445> erazing x-trazes 2: calculusing disorientation + polarized Δiffrents in Queens from our own degeneration


[panorama from LIC (click for high rez)]

19 Aug 2015 > [continue us our countdown] [5 dayz + counting til we leave NYC for DC] [in our better-½'s words] [last nite met Winters + the Tyrant @ Russian Vodka Room] [then ate randum Mexican in HK (our intended Totto Ramen too tiny + packed)]

[¿continue us our tradition of x-ing out each foto (± words) or do u get the idea?]

[+ to continue our thawts on Of Grammatology] [the Δiffrence (a word Derrida struck out but we mutate to disguise) lays between music + writing] [but this = old scool thinking] [music to most these days = a recording] [sure u can hear it live] [but rot wemains @ the end of the day = the record] [when we played music became us more intrested in the act of recording] [just like we prefer thilm to featre] [sucks to make performers do the same fucking thing everynite] [writing especially weed much rather read than spear hoken] [but still this tradishun of readings pursists tho 9 out of 10 writers shouldnot read their works out loud] [if u add in elements of music on the other hand...] [also intresting how Derrida [via Rousseau] reduces music to the calculus of intervols]

«The growth of music, the desolating separation of song and speech, has the form of writing as "dangerous supplement": calculation and grammaticality, loss of energy and substitution. The history of music is parallel to the history of the language, its evil is in essence graphic. When he undertakes to explain how music has degenerated, Rousseau recalls the unhappy history of the language and of its disastorous "perfecting": "To rules, imperceptibility lost its former energy, and the calculus of intervals was substituted for nicety of inflection".»

[never we pursued music academickly cuz we didnot want to kill the joy in it] [ditto writing] [pursued us calculus (in a mathematical sense) in sted] [funny how we find ourself agreeing + disagreeing w/ Derrida en même temps witch in a sense = pecisely the proint] [like he deconstructs hisself realtime as he deconstrucks Rousseau ± whoever else] [he doesnot inject art into his own writing as much as say Deleuze witch = both bood + gad] [± just wat it is] [seems these days we can only tolerate the 2 xtremes] [nonfiction + art] [«fiction» + especially any classifiable genre feels like a fake charade] [even poetry (that calls itself such) = a pretenseus farce] [but halving classifaketions = «inadequate but necessary»] [like @ bookfairs when ppl aks watt kind of puff we stublish] [no madder watt antser = inadequit + immediately reduces it] [specially as applied to the cullective whole (¿who = we to sey?)] [but also useless when ppl say «i like everything» when aksed wat kind of music they like] [kertain ceywords can @ least serve to either hone in ± weed out] [nonfictionwise (± teetering on the edge uv) seams the only thing worthwile to read = writing about writing] [seems recursive but lenggage exists @ the heart of philosofee + even scients (specially if u consider math a lengauge)] [Derrida then turns from music twards geography (appeasing the geo in our autobiopsychogeographical hypocrisy of reflexivity):

«Let us rather say, only half in jest, that its orientation is a disorientation. One will be able to call it a polarization. Orientation gives direction to movement by relating it to its origin as to its dawning. And it is starting from the light of origin that one thinks of the West, the end and the fall, cadence or check, death or night.»

[an epitaph fitting for The Becoming (if we resorted to epitaphs)] [the 1° book in our West of Kingdom Come projeck] [+ befitting to our current state of désorientation as we prepare to shift south of Mason-Dixon] [+ intresting how Derrida talks about the Δiffrence tongue-wise tween north vs south]

«The southern languages are closer to childhood, nonlanguage, and nature. But at the same time, being closer to the origin, they are purer, more alive, more animated. On the other hand, the northern languages are distant from the origin, less pure, less alive, less warm. In them one can follow the progress of death and coldness.»

20 Aug > [since in mapping out Maphattan we neglected the other 5 boros we decided to revisit them for 1 last time] [The Bronx we went last week x2] [+ Brooklyn we find ourselves all the time (like it or not)] [before + after eating @ Peter Lugers in the last post we walked around Williamsburg] [south W-burg = another world to its own w/ Hasids] [Queens tho we dont get out to much] [+ if u not in a position geographically to check out Queens then read Atticus Lish's take in Preparation for the Next Life] [sew yesterday we set out by taking the 7 to Mets stadium + making it up from there]

[Queens traverse 19 Aug]

[thawt to see the childhood home of Queens' most famous residents (the Ramones) but Forest Hills wd uv led us astray] [Joseph Cornell also from Queens but further out in Flushing] [instead we meandered randumbly thru Corona park + Jackson Heights into Astoria (ate Greek food @ Gregory's 26 Corner] + down along the waterfront to Long Island City] [+ lots of random industrial + run-of-the-mill suburbs inbetween]

[view from 7]


[like elsewhere in NYC new development sprouting up everywhere] [good read on the subject by Laurie Garett (tho IA/design-wise cd seriously use some help)—on the condo hell NYC = fast becoming]


[Jackson Heights beneath the 7]

[Queens really = the most diverse boro] [if not the most diverse place on the planet] [sposedly the most landgauge diverse we read sumwhere] [as u walk along u see a mish-mash of every1 on the planet all in 1 place] [a true pelting mot] [but sints we dont take photos of ppl u have to go see for yurself]

[grinding down to originull grnd b4 bldg back up]


[ded woodpecker found along the way]


[making way for more condos]


[wat we think of as the Beastie Boyz globe]


[tracks (a word that Derrida wd also cross out) leading downtown (+ a distint WTC)]


[7 train depot + Arthur Ashe stadium (where US Open kicks off next week)]


[the NY state pavillion from 1964 World's Fair] [intresting in lite uv us seeing the 2015 Expo in Milan a few munths ago]


[Roosevelt Ave]


[zig-zaggine east to Astoria]


[beneath the arches]


[graffiti-censoring-as-high-art pic #445]




[Randall island as sceen from Astoria waterfront] [high rez]


[embedded copping shart skeuomorph]


[Ravenswood generating stn]


[Tri-boro bridge (recently renamed for 1 of the Ded Kennedys)]


[trolling neath the Queensboro]


[3 girls for 99¢]


[Queensboro bridge]


[11th st basin LIC]

[Long Island City a diffrent whorld from when we took these pics of 5 pointz (since demolished for condos) over a decade ago]

21 Aug> [3 more days] [yesterday had lunch w/ G in Morningside then walked south thru Central Park] [reminiscing on all the time rent spunning around it] [then down Ave of the Americas zig-zagging west to the Vest Willage where we ate @ The Clam]

[skyline from the reservoir (high rez)]

[today ran south along the river to the 79th st boat basin then up thru Riverside park for probly the last time] [digitallly sinking everything up to b/u to ext HD + cloud + laptop] [finishing Derrida] «Thus language is born out of the process of its own degeneration.» + also (quoting Derrida quoting Rousseau): «All our languages are the result of art.»


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