504> Trompin' th Colonvia dadastream under th flag of demockerysea, in wet Dog rust

shores of Colonvia

19 Nov 2016 | DC> seams we dont ride here much unlist we travelin' (hoy to PDX ~ frum th district of Columbia to th city on th Columbia river (or Colonvia as we like to call her)) ~ aint much tu d'say uttervvice ~ d'press'd as hell like most ∀merikins (@ least those on th coasts) ~ jus when u figgerd she coont git no worse, hit U.S. an ∀ll-time low ~ dint come as no souprize, we red th riding on th wall ~ bin tellin' ppl fo munths now to braze yo'self ~ piss'd us off lookin' @ that pollin' chingadera on NYTimes homepage a'sayin Hillary gots a 92% chants we knew cumplete bullshit in our gut felt suckerpunch'd ~ when Hillary buckled @ th knees leaving th 9/11 memoryhole we knew then + there she = dun ~ a sinbolic jesture, she coont fite no devil ~ then that recording about grabbing pussys came out every1 sed Trump = dun + we sed that just serves to bolster his chances ~~ back in Septimber had us a series of nitemares where Trump got electid president, premonitions guess u cd say ~ + this got us datastreaming bout th so-call'd Gödel loophole, how when th great logician Kurt Gödel fled th Nazis + came to ∀merika he had to take th citizenship test so he got to studying th constitootion + tole his homeboy Einstein that our version of demockerysea aint ∀ll she crack'd up to bee, that he discovered a loophole in constitutional logic that cd enable ∫1 (cum-Trump) to beecomb th next Hitler ~~ innyhows we aint gonna ripeat ourselfs, read wah we rote then or bedder yet google «Gödel loophole» if u gullible enuff to think we got «checks + balances» in place to protect us from such a fascist nitemare comin true ~~ our demoncrackit process got ji-hack'd ~ got to edmit he a clever liddle devil that dick Trump ~ we just as piss'd @ ∀ll th naïve democracks + liberal media + their smug + cumplaysent ways thinking good enuff to just click a thumbs-up btn on facebook (bet mo ppl wood of voted for Hellary 'cept her candy-ass'd supporters dont know how to do diddly in meatspace, they kin only do ∫umpin if an ap ∃xists on their dumbphones) ~~ our glimmer of hope burn'd out out when Bernie got knock'd out of th runnin' ~ he wooda beat Trump hands down but shooda cooda wooda ~ we ℝeelie dont gif a rats ass ~ we got no youngins, el moondough kin go to hell 4 ∀ll we care ~ i mean, we care about wildlife + animals + th planit herself + those that dont got a rite to vote ~ makes u wonder if demockerysea = ∀ll that? may-b folks shd @ least have to take a test b4 they kin vote ~ also worth r.i.peating th quote we startid our Gödel loophole post with, by Bertrand Russell: «The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure  and the intelligent are full of doubt.» ~ stupid cocksure bullys like Trump will inherit th earth + th rest of us will die fillofosizing in misery ~~ ∫um ppl hot + bother'd that a clown like Trump got th codes now to trigger nuclear bombs ± whatnot but that part dont bother us nun, mayas well git her overwith ~~ we just got to figger out where to go to die out our daze ~ we never did learn to fite, only to run ~ as we sed in our last post (written th day b4 Trump got electid) we need to plan our ∃xit stragedy, where to run to ~~ this aint unfamiliar territory ~ when Bush got re-electid we fled to Kenya ~ + then when Obama got re-elected th waters = safe to return, tho we then wint to Italy (ruled by a fatshit fascist no ∆iffrent than Trump (Berlusconi)) ~ el moondough gose in cycles ~ in ∀merika we ossillyate tween red + blue every 4-8 yrs ~~ we dint ℝeeleyes how good we had her under Obama ~ only ℝeeleyes in retrospeck + boy will s/he hit us come 2017 ~ but @ least ∀ll th shit thats gunna hit fans in next 8 yrs gunna gits pin'd on an elephant, not no donkey (no offense to ether, they dont deserve to git drag'd down w/ us) ~ + hell, we loved th 80s living under Raygun ~ halving ∫umpin' to rally against ~ made music + art bedder ~ wich @ th end of th day = ∀ll we care about ~ art + animals ..

