444> erasing x-rayed grammatologie in the traceless xxing of our finel Lex-iconic flâneur (souley to find it inadequit butt messasary)

[point de vue circa 1930 (prior to our bldg x-isting so artist need have aireal imadgination)]


[point de vue on the day we moved in Jan 2013 (obviously the Claremont = long gone
(replaced by an x-marks-the-spot plaque))]


14 Aug 2015 > [saw a bald eagle flyby overhead] [no pic to proof it] [need to beleave us dear Inurnet] [remain us in limbo still on the isle of Manhattan] [finel 10 days roosting here over the Hudson] > declared INPUTS—[last nite ate @ Peter Luger (for 1° time)] [quota of red meat for the year] [tastey but overpriced + they treat u like u shd bow down @ their altar] [our complaint about most NYC restraunts] [reading Of Grammatology by Jacques Derrida] [to further validate + ever-remind us of the hippocrisis of landgauge] [how we must never trust tongues as absolute truth] [only use as triggering meckanism] [even science (w/ the xception of pure math) = a farce since we used landgauge to develop it] [sew if grammatology gets defined as «science of writing» then it = a dubbled-over hippocrisis laffing all the weigh to the riverbank] per Derrida—

«The idea of science and the idea of writing—therefore also of the science of writing—is meaningful for us only in terms of an origin and within a world to which a certain concept of the sign (later I shall call it the concept of sign) and a certain concept of the relationships between speech and writing, have already been assigned [...] to the point of being now able to produce its own dislocation and itself proclaim its limits.»

[landgauge got us in this mess of self-awearness ¿langue = la seule chose qui peut nous sortir?] [purhpas only art can] [art w/ no accompanying commentary] [the only way we can just become to an agreed upon understanding say ¿how art thou?] [search + replace «be» w/ «art»] [± to ebb] [± did we not read sumwhere of a primitive tribe replacing being w/ eating?] [then again ¿what = the big f---ing deal? landgauge = metafor de toute façon (removing 1self by 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon)—

«... all that functions as metaphor in these discourses confirms the privilege of the logos and founds the "literal" meaning then given to writing: a sign signifying a signifier itself signifying an eternal verity, eternally thought and spoken in the proximity of a present logos. [...] It is not, therefore, a matter of inverting the literal meaning and the figurative meaning but of determining the "literal" meaning of writing as metaphoricity itself.»

[bien sûr pourrez dire quoi tout ça = lame justification] [to appease the uneasy mess of our xistence] ¿better to keep using the pen then to pull the trigger? > OUTPUTS—[sides «going thru our things»] [writing-wise more productive than u mite think] [given the limbotic flux of the pending shift to DC] [on A Raft Manifest we wriding] [tho our output we mite not realize til retrospeck] + [not recalling dreams] [¿= un bonne chose?] [+ ¿does running = input ± output? ¿riding the stationary bike (when we read)?] [u mite sey output sints we xpending enurgey] [but charging the body + mind in the long run] [doing work to keep our machine maintained + humming] [cooking meals to use up perishables to economize wat we waste in transition] [using up tahini (for hummus) + cous cous that never we eat until now] [+ the sushi rice (for cevicherashi)] [+ flour + tamarind paste for the cookies we took to the small press flea] [looking fwd to a fresh start in the districk] [wiping the slate clean] [a grill in the backyard] [@ the same time weave moved plenty nuff to know better than to xpeck greener grass]

16 Aug 2015 > [altho we decided not do a proper eastside avenue/perimeter flâneur to verticully tie-in our Maphattan project yesterday we did zig-zag south of Harlem + down Lexington all the way south down Bowery (~10 miles) + ate @ Contra (intresting but after u want to just eat a pizza)]

[writing on the wall witnessed along the way] [¿the sine stating «do not place unwanted advertising materials on this wall» = itself advertising material for NOT-advertisting?]

[+ then this mourning we ran north along Edgecombe across High bridge dipping into the Bronx back down by Yankee Stadium across the Macombs bridge + down St Nicholas (~7.5 miles)(a variation of route 3 of our Manhattanville running routes)] tous ensemble—

[15 Aug route walking south down Lexington + 16 Aug running north along Edgecombe into the Bronx]

[case u havent noticed for 2-3 years now we have knot used the verb «to be» here on 5cense] [starting in 2012] [reading Derrida in 2013 reaffirmed this m-bargo as we wrote The Becoming] [+ now we further reconfirm our self-exile from being by reading Derrida's Of Grammatology] [tho Derrida got this striking x-rated idea originully from Heidegger + his so-called sous rature (under erasure)—

[it begs the questshun (sides «to be or not to be») ¿do we need to resort to using to be sous rature?] [¿rather than finding ways to circumvent it shd we just use it XX-ed out?] [¿or ken the reader simply get used to the equals sine in loo (as = to «to be»)?] [not just cuz it more accurately depicks the essence of being (± beans) but also looks like a dubbly x'ed out knothing)] [¿for that madder shd knot all landgauge get crossed out as inadequit but messesary?] [why even write to begin?]

