492> joyless goody tissue detourism In th House of th Interpreter

14 Aug> Amsterdam> just like th firedrill last time we flew ∆elta outta Raygun (DCA) we borded our plane + the th pielit ∀ll dramatic-like sed he gots bad news that our flite = d'layed 2+ hrs + had us disembark + every1 rush'd to ∫um dumb help desk where they coont help no 1 cuz th flyte not log'd yet as cancel'd ± d'lay'd so we stood round wondring wah todo cuz if we dint make our cunnection we = fuck'd, only 1 hr transit time in Detroit .. then they announced th flyte ≠ cancel'd after ∀ll so tout el moondough boardid anew + we got to Detroit (blew a kiss to brother Markus) + had 5 minutes to make our cunnection + 2 terminuls over udder side of airport thru long tunnels sprinting on ppl movers tryng to git around slowpokes made our flyte in th nick of time! red In the House of the Interpreter by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o along th way .. a memoir bout Thiong'o's time in an elite bording shcool during th Mau Mau uprising in Kenya circa 1950-60s .. not so intresting but an ez read + relevant cuz we on th way to Kenya as we speak .. takes place in Limuru nearabouts to where we hung out when last we visit'd Kenya .. hard to tell tho how ruff a time Thiong'o had .. he acts like ∀ll = hunky dory in his cushy privet shcool wile his bro fought w/ th Mau Maus .. tho eventually he gits arrestid for some randumb thing presumably leading to his time in prison (where he wrode that book on toilet paper) .. we in no position to doubt his street-cred + perhaps he just = modest .. downplaying his trubbles, but th way he rides about such things lacks passion or grit .. mostly he talks about th fancy colonial bording school + education system (strangely model'd after 1s in th Amerikin south) + his time as a boy scout or in th debate club (we always wonderd wah sort of nerds sined up for such things) .. talk about goody tissue (pun intended) or does th sayng go "goody 2 shoes"? .. + lots of relidgus stuff we dint care much for nether .. dunno, wreckon if u havent yet red Thiong'o (th greatest Kenyan rider) start w/ ∫umpin else like Matigari ± Wizard + the Crow ..

> on th plane now, KLM .. a'cording to th flyte tracker we cruzin' 11089 meters hiyh ∫umwhere over Sudan .. xing th treshold INT. th subsaharan bush of ghosts .. in ℝeel life stet blog beecombs ∀ll about landgauge .. textual evedance of hour ∃xistence in fin ∀ll hay 4 horses .. dose she ℝeel-∃ mather wah we ℝeel-∃ did ± dint do? waht lives = our landgauge ya come off our tung cum ridden text .. el contexto no significa nada seems ~ 4 yrs has pass'd sints last we went to Africa .. Ethiopia + Tanzania in Oct 2012 .. we bitch alot lately bout tourism specially this past summer in u-rup + Burma seams every corner of th planit overrun by selfie-stick yielding dipshits .. cept may'b Africa, th last place left not ruin'd by tourism (minus Kilimanjaro) .. granted they got plenty udder problematic fish to fry but if u looking for ∫umwhere to go off th beaten path goto Africa .. pain in th ass to git to tho .. we left home 21 hours ago + still got 2:30 to go .. dint help nun that we backtrack'd to Detroit + then up to Amsterdam not xactly how crows fly but our only option (DC sucks like that) .. missing prime dayz of olympic track + field .. saw women's 10k b4 we left but miss'd Mo Farah winning men's 10k after gitting trip'd up even (stream'd her after th fact in Amsterdam) .. Kenya a cool place to watch th Olympics tho .. NBC focus's way too much on Amerikin athletes + BBC (we got a VPN if we want to purtend we in Lundone) only shows Brits + all their behind th scenes drama th shitty childhoods they had + adversitites they had to overcome, etc.. + yah Kenya of corse focus'd on Kenyans (we watch'd the 2008 olympics in Nairobi) but middle + long distance running (waht they excel @) = our fave events to watch .. watch'd Eye in th Sky just now .. about drones + surveillance + Somali terrorists in Kenya so relevant to our current situation but not sure weed recommend her udderwise .. also watch'd some documentary on Peggy Guggenheim inklooting some lost interviews w/ her as voice-over to footage .. amazing how many lives she cross'd + artists she helpd'd out .. good eggsample of wah u kin do good w/ money .. sick of watching movies tho + slim pickings .. guess we'll ride/edit A Raft Manifest now ..

15 Aug> Nairobi> arrived late, new airport they already rebuilit since th other 1 burnt down in 2013 .. much nicer than the old 1 .. cool almost chilly out, nice change from DC .. as always most every Kenyan u encounter super friendly + likes to talk politics .. every 1 really healthy looking .. walk'd around downtown same ol same ol cept lots of new construction .. not much to take fotos of .. had lunch @ Westage alreddy re-built since th 2013 terror attack .. tho guess only th parking garage got bomb'd .. looks th same xcept they added a fence around wich seems silly spose another such attack happens every1 gits trap'd inside? .. pick'd up a copy of Blackass by A. Igoni Barrett cuz coont find much else of intrest .. back to working on A Raft Manifest ..








16 Aug> Indian food last nite @ Haandi juxtaposed w/ jet lag (always seems to hit worse th 2° nite) led to a surreal sleepless nite cant even put into words a sort of loocid dreaming/meditation .. always a buzzing humm of generators in Nairobi + th air hazy/smokey/dusty .. smells of burning eucalyptus .. shitty black coffee .. w/ all th good beans grown here u'd think they have decent brew but not always th case .. good fruit tho, passion + paw-paw + finger bananas .. eggs lack color + flavor tho .. all th nuances coming back to us poli poli .. how in some ways Kenya seems a garden of eden but not til u spent enuff time here do u git why Conrad wrote "no joy in the brilliance of sunshine" .. guess u cd say th same about most innywhere .. Rome or NYC .. always seem so idyllic @ 1st but after a few days u member all th downsides .. th ∆iffrence tween Bolt's mid-stride smile + Phelps pre-game scowl .. 1 feeds th udder tho every1 seems to strive for happyness we feel a need to balints th scales .. e.g. u sit down to lunch + a well-dress'd guy w/ a briefcase flashes a smile + aks if u waiting for somebody .. + do u mind if he joins u? u know th drill but waht kin u say? so u say yeah sure so th guy sits down introduces himself as Adam aks yo name wah u do but he aint listning .. waiter brings him a menu but he turns him away so u aks, wah, u not eating? .. he hems + haws + comes out w/ it .. well, we thinking maybe you'd git us something? .. u put on your Phelps scowl + say flat out no.. but he keeps sitting there awkordly starts to tell u how he has a wife + 3 kids + does missionary work for such + such church—@ wich pt we interrupt him mid-sentence + tell him we want to eat our lunch in peace .. sucks, but u gotta act th asshole otherwise every1 takes advantage of u here + sad cuz u cant trust genuinely nice ppl .. @ some pt every Kenyan will aks u for ∫umpin .. for lunch cuz they forgot their wallet, for money cuz their mother needs a surgery, for a job, etc .. mzungus only mean money to them .... innyway, gunna go ahead + post this now sints hoo knows when wheel next have Inurnet (hed'd up int' nomadic no-man's land mañana) ..

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