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22 Oct 2016 | Cancoon, Yuckytán> on th way reading Breaking the Maya Code by Michael D. Coe .. about how they figgered out how to make cense of Mayan heiroglyphics, wich aint in fact hieroglyphics but a propre lenguage int' herself contrary to wah most ppl thawt til recently that they just a bunch of whacky cartoons, a primitiv dialect @ best .... intresting read or topic innyway .. unfortunetly th book mo' about th human drama around «breaking th code» .. th pompous academic bantering, Coe spends ¾ th time ranting on about ∀ll th playrs (himself inklooted, thinking himself hotshit) making snide + judgmental comments about th personalities of these "Mayanists" (99% white male academicks) rathr then jus talk about th actual Mayan script/language + wah th varyus codices (th few that remain) ± inscriptions on temples that we kin subsequently decipher actually mean/say .... he goes generuley int' th hole hystoria of decoding utter riting sistems + th ∆iffrences 'tween them .. from our own Latin-based alphabetic riding system that we use here on 5¢ense (outta cunvenience, cuz of HTML cunstraints + well, wah we born reading) to 1s mo' heiroglyphic in naychair .... most wriding sistems = speech-deependant in that they b'come mere weighs to transcribe what we saying + most ppl on this planit primerrily communecake w/ speech + thus even when thinking + riting th underline aural/phonetic cumponents git imply'd specielly w/ mos riders + poets .. th art in lenguage = th imply'd lyrickle naychair .... but we aint so fixated aurally/lyrickly as udders .. knot sure why, may-b ∫um trauma in our upbringing (gitting our tongue doused in Tabasco ± our boca lavado con jawbóne when we swore or parlay'd en español) for th mos part we just kept our mouth shut + spent mo' time reading .. knot that we dont like lyrickle riding, she just aint ∫umping that comes naturel to us .. + on th udder xtreme we love music 2 th xtent that we fixate w/ how things sound + dont messysorrily care what she ∀ll means .... w/ our current Raft Manifest project these feral brudders essentially = Kaspar Hauser types that learn lenguage solely form reading so they dont even know how she sounds out loud .. not to menshun that th primery dogumeat they learn from = th journels of them rogue (f)other who coont ride 4 shit wich = th actual case w/ Lewis + Clark's journels if ever u had th chants to check them out, dear Inurnet ppl .... so this mo vizual aspeck of Mayan glyphs appeals to us in this punto in tempo cuz of S-O + tombyen cuz @ questo punto in el libro estand cruzando la frontera .... por su puesto in th floodid moondough, so hard to tell waht = what but they take turns scooby diving down in 2 hr intervals + riporting them findings to th twin transcriber on deck .... a sea they flood INT.o a land hoos landgauge gits steep'd in Aztec + Mayan roots hents why we reading this boring book (also cuz we herd we going to Yuckytán where them Mayans thrived) .... weave red th Popol Vuh (in fact a big inspiration for Ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos) but look'd for an udder book on Mayan myths + whatnot + came across this aint much moss sobre sole el idiotma + lo k quiere decir pour sew trope .. bedder off reading shit off dear Inurnet ..

pg from Madrid Codex (wich we saw in meatspace of Madrid)

23 Oct 2016> .. or using th Mayan Calendar:

> Cancoon aint nada to ride home about .. not that we xpected mucho .. hemos pasado pore akey muchas veces antes in our travels far back as th late '60s-early '70s cuando eramos too yung to REMember .. sposedly th trip where we came home + our goat got eaten by our dog .. anudder time our (m)other + (br)other wint to Yuckytán + we got left b-hind w/ th maid who babysat us + took showers w/ us .. 1 of our 1° mammaries .. relyable ± knot .. or INT.o th '80s (in fact we got strandid akey in 1988 durante Hurricane Gilbert) .. we dig th Yuckytán region but always musterd to avoid Cancoon like th plague .. opting for Isla Mujeres or Holbox but spose th ruins worth her if u aint seen them yet + can cope w/ buttlodes of turistas (bedder yet go further south to Guatemala) .... as usual our bedder-½ has a meeting here so figgerd yah-ta-hey why not tag along .. take a brake form riding A Raft Manifest .. @ th ½-way punt 2 regroup to scribe th segund ½ .. read up on Mayan codices + whatnot .... eat Mexikin food + workout in a gym for a change .. not to menshun chill on nice beaches may-b even snorkel + look-sea them animals living under th hogwah that covers ¾ of our planit .... today we ventured out in search of food .. ℝeely quite a horrifying place .. worst than Vegas .. we've sed b4 we thawt Port Authority ± Penn Stn = th closest thing to hell on earth .. well Cancoon just like port authority but w/ a beach .. nada @ ∀ll intresting culturally or architecturally .. just spring break party crap Hooter's meets madame tussaud stip mall jank .. ℝeelly quite dipressing actually .. evereminds us that no hay esperanza for civilización as we know her .. gits us to thinking that th only hope for humanity = to annileate ourselfs to kingdom come .. to rid th planit of humens + gif her ∀ll back to th animals .... take a culture like th Maya .. cool @ 1° (albeit rather violent) but in time they corrode + corrupt + self-implode just like th rest of them like th ROMens, etc.. ∀ll part of th naturel pyschle Vico talk'd off that Joyce used to frame Finnegans Wake .. th downfall fallow'd by a riversion to primitivism .... la problema es que humanidad as a hole = long overdue for a cullapse .. aint bin no whorld wars .. may-b th prospex of Trump b-coming prez aint such a bad thing .. git her overwith .. cuz Estados Unidos mos overdue than inny 1 for falling INT. declination .. in th meantime may as well appreciate th beauty in th breakdown .. far mo intresting to us than mos folks idea of pairodice ..

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24 Oct > finish'd Michael Coe's Breaking the Maya Code .. again, not crazy bout th human backstory .. but we intrestid to find out more about th Mayan way of riding .. wich in th end = logographic .. a hybrid of logograms xpressing meaning + phonetic-syllable sines 2 relate back to spoken lenguages of th Mayans .. sort of like how th Japanese riding system combines kanji (logograms adapted from Chinese characters) + th syllabic kana .... on top of her, Mayan riding integrated imagery often seamless so hard to tell what = image + what = language .. true hybrid text/image ± visual poetry .. typickly form'd in bubbly squares + even mo fascinating how th syllabic glyphs also not linear but also form'd in squares so becomes like matrix of atomic matrices .. por ejemplo:

pg from Dresden Codex

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