[Derrida doesnot have so much a beef w/ being (like Heidegger) so much as trace] [purhaps cuz in French it ports strong implications of track + footprint + imprint] [witch for us makes it all the more meaningful] [the retrazo as the main theme of our 2005 collaboretion w/ the late Carlos Luis] [+ also its further implications in linear algebra as the trace of a matrix] [related to the concept of the derivative in calculus] [derivative being a Derridean substitute for trace + being] [along w/ archi-writing (archi-écriture) + diffrence] [witch lately (in A Raft Manifest) we write as Δ] [witch begs the next questshun ¿can 1 feign inΔiffrence?] [Derrida's solution = to remove 1self 1x if knot 2x (a tongue-in-cheek sarcastick reverse-psychology)]

«In all senses of the word, writing thus comprehends language. Not that word "writing" has ceased to designate the signifier of the signifier, but it appears, strange as it may seem, that "signifier of the signifier" no longer defines accidental doubling and fallen secondarity. "Signifier of the signifier" describes on the contrary the movement of language: in its origin, to be sure, but one can already suspect that an origin whose structure can be expressed as "signifier of the signifier" conceals and erases itself in its own production.»

[Derrida thinks he = THE 1] [when the 1 w/ the rite antser to it ∀ll never articulets it out loud] [sum nunk in a cave in unnamed mtns] [± never even thawt it to begin] [popularity ± fame becomes like putting sumthin in writing] [the second u become «famous» u die inside] [better to remane in flux] [not conscious of image ± xpectation] [we dont care if no 1 reads this] [the more peepole read a txt the more it gets flogged like a dead horse] [+ weed need to keep flogging the already dead horse to meet xpectaion] [+ verbeuxly Derrida repeats hisself pour sûre] [cod have writ On Grammatology in ½ as meny wurds] [goes on about Rosseau + Saussure beaucoup] [deconstructing le deux but in the process deconstructing hisself] [witch ∀ll = fine + bon + purhaps inevitable] [the 2 themes he looks to illustrate his points = music + masturbation (auto-eroticism)] [the act of touching yourself likened to seeing sight ± hearing your ears] [± smelling a nose] [just shut up + gimme a cow tongue taco already] [stop reading + choke our chicken] [all a maddening matter of semantix] [fox smells his own hole Jacques] [but Derrida acts like his shit dont stink]—«The trace is nothing, it is not an entity, it exceeds the quest What is? and contingently makes it possible.» [as if trace = a magic word that solves everything] [but he keeps (ab)using la langue like the rest of us] [+ the formal pretents = wat kills it b4 it even gets off the ground] [knot that ≠ fun to think about] [+ de plus reading in translation sorta fucked when u stop to think about it] [1 more layer of lint to add to the navel-sucking blah blah blah] «Or is the phenomenological model itself constituted, as a warp of language, logic, evidence, [...] upon a woof that is not its own?» [Derrida = hypocritacrat] [mir(ror)ed in hypocritacracy] [knot the hypocrisy of taking the hippocratic oath] [+ the hippodrome knot where they race hippos (hippo (ἵππος) meant horse to the Greeks)] [the Δiffrence = that Derrida (d'according to Derrida) requires Δifference to paradoxicully become its own oregin] [+ d'accord we grant 1 human bean 1° dibs on such statements just like the dude who painted a canvas all white + called it art] [cannot repeat it]

[pic we admittedly «took» of the knot-Chrysler bldg on our last Lex flâneur]

[trace also applies to our tracks] [what we leaf behind cum breadcrumbs] [presently erasing Manhattan street x street in our last hoorah] [+ foto-taking similurely kills that witch u attempt to capture to begin] [no madder wat it boils down to this—simultaneously consealing + erasing w/ each word ± photo ± step]

[knot architexture along the Bowery]


[knot sines for stuff to consume ± when u ken walk or knot]

[¿but ken we «take» fotos of shadows ± reflexions + knot halve our knickers self-implode?]

[shadow of a sine][along Lex in midtown]

[+ if it = a reflexion of a shadow ¿does 2 wrongs make it rite?]

