425> backpaddling new Yawk-ward to log into a sorta thawing terminal moraine

± to be continued thawts

31 March > on the train Boston to New Yawk > gliding thru the landscape > sumwhere in Connecticut > connecting cuts | reading Georges Perec > Thoughts of Sorts > a disassociated assortment of musings on topics ranging from an itemized inventory of the objects on his desk to the eyergonomics of reading > to the art of sorting books > or just thoughts on thoughts | in «Backtracking» he documents his obsessive compulsion to sort + chronicle: «As I panicked at the prospect of losing track of myself, I began to collect and sort things in a frenzy» | not too far off from the spirit here on 5¢ense

sorting thru Thoughts of Sorts on the train (courtesy of Commonwealth Books)

when not reading Perec we read the landscape as it went by


















3 April > New Yawk > back «home» > 1st time back since completing our Maphattan project | a return to rodential routine > if for a few dayz | not even sure what = our routine (in the aftermath of Fancy) > cant even manage to adhere to a «style guide» here > our voice ever-shifting > never admitting i am (tho 2 ppl in Boston said «u exist» (in response to a shirt we wear))> still @ the distillery | call us Dr. Awkward backwards | predictable or poetic prose sure might sound good + pretty but can also lull u to sleep > witch not always = a bad thing + sumtimes can xtract vanilla from subconscious realm > some1 left the cake out in the rain | but vanilla = little more than sweet > more intrested us in spice > hot stuff > burning our tongue to remind us of it | licking the bootstraps of shiny shiny leather | like us the idea of canned condensed milk but in reality too sweet for our tastes | do admit us tho to eating a pint of vanilla ice cream last night after 2 ± 3 bowls of green chili pozole (w/ habanero salsa) | we dont use recipes anyway so not so distraught that we'll never find it again > Donna Finnegan > not so finnicky > never finished > never eat the same thing 2x

mostly tho we here in Nü Yawk «getting our ducks in a row» > like Konrad Lorenz leading his raft [fits nice w/ our current Manifest] tho sum call a pack of ducks a paddling > but maybe «ducks in a row» has more to do w/ taking skinheads bowling | thawts never just flow out of us > not an idealic «stream of consciousness» but more like a terminal moraine > @ least by the time it hits paper ± screen > randumb flotsam left behind after thawts unthaw > jaded w/ jagged edges | if u know xactly what u want to say that thawt = dead already > shoot strait for sublimation > stray from the hip > more intrested in ppl awkwordly not quiet knowing what they want to say > «sentenced to be nuzzled over a full trillion times for ever and a night till his noodle sink or swim by that ideal reader suffering from an ideal insomnia» per Finnegans Wake | our unmanifested raft ever in limbo > paddling in place > fermo restando > drifting up shit creek w/o a paddle or a map > riding Horse Lords

riding western of course [as opposed to English] | ever on the verge of a log-rhythmic groove but resisting the temptation to hit it head on > keep yore wits > the ride symbol ever pinging the offbeat > never «settling down» | settling = unsettling in our mind | our tongue sentenced to this awkward state of arrested development > larval beings unconscious still of our own bodies w/o oregon > not snapped to grid in design > not de-signified > deified like Dr. Awkward also a palindrome > seugues in dreams not always relevant | more + more our sensory gate getting leaky > distracted by noize > | ppl in room next to us in Boston having a tea party til past 2 am | dont mind animal noise as long as not made by party animals > unmindful idiots | dont mind barking dog as long as they wild in streets > but if they belong to some1 becomes diffrent story | mind the gap > gap the mind | mine the gaping despairity | dog-paddle to work > run to stand still > on the treadmill (in Boston) > here along the river we run > still treading water > finishing where we begin @ home | settle for the time being to ever paddle doggy-style ± w/ fins again

 424 <( )> 426 > riveRRuning to ever arrive (on a rivir dereenigineered) for the sake of Huck Finnegans Wake (spoke 1 of 4)


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