+ speakin of psychles, in our own bubble (working on A Raft Manifest) weaved inturned stage 3 of 4 of Vico's recursive corso ~ th human or demockerysea phase of sivilization ~ we pass'd o'er th hump ~ past th pallindromic ½-way punt (~6 pgs that read th same backwoods as farwords) that weed like to think of as a sissyfitsian feet push'd uphill 1 side + now smooth sailing ~ th 1st ½ definitely difficult to ride fo sure last winter as we lamentid on in post # 477 ~ hoping now we dont got to tack int. th wind but kin let th current carry us ~ th dadastream as weed like to think insted of thinking wah = thunk ~ where u ride mareely mareely down after rowing up shits creek ~ mareely mareely, mareely, life = but a dream ~ + now that we figgerd out how to ride, we kin prowgram our raft + let her run on autopilot ~ on th plane here red Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain, wich chronicles th ℝeel moondough xperience he undertook as an apprentice «cub» workin on a steamboat to gather ℝeel moondough material for Huck Finn ~ back then to navigate they rode down descriptions in them logbooks of landmarks along th river til they knew her like th back of them hands ~ but young Twain dint account for how th return trip upstream mite look, toto backwoods = how we feel now gitting ova th pallindromic hump, to help riverse corse + find our weigh ~ + now (in our own book) we @ this self-conchus state (age 6-7 of 12) where we know bedder how to ride using carwreck granmar, conchus uv th ∆iffrence 'tween ℝealidad + S.O.ñ.A.R. wich til now we bin using to d-rive texts to communeacake w/ th outside moondough. Does this mean wheel start riding more normally here on 5cense? Perhaps. But we also into this idea of gradual ∆ifferentiation. Lots of books have radical shifts in style or tone, but very few change graduallly .. character arc, sure (no accident that oscars always go to roles that display character arc, not just good acting) .. but hoo has pool'd off an ark in riding style? Vamos a ver. Gotta git to th state where we do what we say we gonna do, where she comes 2° naychair, mo fluid + luzid. Crawl us out form under th rubble w/ a clear conschus reddy to reap downhill rapids we earn'd form all this rowing against th currentsea, in wet dog rust (to make annagrams outta sayings that utterwise offend us).

seeing thru th trees

20 Nov | Portland, OR> Got in late, strait to crappy hotel near airport. Piercing fire alarm kept goin off just when weed git to deep sleep. Now wide awake at 5 a.m. Finish'd Life on th Mississippi, tho got bored of her ½-way thru. Twain seem'd kind of a cantankerous dick in ℝealidad .. cumpetitive + vindictive + full of hisself + this by his own admission (an autobiography). Spose this = wad s/he takes to ride th great ∀merikin novel? Intresting tho in that ½ of what s/he takes to b-cum a steamboat pilot amounts to documenting innuendos about th river, so in a sense thats what th book = about, th Mississippi + her intrinsicaseas. And now here we wake up on th banks of th Colonvia .. th river we ride on in A Raft Manifest. Crossed th river into Washington .. not just from th district of Colonvia to th Colonvia river, but city of Washington to Washington state. In these parts s/he dont take long till u in th backwoodsass sticks. Twins Peakish but not in no funky liberal way. Trump country. Factories + lumber hills along th river. Stop'd + did th Cape Horn hike. Nice views of river below walkin' thru lush forests in th rain dripping w/ greenery, todo moondough carpetid in moss... th cooshy backdrop of our youth (we from these parts) just wish we cd find huckleberrys to eat like we used to nonstop as a kid tromping these backwoods but guess they aint in season or got ∀ll eaten .. + doubtful th same species of huckleberry Huck derived his name from so cant git no romantic notions to draw parallel streams tween th Missiliffi + Colonvia.

th Colonvia


on th Cape Horn hike





cascade on th Cape Horn hike

Got breakfast @ some general store in some podunk town. Monster trucks w/ Iraq bumper stickers + guys w/ camouflage hunting jackets on ATVs. Best to speak in hush'd tones in these parts, dont let ppl in on yo politickle inclinations. Push'd on a piece up river, past Bonneville Dam (wich coinsidentally we rode about in post 477 we referrd to above .. when we datastream'd her googling round Inurnet + now here we drive by in meatspace). Hiked up Dog mountain .. raining moss of th way, of corse .. par for th corse in these parts ..

down to th waterline


hiking up Dog mtn





near top of Dog mtn sock'd in w/ clouds + rain




break in clouds near top of Dog mtn [hiyh rez]

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