499> circumbobulating th cornish coast to Robert Smith's grave

03 Oct 2016 | Newquay, Cornwall, UK > yesterday drove from Lundone .. or from Heathrow actually (cuz cars cheaper to rent from th airport) .. perty chill driving here so far .. Brits good + curteus drivers .. + we alreddy used to driving on th wrong side sints last time we drove = in Kenya .... stop'd 2 eat @ some pub on th edge of Dartmoor natl park .. th kind where u go up to a «carver's station» 2 git served even tho we opt'd for vegetarian nutroast (after summering in France we perty much swore off meat 4 a wile) .... got 2 Newquay + walk'd along th coast .. round th Pentire headlands (where we stayng overlooking th big expanse of blue) .. across Crantock beach @ lo tide .. but still had to take off our shoes + wade .. water not so deep but sort of like quicksand .... then up round west Pentire .. past fields of sheep + mo rugged coast .. tons of surfers .. reminded us some of California coast .... th tide had come in by th time we got back so had to keep walking inland up along th river Gannel to a dinky bridge that we cross'd w/ inches to spare + tide still coming in full bore so if we'd come 10 minutes later not sure what we wd've dun ....

where we riding from


Crantock beach (click for hi rez)


sheep + surfers



> this morning we drove across th Cornwall peninsula to th southern side, to Lizard .. park'd + walk'd th coastal path past Kynance Cove probly as far as Predannack Wollas before we turn'd back .. not sure how far .. wah sucks about coastal hiking hard to do a loop walk unless u figgerd out th bus schedule .. but spectacular scenery riding th rugged edge of land + sea .. th ground all spongey like tundra .. little flowers + rocks coverd w/ lichen .. grassy knolls + swooping headlands as if manicured by man but naturel .. @ times no trail u just follow wide swaths of trodden grass .. seagulls + crows + falcons watching our every move udderwise dint see much in terms of «wildlife» sides sheep + cows + roadkill (plenty of that) .. tho mos everyone here specielly walkings gots dogs ..luck'd out w/ weather (sides th incessant wind) as seems most of th time blustery + rainy in these parts ..

tween Lizard + Kynance


Kynance Cove (click for hi rez)


Kynance Cove



Predannack Wollas



04 Oct> went to Tintagel castle .. along narrow single-track roads barely room for 1 car gotta stop + riverse if anudder comes other direxion .... Tintagel castle sposedly where King Arthur hails from or ∫umpin .. or where he met w/ Merlin who lived in a nearby cave .. mostly in ruins now .. a helicopter zoom'd around th site transporting things .... cuntinued on to Trebarwith .. along th coast ..

looking out from Tintagel







fence xing






Tintagel parish


Robert Smith's grave



> back to our hotel hung out watching a seal bobbing in th undulating swells outside our window .... walk'd into Newquay had lunch + watch'd surfers ..

Pentire coast


surfer beach in Newquay

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