431> a 63,924 fish rêver of jelly o-rizon from a 4-pliable # of ab-original words

5 May > 35,000 feet over Dublin > en rut to Lundon > fram SFO | jus woke up sorta frum sorta sleeping listning to Finnegans Wake | axidently had it on scrambull so sorta wierd jumping around but now listning linearly while reading > whilst also reading Campbell's Skeleton Key | well into book 3 now > still stripmining the dreaming mine of HCE but mostly a-bout Shaun/Juan/Yawn + Shem | but egain mostly we reading it fur ourselfs + cant help but to read into our simulobssesion w/ Huck Finn:

«Sure, treasures, a letterman does be often thought reading ye between lines that do have no sense at all. I sign myself. With much leg. Inflexibly yours. Ann Posht the Shorn. To be continued. Huck!»

> Huck Finn? Fuck Hinn! | + copious bows keep acoming fur our kin-dead sprits Romulus + Remus > + stranger yet this sentents that we cant help but to think twines Twain's Finn + SPQR: (+ of course Humpty Dumpty who keeps falling agin + agin on virtually every page):

«Ah, sure, pleasantries aside, in the tail of the cow what a humpty daum earth looks our miseryme heretoday as compared beside the Hereweareagain Gaieties of the Afterpiece when the Royal Revolver of these real globoes lets regally fire of his mio colpo for the chrisman's pandemon to give over and the Harlequinade to begin properly SPQueaRking Mark Time's Finist Joke. Putting Allspace in a Notshall.»

> uncanny right? | the eggy langwich as such inabulls u to refurpose for yur own devices > that allows for such nutty synchronicities | like on the way to SFO in the car listning to Throbbing Gristle's «Persuasion» we wondered out loud to our better-½ wether some1 tickled Cosey Fanni Tutti to make her laugh on the track like that + then arrive us to SFO + read this sentence:

«... with Floh biting his leg thigh and Luse lugging his luff leg and Bieni bussing him under his bonnet and Vespatilla blowing cosy fond tutties up the allabroad length of the large of his smalls...»

> thinking no way it = coincidents he strung togather the words «cosy fond tutties» (specielly in such a kinky cuntext) > + thx to u dear Inurnet we can look these things up now (tho cunnectivity really sucks in this hotel) + seems Cosey Fanni Tutti = named for a Mozart opera called Così fan tutte > «like this all women do it» (which undoubtedly JJoyce refurposed long b4 Cosey fanned her tootie ± the gristle throbbed) | but the Huck Finn cunnexions go beyond coincidents > like this twangy mark later in book 3:

«... just like a work of merit, mark my words and append to my mark twang, that will open your pucktricker's ops for you, broather brooher, ...»

> + another refrence to Prince + the Pauper > + this passedge frum last chapter we forgot to menshun:

«And their, redneck, (for addn't we to gayatsee with Puhl the Punkah's bell?) mygh and thy, the living spit of dead waters, fastness firm of Hurdlebury Fenn, discinct and isoplural in its (your sow to the duble) sixuous parts, flument, fluvey and fluteous, midden wedge of the stream's your muddy old triagonal delta, fiho miho, plain for you now, appia lippia pluvaville, (hop the hula, girls!) the no niggard spot of her safety vulve, first of all usquiluteral threeingles, (and why wouldn't she sit cressloggedlike the lass that lured a tailor?) the constant of fluxion, Mahamewetma, pride of the province and when that tidled boare rutches up from the Afrantic, allaph quaran's his bett und bier!»

> witch not only blatantly refrences «Hurdlebury Fenn» but «redneck» + the «delta» + «niggard» to put us head over heels in the American south (while ever dubled over in Dublin) > + then blends in anuther Roman refrence (to appia lippia pluvaville) witch channels the Liffey into a sort a rivering Appian Way > + also note the initials A.L.P.> whose triangular vulva cums front + center to the conversation | purhaps the landgauge vague enuff any1 can read into however they want + lord nose plenty of scholurs have | like we got to googling around about the Huckleberry Finn/Finnegan Wake cunnexion + seams we not the only 1s to notice all this > Kelly Anspaugh wrote a paper on the very subject in 1992: Death on the Missisliffi: Huckleberry Finn in Finnegans Wake | evidently sum sey Joyce didn't even read Huck Finn but had his Americun step-grandsun reddit + provide cribnotes for him | per Anspaugh Huck Finn + The Wake = intergraily cunnected by the theme of death (at times in a morbid ménage à trois w/ the Egyptian Book of the Dead even) + in particular suicide (which Huck fakes in the beginning of his adventures to free hisself) > purhaps inspiring JJoyce to sey: «The fourscore soculums are watchyoumaycodding to cooll the skoopgoods blooff. Harkabuddy, feign!» + elsewhere he seys:

«... lighting upon a sidewheel dive somewhere off the Dullkey Downlairy and Bleakrooky tramaline where he could throw true and go blow the sibicidal napper off himself for two bits ...»

