471> skan'd in still moves uv bald eagles + monochromatic bracketology

17 Mar 2016 > taking a break from arriding A Raft Manifest 2 live blog watching march madness 4 games @ once + also th DC eagle cam «Mr President» + «The First Lady» on th verge of hatching 2 eggs b4 our eyes

th prez (l) + 1° lady (r) checking on th eggs


egg starting 2 hatch

> hard 2 beat th drama of ether bball ± watching th brooding eagles th past few days unaware + live + unedit'd 1 take but we know they eggsist a few clicks form our house + our bracket alreddy bust'd only a few games in we originully pick'd «smart» choices in terms of winning our «Thomas Pynchon shit» pool but then it makes watching no fun watching so just pickd underdogs we want 2 root 4 xcept we chose Oregon 2 take th cake tho they a #1 seed every1 thinks they overrated but we form Oregon not 2 menshun Rem + Rom th authors of our Raft Manifest project so of corse we cant bet against them + u gotta root 4 th underdog

mural near 14th + P



> pryd ourself frum th TV/Inurnet 2 eat ceviche @ Nazca Mochica near Dupont now th eagles sleeping sortuv under infrared lite we actually saw them flying live 2x b4 we knew about this web cam running near Kingman island + live cam not far form there same 1s fo sure still in b+w monochromatic mood high contrast 2 th pt of pixelation alreddy blog'd about Kamau Brathwaite's sycorax «writing» visually sum udder books vizuelly inspired us lately inkloot Iskandariyah Skan by Ingo Giezendanner (aka GRRR) not sure what it = «about» o where we pick'd it up purhaps @ Printed Matter in NYC just cuz we liked th look of it mostly images a little bit of writing (in Arabic) but form waht we kin tell he starst th journey in Italy (trenitalia logo on th train seat) + then travels by ferry in th mediterannean via Greece o Turkey 2 Syria + Isreal (map @ th end helps)

us scanning th opening pg uv Iskandariyah Skan


ferry window held up against our window


water surface


continues on like this series of drawings increasingly distort'd as if scan'd in all wonky


again showing our hands scan'd on top of his





> + along these lines also recently «read» fps: still moves by Rosaire Appel (who appeard in Sleepingfish once o twice) really dig her stuff

both fps + Iskandariyah Skan on our window sill

> no writing in fps ether xcept sum asemic glyphys just img as txt intent 2 communicate


divyd int' framesets


time sequenced




> not all b+w sum tri-/quadrochromatic drawings

18 Mar> 2nd day of madness Michigan (2) losting t' Middle Tenn (15) w/ 2 minutes left egg hatch'd ovanite now fish scatterd throughout th nest attracting flies eagles chewing it + spitting it out little eaglet dont look so good tho can barely hold head up

fresh fish


feeding th eaglet


> went for a run down near th river hoping we'd see them fishing but dint see them mo double-digits seeds advanced this yr than any other waht makes college ball so great if innything 15 minutes of fame 4 these kids many who u mite never see again (not that we watch pro ball innyway)

19 Mar> eaglet doing better parents ketching lots of fish chewing + spitting it up in her mouth udder egg still not hatch'd down t' 32 teams by tomorrow

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