500> nodrap geb, yo! lap us racecars u pal sin stopping ∀llong Jury[sic] coast 2 post # cinq cents

5 Oct 2016 | Corfe Castel, Dorset, UK> whoa.. our 500th post, dear Inurnet! .. in 13 yrs .. tho we dint blog so offen th initial few yrs .. ℝeely in th past 10 yrs, rufflee weeklee .. knot sure how that'd pan out in a written book objet .. vamos a ver, lets take an avg .. w'if we take th 12th post (counting backwoods) in a given yr to approximate ..

2007 : 1642 words + 6 imgs + 5 vids
2008 : 418 words + 47 imgs
2009 : 7039 words + 24 imgs + 1 vid
2010 : 4066 words + 35 imgs + 3 vids
2011 : 4386 words + 6 imgs
2012 : 4144 words + 34 imgs
2013 : 2829 words + 12 imgs
2014 : 4667 words + 37 imgs + 1 vid
2015 : 2817 words + 30 imgs
2016 : 2560 words + 26 imgs
toetill for these 10 posts = 34,568 words + 257 imgs+ 10 vids ..

+ now if we multiply these #s x 50 we git an estimated gran total of 1,728,400 words + 12,850 imgs + 500 vids .... seems if u google around th avg # of words per book-page = 250 .. so then 5cense as a book objet (or set of books) wd span ~7,000 pgs of just text .. not to menshun th 12,850 photos/art + 500 videos .. th txt alone longer even then Proust's opus À la Recherche du Temps Perdu (wich clocks in @ 1,267,069 words) + we aint dun yet! .... innyway, for post #500 we shifted from Cornwall (#499) driving thru Devon to Dorset .. so-called Jurassic coast .. stop'd at Lulworth Cove .. mega-touristic .. groups of shcool kids .. walk'd up a steep hill to th next cove o'er .. Durdle Door .. impressive, but for a Oregon/California kid we grew up w/ such coastlines as a backdrop (tho may-b not as aqua-blue hogwah) no need to go sea such things just to sea her ....

Durdle door


Jurassic coast



Lulworth cove

> push'd on to Corfe Castle .. staying in th town nearby @ ∫um stuffy prim + proper hotel feels ~ a grandma's house .. smelling ∀ll mildewy + ole .. they had a hiyhly touted restraunt but when we xpress'd intrest they took 1 look @ us (tatoos, sweaty track suit, unshaven for 1+ week, long unkempt hair stuff'd into a commie hat, etc) + + said «we think may-b u'd feel mo cumfortable eating in th pub down th street» .... so off we went 2 see th castle ..

view from our room


town around Corfe


approaching Corfe castle



Corfe castle



> + indeed we ate/drank after down th street @ greyhound pub .. «the most photographed pub in England» as they call themself .. well, only cuz of her location rite b'neath Corfe Castel .. a sine on another nearby pub claim'd she = oldest in England ± ∫umpin of th sort .. 500+ yrs old .. but a recent hand-scrawl'd sine in th window sed «sorry, we permanently closed» .. sine of th times ..

06 Oct> had kippers for breakfast, mummy dear, mummy dear .. in honor of th Supertramp song .. pertty disgusting actually (∫um sort a pickled herring full of bones) .. @ least for breakfast .. glad they dont got 'em in Texas .. push'd on back to Heathrow listening to Led Zeppelin (mo apt in th land of Mordor) .. dint bother to stop @ Stonehenge .. we drove by on th way seem'd redicklously small jus like in Spinal Tap .. hordes of tourists circled coont even git within 100 ft of her + have to park miles away + take a shuttle bus or ∫umpin' seem'd crazy touristy so skip'd her .. drop'd car @ airport + train/tubed to Lundone .. seems our 10+ time on Heathrow xpress this yr .. more than th metro in our own town ..

