437> veggie nudisti in corso under a hole black sun alpine stile

destinazione del giorno

> The Brief Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry Crosby intrigued us to find out more about Harry's better-½ Caresse so read us her autobiography The Passionate Years > a lot of the same ginfizz-fueled escapades hobnobbing w/ the likes of Joyce + Chaplin + Hemingway + Hart Crane but from her perspective tho a sort of déjà vu mixed up w/ otherstuff we gleened of u dear Inurnet ± stories overheard gossip travels mutates absorbed into fiction + others works + w/ our own work all jumbled not sure what we read ± what we wrote fabricating memories ± stealing them from others reapplying it living the high life vicariously crossing the Atlantic Paris buying a castello near Rome + hey we driving by next week maybe shd check it out but an owned experience to story read confused about what we dreamt what happens yet what we want to do crazy how she (under Black Sun auspices) published bits of Finnegans Wake as work in progress everything a work in progress publishing collapses the wave functions snapshot shit just landed in their lap how Joyce wouldn't come over @ 1° cuz he heard a dog barking their whippet named Clytoris had to muzzle + lock the dogs in a room how she hung out w/ Hemingway in Spain at bullfights begged him for a manuscript shit lands in your lap if u open your legs hint hint also helps to have money means to travel all over throwing parties buying friends + influence unabashed blue-blooded aristrocat (tho she tries to portray herself as asocial) also knew full well Joyce bored w/ her + Harry Joyce thawt them boring + pretensious but bit his tongue took offered wine how about if we commission Picasso do your self-portrait for the cover? not as friendly w/ Picasso as she'd like to think + this is all her p.o.v. what she admits can only imagine what ppl really thawt of her + Harry tutto we read ± publish we absorb into our cells fuse seamless a period = the death of a sentence solo un punto en vida e questa c'e le morte prolong it travel where to today? Milano but then to southern Alps Switzerland still Italian speaking? not there yet @ Newark now in a crowded lounge reflecting on Caresse Crosby's book processing it how to start a small press not that the same rules apply in this day + age starts w/ the day she born says she members it perhaps all in too much detail but then little things slip in how she hung out w/Hitler in Germany in the 30s at a party w/ people w/ swastika armbands ± smoking opium in Egypt o forse Syria un sacco di kief how Harry Crosby gave Henri Cartier-Bresson his 1° camera + got him intrested in fotography fer real? taking classes in animal husbandry in Nevada w/ Salvador Dali did this really happen? she doesn't say too much about Harry's wild escapades that didn't include her never a bad word about him the day of his double suicide she had no idea besides him acting a bit euphoric earlier in the day dont take our word for it read it yourself go there yourself all fused w/ today's news murder on the rise white kid w/ bad haircut opens fire in a black southern church ± that white dozedal woman who identifies as black distracted by Curry's dangling mouthguard what = trending like a stockmarket graph every 1 has an opinion on the subject the loudest get herd dont pause to refleck applies generally in all directions we all on equal footing living breathing i/o machines media in = red media out = white after months of deliberations + planning taking notes putting in order throwing it away + just letting the cards fall as they lie took us all year to write 20 pages yesterday wrote 20 pages in 1 giorno tho how much of that we keep chi lo sa solo tempo will tell w/ us more about editing than writing far cry from that Winesburg Ohio guy cd write shit in 1 sitting we riding from the inside out nonlinear expanding out of the middle like a black hole sun of information exploding from a naked singularity dove finiamo cominciamo shd read lo stesso backwords as forwords spy vs spy told u so e 'tutta una questione di chi conosci but no importa who u know if u dont know yourself here + now asspetando un piano no hay 0° piano in America 1 = the new 0 + 2 = new 1 etc to (n – 1) in oscillate between nouns + verbs action + reaction who has the time? «the earth our home beginning to look like an immense pile of filth» tweets Pope Francis 1° step to recognize + admit this next step to stop making so many fucking babies black c8 to g4 whatever happened to John Paul I anyway? sides Godfather III's take on it no 1 else think it fishy perfectly healthy but dies a month into office? we googling this to mettere in our Raft Manifest in historical context member seeing JP's poster eating pozole on laguna de Chapala en Jalisco from that we can pinpoint the date not as exact as General Slocum disaster pinpoints Bloomsday that 111° anniversary we just celebrated indeed an anniversario since for Joyce the day he met Nora nada to do w/ el libro but todo to do w/ it + todo to do w/ ours transitioning to Vico ahorra su New Science the inspiration for Finnegans Wake tuttavia on the preface non c'è molto da dire ancora cant read lounge crowded w/ annoying zombees better to sit next to stranieri cant understand dont mind the sound of Swedish hearing Americani makes us cringe in no particular order everything crowded the masses have become premier bet hanging w/ the regular joes @ the gate più comodo less crowded Caresse always travelled in style the only thing to worry about making the arrangements in Baltimore waiting for a ship she grabs a beer w/ Fitzgerald takes his time delivering her back to the ship but they wait since she = Caresse Crosby in reality sure she = annoying rich bitch but hey at least she put her money to good use recombinatronics to trigger who needs warning the whole pt right?

