434> lifelog or die! click here to naturelly decompose to Inurnet + fiend for yoreself who primed the pump

railing ✝s under ✝urnpike (+ deterritorialized plane)

dire Inurnet > b4 we beginnagin 1° «save as unicode normilzation form C (canonical decomposition followed by canonical compositon)» using the previous (n — 1) as template to propagate our code bootstrapgathering juggernaghtickle moment-umm ahhh bit of a breather sints our last confesshun needed it after an 8-week immursion in Finnegans Wake ∀ll still swirling beehind as our raft floats on even keel evereeling + sorcing βeta for our Raft Manifest

hardwired not mesessarily for x-communication

> the last 2 weeks the mos weaved spent so far in 2015 in 1 place (Manhattan) tho to DC we did venture for 1 nite (accompanying pics snapped ∑umwhere inbeetwine) on the same trak iam wear that train d-railed last week b4 even slept next door to the white house where Linkin stayed (for fear of assassination) in the days b4 his 1861 eggnoguration > wear also 1x slept Witman (who had a man-crush on Linkin) + our current hero Mark Twain + Whodini + Morse (--- ..-. / -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / ..-. .- -- .) + where MLK wrote his «i halve a dream» speech | purhaps not in the same bed but to think we occupied the same space as these peeps | on a scouting mission of sorts as officially we can now say we shifting to DC/Baltimore come the fall stay tuned

> reading To Save Everything Click Here by Evgeny Morozov > abook a bout u dear Inurnet! ± generally about the follies of «solutionism» in this sillyconed day + age | Morozov definitly a skeptical curmudgeon like ourselves railing on solutionism not just in regaurds to tecknology but politicks + crime + helth etc > Amerikins in perticular always looking for the quick fix > e-specially if clever + trendy + can make them a buck | not that Morozov = a complete Luddite but ever the skeptical adopter as = we

lite-filled blite

«The more fixes we have, the more problems we see. And yet, in our political, personal, and public lives—much like in our computer systems—not all bugs are bugs; some bugs are features.»

> hey bugs got us here (via natural selection) > mutations make us marily go round | ∀ll things blemished + impurfect typickly mo intresting to us than polished blockbusting features + snazzy gadjetry best worn as fashun assessorrys | Morozov doesnt delve into the arts much but in art + lit the misteaks = the tastiest cuts > the accidental slips of pen

soursing the grid

> Morozov blames the Inurnet + tecknology but computers only do what meat-based humans tell them to | he blames solutionism for all our tribalations when really capitalism = the true culprit > the drive to make money what kills it not innovation (misguided or not) again jus like in mos every field > the only thing pure + true to itself = economics itself cuz it = defined by what it =

focus on the xface

> sides solutionism in the tech field he attempts to root out the hypocrisy ever present in politickle circlejerks > + also the pervasive amibiguity in retoric + languidge (knot that we hold anything against ambigooity as long as we dont talk politicks or sighence) > + not that these things didn't always ∃xist ± will ever go away > the never-ending baddle every 1 @ sum pt buy$ into it if they want to $uckseed in this whorld

d-laying tracks ∑umwhere near Philly

> most «inventors» think they invent a produck to ameliorate the whirld ridding it of inconvenience but mo often than not hand in hand they simultenuously invent the problum this produck pretends to fix > most innovations no better than Listerine > the brilliant makers of witch didn't invent mouthwash so much as the idea of bad breath (aka halitosis) > ± virus softwear that likely created the viruses in the 1° place convinced of it

city of brotherly love

> this = where the nesessity of adverti$ing comes into playce > not so much about product innovation so much as product placement + promotion convincing ppl they need it not hard considering most ppl = dipshits suckers born every minute | hard to avoid the onslught > evereewear u look | we go thru grate panes to not have unsitely ads in our fotos (± for that matter phat ppl + specielly not selfies) every vizual space cluttered w/ ugly billboreds + branding not to mention ugly cars (themself-advertisemints) + bland products w/ labels

behind the billboreds

> modernity in a nutshell per Morozov: «We are left with possibly better food but without the joy of cooking» | failure + experimention + deviating from recipes creates culinary innovation + new novel dishes > again u can say the same not just about tecknology but about writing + art | only zombies use recipes > at least beyond the 1° time to prime the pump

if only all ads looked shiney as this

> nifty teck-no-logic-atall devices + programs make our lives «easier» sure but at the xpense of our own brain capacity > the hip devices become crutches enabling u to becumb a dum zombot a barnickle that can then dijest its own brain cuz yule no longer need it | smart phones make dumb peepl + phoney 1s at that

