool acquires his «tooth of knowledge» from the taste of salmon flesh) > for xample «to get outside his own length of rainbow trout and taerts atta tarn as no man of woman born, nay could, like the great crested brebe, devour his threescoreten of roach per lifeday, ay, and as many minnow a minute (the big mix, may Gibbet choke him!) was, like the salmon of his ladderleap all this time of totality secretly and by suckage feeding on his own misplaced fat.» i.e. Humphrey Earwicker's hump > self-feeding fish as eucharist > jumping the wrong way up the fish-ladder (what a drunk Finnegan falls off to begin)
  17. the # 111 also figures prominently > evidently also the mythological # of plenitude (also a palindrome) | ALP has 111 young fish or «aleveen» as Joyce refers to them | 32 does too just like it does in Ulysses |
  18. about the Book of Kells (or a reproduction of it) Joyce once said «In all the places I have been to, Rome, Zurich, Trieste, I have taken it about with me, and have pored over its workmanship for hours. It is the most purely Irish thing we have, and some of the big initial letters which swing right across a page have the essential quality of a chapter of Ulysses. Indeed, you can compare much of my work to the intricate illuminations.» About Joyce + the Book of Kells Campbell says: «The meticulously executed, unbelievable intricacy of the profoundly suggestive ornament of this monk work so closely in its essential character the workmanship of Finnegans Wake that one is not entirely surprised to find Joyce describing the features of his own masterwork in language originally applied to the very much earlier monument of Celtic art. The Tunc page of the Book of Kells is devoted entirely to the words "Tunc crucifixerant XPI cum eo duos latrones" (Matt. xxvii, 38), i.e. "Then there were two thieves crucified with him." The Greek XPI (Christos) is an interpolation. The illumination is an astonishing comment on this text, strangely suggestive of pre-Christian and oriental symbols. The reader of Finnegans Wake will not fail to recognize in this page something like a mute indication that here is the key to the entire puzzle: and he will be the mor concerned to search its meaning when he reads Joyce's boast on page 298: "I've read your tunc's dismissage."» Campbell has a lot mor to say about the Book of Kells + its relation to Joyce > + about its symbolism (not metaphorically but literally > the intermingled art standing in for language) > finishing w/ «Who, marveling at all this, will not press swiftly on to see the vaulting feminine libido of those interbranching up-and-in sweeps sternly controlled by the matter-of-factness of a meandering male fist?» | when we saw the Book of Kells 1st-hand we also became glam/enamored by the look of it > + the 1 take-away that we commented on in this post = the prominence of the dicebat symbol (dicebat meaning «he said») + how we liked the sound of it so much we considered changing the name of this blog to dicebat + how it surprised us that www.dicebat.com (as a URL) ≠ spoken for yet > + checking now it still = available (returns 404) so we just registered it for 99¢ > specially considering Humphrey Earwicker's initials = H.E. > dicebat = said Humphrey Earwicker!
  19. (dear Inurnet: et tu H.C.E.?)
  20. shortly after this: «The unmistaken identity of the persons in the Tiberiast duplex [emphasis ours] came to light in the most devious of ways. The original document [...] showed no signs of punctuation of any sort. Yet on holding the verso against a lit rush this new book of Morses responded most remarkably to the silent query of our world's oldest light and its recto let out the piquant fact that it was but pierced butnot punctured (in the university sense of the term) by numerous stabs and foliated gashes made by a pronged instrument.» (the devil's pitchfork? > speaking of satanic messages) | besides conjuring the oedipus complex > the Tiberiast duplex = named for Tiberius (Roman emperor during the time of Christ's crucifixion) > not to confuse w/ Tiberinus the Roman god of rivers > from which the river we currently dwell on comes named for (± vice-versa)(+ tying back into the river etymology that we started this post with—we also member reading sumwhere that the originul wurd for river derives from Tiberinus (shown in this post stroking his cornucopia) | also note the use of light + lit (in relation to the illuminated manuscript) + also «book of Morses» = a play on Moses + morse code (neither points of which Campbell points out) | also surely not a coincidence that Tiberius's mother = Livia (ALP's middle name)
  21. Lucien Lévy-Bruhl (whose How Natives Think we blogged about recently) makes an appearance in the Wake > disguised as Professor Loewy-Brueller (sumthing we wouldnt uv picked up on not for Campbell) > L-B says things like: «'by Allswill' the inception and the descent and the endswell of Man is temporarily wrapped in obscenity, looking through at these accidents with the faroscope of television, (this nightlife instrument needs still some subtractional betterment in the readjustment of the more refrangible angles to the squeals of his hypothesis on the outer tin sides)»
  22. in a (Kantian) metaphysical sense > Shem = time (inner sense) > + Shaun = space (outer) | also of metaphysical intrest: «on this stage there pleasantly appears the cowrymaid M. whom we shall often meet below who introduces herself upon us at some precise hour which we shall again agree to call absolute zero or the babbling pumpt of platinism.» where M stands for magnetism (to counterbalance the 2 male poles)
  23. Joyce again gets self-referential on us + refers to Ulysses w/in Finnegans Wake as his «unreadable book» > purhaps unreadable since it belongs in the daytime state + the Wake in a nocturnal dream-state <