Black Sun manifesto

21 June > summer solstice > Ascona (Switzerland) > flight to Milan 1° time sitting backwards strangeleration landed Malpensa got car figuring out Italian logic of roads just here in these parts meno di un anno fa across the border to Lugano but continued north thru a long tunnel (oh come gli Italiani fetish over them!) to Locarno/Ascona on northern end of Lago Maggiore staying at some place up on a hill overlooking the lake feels like it belongs in a Fellini film sum sort of sanitarium retreat triggering memories of reading Mann's Magic Mountain decades ago evidently it used to = a vegetarian nudist colony (vegetarian + nudist shd = mutual exclusive) dormitory style rooms very spartan Switzerland culturally boring + expensive as u expect but somewhat civilized nestled in the mountains had dinner in Brisaggo hanging over the lake watching the ducks

Lago Maggiore from Ascona


requisite swiss swans (see also our Lugano dispatch)

22 June > woke up early drove thru magic valley to San Sarlo (Val Bavona) thru quaint Swiss villages postcard perfect


river xing

> caught a cablecar thing that went up the mtn insanely high along these cliffs just me + these 2 german fisherman + the cablecar operator

cables disappearing up into the clouds

> from Robiei set off toward lago Bianco w/ hopes of doing the lagos Cristillina circuit @ 1° along this sort of paved access road so European rite? the cablecar actually there cuz they have all these dams + machinery patches of snow got harder to navigate @ 1 pt piled so high could barely get thru this tunnel got to the trailhead for Cristalline lakes (the sign half-buried) + the 1° part of the trail a big snowfield so hesitant at 1° then figured may as well see how far we cd go combination of crossing snowfields + sticking to ridges but also keeping an eye for trailmarkers to not get too far astray

lago Bianco


tunnel blocked by snow



in the very distance can see the dammed Lago Cavagno

> got to Lago Sfundau frozen solid just starting to break up snow was too deep + steep sliding into the frozen lake so as far as we went maybe if we had better gear (only in shorts + running shoes + hiking solo) happily didnt see a single human soul = bliss

Lago Sfundau


looking back the way we came (½-climbing up rocks ½ on the flowing snow fields)



waterfall coming from side of cliff


Lago Sfundau panorama (click for higher rez)

> oh saw tons of marmots sumtimes their warning chirps so loud scares the shit out of u also saw chamois on 2 occassions cross our path but didn't get the camera out in time (same w/ the marmots except shot below) didn't see any of the ibex that we saw nearby last year (the 1s famous for licking dam even tho they had lots of dams here apparently not so lickable)

marmot watchdog (gives loud chirp to warn his nearby peeps)


rock + ice


water + snow


river reflection


stream tunneling under the snowpack



> retreated back down past Robiei decided to check out Lago Zött (like most of these damned not natural)

Lago Zött panorama (click for higher rez)


waterfall to bergs


wildflowers over Lago Zött


edge of ice floe going into Lago Zött (in typical fashion we drank straight from the drips)

> continued past it along the sentiero glaciologico again to at least see how far we cd get exposed ridge so not so snowy clouds rolling in @ times engulfed in fog couldn't see too far ahead then across snow fields starting to lose track of trail markers + cd barely see so turned back around 2300 meters not sure we even saw Basodino glacier seemed more like a snowfield not like the the Matterhorn + certainly not like the 1s in Patagonia (googling now it appears we did see the Basodino glacier @ least the foot of it)

on the edge of Basodino glacier looking down toward Lago Zött (click for higher rez)


Basodino terminal moraine (shows how much it has receded)


back down past Lago Zött


goat trails on the way back down (all those dots lower right = goats)

> didn't see a single other hiker the whole day sides those 2 fisherman at the lake in Robliei but then driving back down all these tourists in full hiker regalia ski poles + fancy boots + gear just hanging out in beergartens or precious chalets wtf so much good hiking up high + every1 sticks to the lowlands or do they hike @ all?

typical architecture @ times built right into rocks


waterfall + town of Foroglio

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