07 Oct | Lundon> staying again near Euston .. 1 of these situations where our bedder-½ + her posse competing against 15 other teams for a 12 million dollhair grant .. only 1 or 2 teams git her out of 15 .. + these 15 alreddy selected from an originul 100 or so .. + th udder teams (½ of whom we know) staying @ th same hotel .. like a ℝeality show .. may-b we shd slip x-lax or roofies int. competitors coffee .. they ∀ll sitting round us as we ride this talking bullshit bingo .... walk'd down to Holborn in th drizzle had pizza w/ Reverb .. then cuntinued on down to Temple along th riverfront + back up thru Covent garden + Soho + Fitzrovia ..




along th Thames


big ben skyline


1 window of menny


1 market of menny


1 bldg of menny

08 Oct | Heathrow> had our kippers fo breakfast + now we waiting to «take a jumbo across th water» .. in th lounge .. aft'r another ride on th Heathrow xpress ..


> reading Watt by Samuel Beckett .. wich we pick'd up @ some o'cult bookshop last week in Lundone (they had a whole sexion on Aleister Crowley) .. his 2° book Beckett rote shack'd up in Rousillon (where we pass'd thru a few months back) waiting out WWII ..

17 Oct | G-town> bin back stateside a week+ now but dint bother to post hits yet bac int.a ruteen a'riding A Raft Manifest x-oar-sizing ± cooking day-2-day ick-sed-raw saddling in .. spose we live here in G-town now? still feels 4-in .. toto moondough feels 4-in gleaning not past sûr say que de Beckett .. his relentless O.C.Dness keeps a'ticking due dilly gents .. a d-based sorte a logique psychling thru itch + everee combinatoric permutation par moments diegreasing int.o musickle notation ± #'d lists of ∀ll possibile arrangements .. wah she boils down 2 not riding pa mais arranging ± arraigning .. «other possibilities occurred to Watt, in this connexion, but he put them aside, and quite out of his mind, as unworth of serious consideration, for the time being.» .. Watt le nom attribuéd 2 Beckett's fuguing alter-ego .. wild how Beckett's mind keeps coursing sur w/ mesured logistique mathématique .. avec solutions come objetions wich he tackles head-on .. «But he had turned, little by little, a disturbance into words, he had made a pillow of old words, for his head.» .. a fugue state comme 1 of them homeless p-pole wont fermer la bouche ever keeps a talking parlez vu ore a drunk in a bar if a Guiness wreckord ∃xist'd 4 longest (time-wise) piss sheeed goto Beckett aft'r ∀ll hits wreckord book sponsor'd by le celebrated Irish beer co. 2 yield talking pts in pubs wile u sip pints .. Beckett like Jim Nabors funny as fuck when he acting th part (of Gomer Pile) but also got quiet a set of berry-toned pipes (no surprize to inny 1 that watches th Indianapolis 500 (we aint never halve)) .. speaking uv 500 ... we afflict'd w/ same cumpulsion 2 keep $tringing to-gather nada o'er + o'er comme Beckett need to learn comment segue 4 starters ... dont know weather to laff ± cry .. «But why Tom Tom? And Dick Dick? And Harry Harry?» who nose dont think 2 heart about her .. let yo eyes go outta foke us rise outta bwody .. «This was indeed a merciful coincidence, was it not, that at the moment of Watt's losing sight of the ground floor, he lost interest in it also.» git caught up in th rounds .. them canonical repetitions ..

+ Beckett wollofs thru pursevering 2 cumpletion .. ever-seeking pour ∫umpin b'yond plane truth .. «No symbols where none intended» .. say qui u cant ∆-fine .. 4 wah else we spose todo encore si no? .. «It is useless not to seek, not to want, for when you cease to seek you start to find, and when you cease to want, then life begins to ram her fish and chips down your gullet until you puke, and then the puke down your gullet until you puke the puke, and then the puked puke until you begin to like it.» .... geb nodrap neve eh sessergid onti diring backwoods .. pal'in around in drones .. vary us palindromic permutations by drow ± ecnetnes w/ plenty recognition u sey ya te hey .. + ~ now in tsefinaM tfaR whole passedges we a'riding drowcab ..

Fool! Abuse no wolf-lad! It was I. Redo: case doctor bled names on Eve's ex-editor drawn—o, no! It never propagates. If i set a gap or prevention, onward rot ID .EXEs. Eve, nose Mandelbrot codes! A coder. I saw tidal flow: "One sub!" aloof.

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