> lots of other details jumped out @ us > mor phraseology that sticks out not sure why—«doublin the mumper» + «phall if you but will, rise you must» (purhaps inspired by Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises or vice-versa?) + speaking uv rising—«O foenix culprit!» (a reconfiguring of O felix culpa considering the crime HCE accused uv takes place in Phoenix park) + «collide-or-escape» (a play on kaleidoscope) + purhaps also particle physics <

> u gain sum clarity reading Campbell's Skeleton Key but also lose perhaps key details in his «translations» to plane english > for xample this passage straight from the Wake's mouth:

«Now let the centuple celves of my egourge as Micholas de Cusack calls them, — of all of whose I in my hereinafter of course by recourse demission me — by the coincidance of their contraries reamalgamerge in that indentity of undiscernibles where the Baxters and the Fleshmans may they cease to bidivil uns and ...»

Campbell paraphrases as:

«Now let the hundred-fold selves of my ego-urge, by the coincidence of their contraries, reamalgamate in that identity of indiscernibles, where the Baxters and the Fleshmans may they cease to bedevil us and ...»

> «centuple celves» packs mor punch than hundred-fold selves + «coincidance» means mor than just coincidence | «of all of whose I in my hereinafter of course by recourse demission me» Campbell leaves out altogether | changing «undiscernibles» to indiscernibles lessens the affect of Joyce's morphing of us to «uns» | + «bidivil» conjures dibs @ a livid bid + also libido | we ourself might write bediviled cuz it comes close to a reversible pallidrome for believed or a delived bed if u ebb a bee backwords in a rir mirrir <

> or this Wake passage:

«Ena milo melomon, frai is frau and swee is too, swee is two when swoo is free, ana mala woe is we! A pair of sycopanties with amygdaleine eyes, one old obster lumpky pumpkin and three meddlars on their slies. And that was how framm Sin fromm Son, acity arose, finfin funfun, a sitting arrows.»

Campbell translates to:

«Eenie, meenie, miney, moe, one and tow and three, eenie, meenie, woe is me! A pair of fig-leaf panties with almond eyes, one old lumpy lobster pumpkin, and three meddlers on the sly; Finfin funfun. And that is how from sin from son, a city arose.»

> cant decide whether we like sycopanties or fig-leaf panties better > sumtimes when comparing such translations we wonder why bother w/ Campbell's take (at least the play-by-play)? Specially as it hardly makes sense either > but reading/listening to both in conjunction makes sum sense (specially listning in sleepless hours cuz we jetlagged) | hereby ends the 1° mythic-theologial cycle of Huck Finnegans Wake > in the festering after wake of A Raft Manifest (which now we set out to construct) | stay tuned for our extrapolations of books 2-4 ...

 425 <( )> 427 > Reconstructing a rafting wake vox using 4-ply arc-welding in SPQR Q.XI.


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