465> disecrete dreambotes riding bout riding about nada past evening shades uv gray

31 Jan 2016> took DC 4ever 2 dig themselfs out of Σum snow shit downrite shutdown 4 ∀lmost a week meanwile in our ol city (wich got mo snow) ∀ll up + running th next day th only time we saw snowplows in DC a week later when most of th snow gone temps gitting int' th 60s wd uv meltd innyway if they waitd anudder day cops out in full forze tho gifing tickits + tackling homeless ppl stealing coffee frum starbux wepuns drawn calling for b/u even tho 4 cars alreddy on th scene amazing this city/cuntry dunt slip full into kaos tell this 2 ppl in DC + they say «well thats New York» xactly w/ lodes mo ppl hope Bloomberg throws his hat in th ring cuz @ th end of th day he got shit done ok purhaps we biased cuz our current ∃xistence ≠ possible if not 4 Bloomberg (he funds our better-½'s salary) problem w/ Sanders spose even if he did git electid prez = 4 yrs of stalemate them elephants wd block everything he tryd 2 do

Arlington in th milting snow



Arlington a munth ± 2 b4 4 cumparison



th Potomick still frozen over



1 Feb> we left a cocktail party @ Σum swanky manshun + L (colleague of J) gave us a ride home J gits out 2 open th gate + L drives off w/o her sed he’d pick her up @ th top of th driveway wich = reely long + winding + L startd 2 spaze out + run off th rode his hed bobbing then did a U-turn w/o knowing it like he dint know where we going so we aksd if he wantd us 2 drive but he dint say nuthing kept falling asleep ± may'b drunk then he ran off th sholder + over an embankment + suddinly we airbound tumbling + we thawt «so this = it?» waht th finel momints = like > then th tumbling stoppd + we seemd OK we got out still precariously on th side of Σum hill (in Eurup Σumwhere) a voice told us that L did this as a trick 2 «shake us off his tail» we lookd but coont find him in th ruins of Σum compound/abandund factry (that we in b4 this) walking round so thinking ∀ll this coont = a dream we stumbled into a smelter room uv a big mill bluecollar guys (Italy?) we actid like we belongd but stumbled like walking thru quicksand thinking if this = a dream not very restful so then we startd flyng hovering inside th factry til we got thru a window then rose up hiyh above th landscape + knew fo sure this = dreaming waht a rush felt restful + xhilirating pondring waht th ability 2 fly did 4 th psyche so instintly mobile thinking bout seagulls + birds + realized th feeling probly short-lived taken 4 grantid our shoe dangling so we leant down 2 slip her back on over our heel then th other 1 like we on a trapeze hanging by our knees upside down + coont git back uprite + felt uncumfortable so we figured it best 2 just fall so startid falling but fast like in freefall + scary so we smoothd out our trajectory gliding over these sand dunes near th beech (also th location of a previus dream w/ big crashing waves) then in Σum hotel bar orderd a beer + got 1 + ½ other guys talking bout sports dudes all like «yeah i got that text too (from ESPN) yeah i red that tweet 2» like ∀ll them thawts = talking pts gleand from th media about celebrities + no 1 had nothing originull 2 say

> purhaps still under the influenze of Jung's Dreams not that it got nada 2 do w/ A Raft Manifest (waht we dream in reel life) A Raft Manifest in a sense 1 big runon dream piped up form below th surfice but not translated by th waking mind just a raw data dump we like th idea of dreambot (a dreamcatcher that refeeds any tweet b'ginning w/ «i dreamt» ± dreamed even cooler if she deleted th preseeding dreamt we want 2 live in that whorld fun 4 about a day but overwhelming had 2 stop following

4 Feb> on th train 2 NYC reading End of the Story by Lydia Davis she kin rite fo shure + she had our intrest in th b'ginning but after a wile we wondring why we reading felt ∀ll like a crafty riting xercise yet anudder riter w/ an MFA + whatevelse crudentials but nothing 2 rite a bout so she just rites a book about riting a book about gitting over Σum sourd relationship call us hypocrit cuz we always sayng we care mo bout langwich than story but wile we dont care much bout story we do care waht it = ∀ll about @ th end of day + so menny ppl have ritten books like this in the past decade riting about riting about nada + b4 ∀ll this Beckett elitsaid such craf dunt inny1 that knows how 2 write have innything 2 write about? so mostly we stared out th window of th train

End of Story (@ our destination)


pgs of End of Story (on our lap) reflected in swampy landscape









rails + lines



on th grid






supply co









NYC skyline as sceen frum NJ

5 Feb | NYC> got into Penn stn + had th afternoon 2 kill b4 our hosts = home so ate lunch (L+W Oysters) walkd around + did Σum shopping + saw new Star Wars wich = entertainment fo 2 hrs but not much else then went t' our frends on th yupper west side woke up this morning 2 unexpectid snow

NYC @ nite


selfie w/ Malian totems


Timorese effigy


70th street


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