> where «siblicidal napper» perhaps (again per Anspaugh) inspired by the scene where Huck tells the doctor Tom got shot by a dream > + «lightning upon a sidewheel dive» conjures the scene where their raft gits run over by a steamboat + Huck has to dive 32 ft under to save hisself | + already we talked about how Bloomsday just so happens to fall on the day after the Slocum steamboat sunk burning in the east river (worst disaster in NYC hystery up to 9/11)(+ note similarity of «fourscore soculums» to Slocum .. coincidents u say? phat chance)

> as sed b4 these = the obscure refrences uv particular intrest to us > if u scoured The Wake to find refrences to a topick dear to u (there exist now a vast # of online search injuns but Concordex = our long-standing fave) > fur xample 12 x JJ uses the # 1132 in The Wake | a little sumthin sumthin for every1 > a recapititulation (or cannibulization) of every book + hystorical act/fact coming b4 it to come again by + for everybody amen

> sumb criticks mite sey The Wake = all mumbo jumbo arising from vague allusions to everything on the map but its indeterminance in spelling out n fact ± even a word correctly becomes what gives rise to its priming malleability + spooky action at a distance

> sposedly we only use 10% ± whatever uv the cells in our brainhives (tho u Inurnet debunk this as urban myth) + that the importint thang has to do w/ the connections that git forged betwain neurons | ± also that a typickle person uses 2-3% of availabul vocabulary (adults avg a 20,000–35,000 word vocabulary + there = 1,000,000+ words in the inglish langauge) | seams surprisingly hard to find stats about witch books halve the most originul ± unique # uv wurds but we asses assume it probly = Finnegans Wake (clocking in @ 63,924 original words (out of 218,926 (by our count)) | this guy Zachary Booth Simpson perfurmed such an analysis on Project Guttenberg books + says Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire tops his list @ 43,113 unique wurds but Gibbon takes 154,3676 wurds to do it (ourself we cd only muster reading the abridged version) | books w/ the least # of originul words? > sure the books uv brother Markus wd top this list but again them not Guttenberged for public consumption (not that as Cal Mari we'd mind if so) | for cumparison Twain's Tom Sawyer Detective only uses 2475 aboriginul wurds (out of a totill of 23,467)(too bad we dont know stats for Huck Finn) | the Book of Mormon abuses 5612 unique wurds (out of 275,887) + the First Book of Adam and Eve killed 2287 (out of 32,820) + the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 at least only nullified 2271 unique wurds (out of 30,635) > butt as a hole it contributes to catastrophic language death by allowing ppl to claim authorship over certain word combinations | intrested to know the avg across all books + surprised no wiki pg xists w/ such stats | sposedly the avg (notso novel) novel has sum 64k words totill so JJoyce uses the # of original words in The Wake as most authors use (repetively unoriginal) altogether in claiming acclaim | of course haters will sey Joyce cheats w/ all his quarky misspellings + memetic mutations + combinatronic antics > which makes it difficult to search the txt for spacific instances uv whatever $tring (unles u do s a fuzzy search) | wonder if JJoyce ever emagined 1 day we cd «search» his books let alone that they wd have new life online? he ddid use the word wireless 2x > the 2° time in this bit of dialogue:

— As you sing it it's a study. That letter selfpenned to one's other, that neverperfect everplanned?
— This nonday diary, this allnights newseryreel.
— My dear sir! In this wireless age any owl rooster can peck up bostoons. But whoewaxed he so anquished? Was he vector victored of victim vexed?

> where «any owl rooster can peck up bostoons» comes in refrence to the aboriginal letter in question (post-marked Boston—where in rut 1° we started this rereading uv The Wake) that sum beloved hen scratched + pecked to unearth | anyhow sorry for the diverging bean-counting rantangent but got us to thinking about % of brain capassity + # of aboriginul words cuz Finnegans Wake feels like a book firing on all cylinders (4-stroke Carnot injun of course) + pegging all interconnecting neurons not just in sheer quantity but in the rhizomatic connections forged b-twain words + ideas > perhaps the closest thing to mapping a human brain into a duble-helicked string of words > essentially how Joyce envisioned/designed Finnegans Wake > as an MRI 2D-scan uv the dreaming brain of H.C.E. amen

> in meatspace we now reside in London | never finnished untravelogging bout how we got here to begin to fin > after Santa Barbara (where saw us dolfin doorsoul fins + ate notso sushiish sushi > all in pursuit of tale fins) drove us back up to Monterey > taking the scenic hiway 1 thru Big Sur stopping there to eat omelettes + strawberries (Henry Miller's house closed but already visited before even fairly recently)

more elefunt seals + sea lions


2 tagged California condors just hanging out on the side of the road waiting for sum1 to die
(1° ever weave seen them—when we lived in California in the 80s they = extinct (in the wild))


condor #97

> went to the Monterey Bay aquarium + saw sum fish + stuff

hermaphroditic sheephead




jellyfish galore





kilgore trout




our namesake/mascot





chambered knotilus



> u got to see them jellies in moshun to believe it! > we shot vid but the iMovie on this laptop hass becum corrupted > maybe later back at the mothership (in a few days!)

> stayed on Cannery Row > rite above Doc Ricketts' shoreside lab (if u dont know who = Ricketts then read Steinbeck's Log of Sea of Cortez (Ricketts = to Steinbeck what Cassady = to Kerouac) > slept w/ the sounds of waves + seagulls (took a break from listning to The Wake while we slept)

canned calimari


2 monuments to Steinbeck + his Cannery Row peeps


Doc Ricketts marine lab


tank along cannery row


what little remains not converted to disnery row

> next morning continued north > stopping in ½-moon bay for a last bowl of clam chowder @ Barbara's fishtrap | since when has it become OK to drive the speed limit in the fast lane in California? | everybody does it now > safety in dumbers | back when we lived out west ppl used to get shot for driving slow in the fast lane + not pulling over | truly annoying + a phenomena how such a cultural shift cd happen in the span of a generation + what does that say about this generation? bunch of cajone-less zombees that like to cluster in long law-abiding queues rather than have open road ahead of them > every 1 afraid of cops | purhaps got our longing to drive (as opposed to subway) out of our system > altogether we drove ∑um 1800 miles all around California

sumwhere near Pacifica where we started this Cali roadtripping leg of our sabattical


Frisco + the Golden Gate + Bay Bridge retreating back east

 430 <( )> 432 > «climbing to her crotch for the origin of spices»: around the world in 48 beds + still waking in fin again


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