> a lot of these edge-cutting algarithms hinge on predickable behaviorisms but the best things in life = unpredictable | wd luv it if insted of saying «Customers Who Bought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone also bought Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets» Amazon said: «Customers Who Bought Harry Potter are braindead, why not surprise yourself and buy Gravity's Rainbow

> Morozov talks specifickly about google w/ its top-seekrut algarhythms so smart they require no human intervention so help u god > 1 x-ample he gives = a short story in Guernica by Clancy Martin (selectid by «the acclaimed» Deb Umbferth of all peepoles) wherein Clancy recounts early sexual experiences in we presume graphic detail cuz it got flagged by google as pornography ± innappropriate + how when Guernica tried to challenge the almighty google butt inevitably the algorithm got the last word > not even PR schmoozers w/ an insite backdoor to google cd get them to override the autopolicing measures

> not that we give a bulls ass about Guernica butt scary how much control google has over wat we read + see + eat + buy | years ago when we werked in the digittle media industry we had to take sum corse on google + SEO + wut/wutnot u sposed to do to come up high in search injun results > so we know wut + wutnot to do but personly (here on 5cense) we dont follow such guidelines + weave gotten blacklisted beyond the pt of no return (+ we feel fine)

> we used to get decent traffic but lately we get hardly nada coming from search results > maybe ever sints we wrote this «Mind-fucking Wittgenstein’s Mistress» post in 2009? ± maybe this 1 in 2011: «Pinocchio uncensored: you can't wish upon a star motherless with pubic hair stuck in your teeth» (pity the 4 googlers last month who came across this post looking for the «real pinocchio story» | + not just about saying knotty things ether they also penulize u for not putting the rite tags ± labels ± keywords in the titles ± opening p-graphs ± for generully crappy writing comme si riddled w/ typos not making scents like we spam link farm ∀ll to $ell wut xcept a good hed-scratching [dandruff ad placement here] wats fucked tho = that buzzfeeding hipsters now generate content only to appease google + go viral not what they meant to say not the honest truth not unfiltered art just for the sake of it

> not to menshun we shoot ourselves in the foot not using no blogging softwhere that automatickly creates keywords + tumbling #tags + commint feelds + whatever else to hook us into the searchabull system ± to tap into bs networks so ppl can «like» ± reblog something we post but feel free to drop us a line ether way + tell us how u really feel

> not just about google either but the likes of Facebook + Instagram > ppl post content just to get likes + favorites not nesessarily wut they mean ± naturelly inclined to say in a vaccuum > like a fucking morfiend drip ppl keep rehashing more krap like sumthing they posted b4 that got lots of likes ± retweets + whatever instint gratification btn by which u can quantify 1s likability > fucking sad state of affairs glad we not popular + viral-free

where the Phillies play?

> popularity inevitbully bootstrapped in a fucked feedback loop fueled + refueled by purchasing patterns ± wat gets deemed «popular» to begin with (ask yerself who primed the pump? same 1s who peed in the genepool) > zombots buy bestsellers assuming they good but only got that way cuz other idiots b4 them did likewise in the 1° plays > wut made it a bestsellort to begin | mirrer pawns we becumb as marketeers + industrious PR machenes pathetically attempt to fabricate viral content + exploit «shared culture» | just arrive to your own conclusions

> ± trending on Twitter (another allgorhythm shrouded in secreazy) > zombots click on trends on Twitter to make it trend more ± tweet w/ that #tag cuz they want to get notissed for tweeting sumthing trendy 1st ± just cuz they want to see it trend not nessasarily cuz it intresting ± heartfelt all a vishus sickle + also ask yerself who bot their 100k followers + whats the pt of having 100k friends + followers if they all just zombees + so-called «Mechanical Turks»?

> ± how ppl can skew results ± sabotage others + do by hiring these Amazonian Mechanical Turks to write shit about some1 over + over so it trends ± comes up high in search results ± even autocompletes a sentense for ± about u > like «Derek White is a pedofile» haha nowee fucked but who cares better off this way | seriusly think about the stupidity of it having sum algorithm autocomplete a sentents for u cuz u lazy ± dont even know what u want to say or forgot cuz u got enabled to forget > make up your own mind

> things like Facebook users now the norm + all others sociopaths > the way the media talks about certain criminuls (like the James Holmes dude who shot those ppl in the Batman premiere or Anders Behring Breivik the Norwegian nazi who shot up that summer camp) how they so socio/pscyho-pathic they don't even have a Facebook acct > the nerve! as Morozov says—«today such people are portrayed as suspicious creeps who either have no social life to report or are hiding some dark past from public view» > what if u just dont have Facebook cuz u find IT creepy + sociopathetic?