[¿wat = real + wat = illusion?]

[but still we keep on running] [feeling stronger than ever actually] [+ recharged reading Derrida] [looking fwd to new running routes in The District] [but gonna miss the 18 flights of stairs after our runs here] [cod run a marathon mañana if we wanted] [¿purhaps we shd sine up for 1 as initiation to DC?] [also sum sorta Maphattan Project equivalent in The District = in order]

[primitive bowhunter on a skateboard in Soho getting ready to kill what s/he sees]

[a week or 2 ago John Oliver ranted about DC's stateless state of beans] [how those living in the district got no representation in Congress (witch convenes on the hill encompassed by the very district)] [in the senate + house of reps witch happens to meet in the Capitol bldg just a few blocks from where we will soon live in a stateless existence] [¿do we care?] [for 1 we apolitical + apathetic + for 2 think it kind of cool to live as such in limbo in a «district» not officially part of the «United States» sints it ≠ a state] [+ 3 as a city w/ a mayor theywe can exploit loopholes (like legalizing pot ja ja)] [sumwhere in our wandering down Lex we herd a black SUV go by blaring that Jay-Z Empire State of Mind song] [yes a cliché that still happens even tho that song = so 2009] [wont miss this shit NYers thinking they the center of the known universe] [bring on Banned in DC bitches]

[self-bannishment b4 we even arrive] [negate us b4 we begin again (¿how often to we set out to type begin + accidentally type being (± vice-versa)?]

17 Aug> [1 week + counting] [last nite met DW (visiting from the UK) @ wat used to = The West End where Ginsberg + Kerouac + Burroughs hung out] [now sum dumbed-down Germanic sports bar that replaced the dumbed-down Cuban sports bar b4 that] [@ this pt far removed from the real thing] [went running this morn down the west side] [then spackled + touched up our walls] [not cuz we have to but cuz we like to] [like a cat in a litterbox] [to cover up tracks] [hide evidence of our existence] [of our art hanging]

[lightning strikes Manhattan 18 Aug]

18 Aug> [4 AM watching an electricul storm roll thru] [went to our fave sushi spot (Takahachi) last nite w/ S then drinks @ Angel's Share] [(in addition to Rousseau + Saussure) Derrida also stands on the shoulders of Lévi-Strauss to heighten his own soapbox] [expunding on Tristes Tropiques (witch we blogged about here)] [kicking off book 2 w/ the epigraph—«It [writing] seems to favor rather the exploitation than the enlightenment of mankind.... Writing, on this its first appearance, in their midst, had allied itself with falsehood.»] [Derrida makes an argument about language as violence tho not sure we wd go so far] [a deconstructive force for sure] [but if u consider the etymology of violence stemming from vehemence ± to violate then this makes cents] [+ certainly we liken photo-taking (witch previously we liken to writing) as a hostile act of violence (when directed at another being)] [if a stranger takes our foto feel us justified in punching him/her in the face in reciprocation] [the irony = that Lévi-Strauss studying the Nambikwara = a violation in the 1° place] [corrupting the very nature of the culture he sets out to study to the extent that his study becomes soulely about the corruption] [about the Nambikwara reacting to him] «Penetration, therefore, into "the lost world" of the Nambikwara, "the little bands of nomads, who are among the most genuinely 'primitive' of the world's peoples" on "a territory the size of France," traversed by a a picada (a crude trail whose "track" is "not easily distinguished from bush"; one should meditate upon all of the following together: writing as the possibility of the road and of diference, the history of...» blah blah blah ¿think the Nambikwara give a flying (or swimming) fuck about Derrida's belittling remarks? [as if putting everything in quotes makes it ok] [shampooh this my pitbull's crotch] [not only dodid the Nambikwara knot have written landgauge but they beleafed in NOT using proper names (they resort to nicknames in loo)] [¿shd we knot just leaf it @ that rather than analyze why?] [let sleeping dogs lie] [if u think Islam = an offensive cult doesnot mean u shouldnot respeck their wish to knot have their profit depicked] [not that we dont apprecaite Lévi-Strauss + Derrida shedding lite on the stuff witch shd not halve had lite shed on it to begin] [spose some1 had to] [+ they = thoughtful in their phil-euthanasizing] [de toute façon contine us to prepare for the shift to DC] [tho not much to do not nearly as stressful ± involved as our move to NYC from Rome (by way of Indonesia) w/ each ferry ± plane connection dependent on the previous + no margin for error]

 443 <( )> 445 > erazing x-trazes 2: calculusing disorientation + polarized Δiffrents in Queens from our own degeneration


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