466> th binary cunvurgence uv 4 rivers back form alterneting 2 direct (¢urrent)

7 Feb> spent th weekend in Gotham walking round + eating disintegrating mo + mo int' a binary state uv sceening in b+w + nary a shade uv gray b'tween

centrule park












along avenue of th Amerikas



Bryant park



bryant park hotel + empire state




outside NYPL


Marlon Williams (@ Mercury Lounge)



westside viaduct (next day)







Riverside park (our ol running grounds)




riverside church (no sine uv them peregines)


grants tomb



tunnel b'low our ol apartment




p-cocks in th cementery/garbidge (@ St Johns)


in th bramble


+ then th train back to DC reading Siamese by Stig Sæterbakken about a misanthropic degenerate old fuck Edwin + his enabling wife «Sweetie» (tho he typickly refers t' her as «the bitch») t'gether they live in miserable co-dependance (presumably in Norway where Stig hails from or rather hail'd sints he killt hisself in 2009) Edwin self-exiled 2 his bathroom where he sits chewing gum + drinking cola + contemplating his own degeneration + verbally abusing Sweetie when she comes in 2 bring him th occassional meatball (th sol thing he'll eat) a dementid + lonely ∃xistence fo sure just our cup a tea


riting th rails back








new music hall under construction in DC

8 Feb | DC> we traind 4 a race by crawling + scampering thru Σum convoluted x-country corse + (sints th event = televised) we hoped theyd capture proof of us flying on film > then suddenly in Σum podunk country store + had 5 minutes 2 git 2 a soccer game 5 miles away so we went on Uber wich all them hicks had never seen suprized a car = «0 minutes» away so went outside + saw a sheriff truck parkd there + they askd if we orderd th Uber + reluctantly we sed yes then 1 of th cops comes @ us w/ baton raised so w yelld int' th store fo S (our old body-builder frend in Tucson) who came out + startid beating th shit out of th cops like a super-hero

> later in the nite we pulld int' Σum plaze where 4 rivers cunverged w/ gushing water every witch way coverd by these big abanden'd mills + we aks'd direxions so this guy starts showing us around th plant + aks'd if we wantid a job + we temptid cuz uv th idea uv th plaze where 4 rivers cunverged + this mill = responsible fo pumping water t' 4 diffrent citys but we not so sure waht th job entail'd so th guy showd us stacks of wheelbarrows made of firewood (¡th same firewood collectid w/ th wheelbarrows themsevles!) + our prospectiv job = t' keep th water form freezing (by burning sed wood) + allocating th H20 in th rite proportions t' th 4 citys then he took us int' a room w/ all these blu-collar type mill-workers wearing weird carneval masks + gave us a mask that look'd like a snout-nosed pig but we still not reddy t' xcept th job cuz we had nowhere t' stay but he sed we cd live there so we had no xcuse + then we got 2 thinking about th # 5 (in relayshun t' th 4 rivers + citys) + how by allowcating space 2 this magick #5 th bin effectivly got populated by th 5 herself ¡so coont git allowcated sints alreddy awkcupied by her own allowcation! (purhaps inspired by th song Non-Participation by Murder City Devils)

 465 <( )> 467 > th anacaustic swamp of pulpo moohair = flood ≠ river


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