> even scarier when these algorithms get implamented in meatspace to predick say weather u gonna committ a crime like if black ppl n% more likely to commit crime X than police n% more liketo to suspeck them in the 1°  plays + then of corse those suspected rize to the occassion + do what they xpecked to do become convicts not by personal conviction but by public xpeckedation

yardbirds shooting hoops

> + everything hinges on policing rather than prevention + rather than trust ppl to do the rite thing the (Amerikin) powers that bee create + enforce rules (like beating turnstile jumpers w/ billy clubs whereas in Europe they all lazy-fare + use the honor system for bus + train tickets) | treat ppl like criminuls + they'll act accordingly > treat ppl like dumb kids + they behave like dumb kids

> + then we have all these rules + regulatory systems that turn it all into a big game + all becomes about how to cheat the system > «all in the game» says Omar | preventativ measures shd ≠ laws + rules but other means of positive reinforcement > replacement therapy (i.e. give them sumpin else to do like how bout a fricking job) | «If we universalize this scheme and prohibit citizens from breaking the law everywhere, we'll end up with morally deficient citizens who won't do the right thing unless the technological infrastructure explicitly robs them of the opportunity to do the wrong thing»—Morozov says this in regaurds to a system that automates parking tickets but u cd say the same about whatever else like basically all organized sports > they've becumb more about how to buck the system than to just play by the originul rules

> but rewards systems also lead to the detached gamification of society on steroids we expirencing now > simple pastimes like cooking suddenly a competition everything now a game > value-added games on how to feed the world or prove how u well-read on such-n-such a subject for bragging rites all value placed in the score not in what u learn

> + how in recent years (facilitated by Inurnet + social networking) weave all become self-obsessed «datasexuals» keeping tabs on every mundane detail of our existence + sharing for all the whirld to see > «lifelogging» as Morozov also calls it | we admit this includes us > ever fascinated by say our compost bin (tho we'd never use an app to automatically scan the contents + share w/ all our «friends» (yes apparently such things exist)) + sure we intrested in what happens to us in our sleep but if u set up a self-monitoring apparatus to identify sleep disruptors then the measuring devices themselves become the biggest disruption yet again a marketing ploy making u worry something wrong w/ u that u not aware of if it not broke don't fix it ignorance = bliss yo

> admittedly we lifelog all this in our own vane archival pursuit (that weave been on hiatus from but plan to get back to) > in the name of research for what we working on currently + mossly write these for ourselves + those that now where to find it | call us self-measuring datasexuals like yes ok we did recently obsessively track very street we walked on in Manhattan + lately we monitor our weight cuz sumhow we gained 10 lbs not from travelling for the past 6 months but in the month after since we came home likely cuz we not running as much cuz we bruised our heel | seems the more u monitor your weight + watch what u eat the more weight u gain like if u go to the dr + they tell u u have high blood pressure how can u ever know this ≠ consequence of going to the doktor in the 1° place?

> Amerikins not just phat from the overconsumption of food but we overconsume information | as Clay Johnson says in The Information Diet: «Much as a poor diet gives us a variety of diseases, poor information gives us new forms of ignorance—ignorance that comes not from lack of information, but from overconsumption of it, and sicknesses and delusions that don't affect the under-informed and the well-educated.»

> why we need curators + tastemakers rite? to tell us wut healthy things to consume + wut bad things not too > to select what we consume for us | not! d-side fur yurself > keep naturally selecting to propagate by your own will + volition difficult tho considering the burgeoning proliferation of bad choices out there the 1s most heavily promoted + in-yer-face typickly the wurst like liver | makes us wonder purhaps we shd only consume Finnegans Wake again + again? | talk about an all-encompassing information-rich epic cant pack more into 600 pgs why eat anything else?

> all quite overwhelming + depressing tho to read about (back in the reeling whorld) makes u want to get off the grid away from the mess of gluttony shoved in our faces make us want to disappear completely «float down the liffey / i'm not here / this isn't happening» | did Tchok read Finnegans Wake?

> but in fin again not to blame u dear Inurnet we love u > daily we surf wear yar waves take us inviting spills down to the reef to come across booty in yar dark recesses like this message in a bottle:

«Decomposition may separate the foot from the body because the ankle is relatively weak, and the buoyancy caused by air either inside or trapped within a shoe would allow it to float away.»

> knot to get ahead of ourself as the Salish Sea in B.C. where float these severed humun feets our destination for next week (tho not how we stumbled across this in 1° place likely searching for hide-a-bears for our next saylure tattoo)

 433 <( )> 435 > a Puget sound + fury of accumulating self-justification resounding a dream machine


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