505> humptyin' ½-way ova th hill backwoods down de river of ore berth

21 Nov 2016 | Skamania, WA> check'd INT. ∫um Twins Peakish lodge in Skamania aft'r hiking in Columbia river gorge. woke up this mourning to gorge us moss on th gorge, qwesto tiempo on th Oregon side aft'r crossing th «bridge of th gods» ~ googlemaps let us a bit astray as hay a few Eagle creeks in Oregone + Washington, but finally found th trailhead on jus th udder side of da river from where we slept ~ popalure hike but early on a monday morn + miserable weather so dint see a soul on th way up to Tunnel falls (th way down a ∆iffrent story, specially once past th «punch bowl») .. but not menny ppl venture past th punchbowl ~ quiet a gorgeus hike followin Eagle creek (mo like a river than a creek) @ times carved in steep cliff faces w/ cascades spilling o'er U .. evry space even vertickle cliffs covered w/ moss or ∫um sorta sceen grenery not unlike a moldy apple ..



lower punchbowl























> got pizza in th town of Cascade Locks aft'r, then wint to check out them fish ladders @ Bonneville dam but aint th season ~ solo saw a few smaller fish on th way downstream .. but intresting to see th dam wich we blog'd about last spring (in doin' research for A Raft Manifest) ..

22 Nov 2016 | Portland, OR> hoy = hour berthday ... #50 ~ ppl make a big deal bout this #, but such a #ing sistem strikes us as arbitrary ~ sin embargo guess technickly speakin' we = «over th hill»? in th last post (in th conext of A Raft Manifest) we sed we reach'd th ½-way mark in th book ~ bin datastreaming bout stet concept past few daze + now about what this means in terms of our own life ~ we = ½-way thru? + if we datastream w/ Sissyfuss as our guide, halve we push'd th boulder to th summit + now sheell roll down th udder side? halve we dun ∀ll th dirty work + now we git to reap waht we sow? or in terms of A Raft Manifest halve we apply'd ∀ll th L-bow grease, petaling + paddling upstream ~ tackin 'gainst th wind ~ + now th segund ½ = smooth sailin? not that this aint not th reason we = here in Portlandia, to celebrate, we here fo thxgivin, our bedder-½ gots kin here. we aint got no kin left here ~ ~ big year in generule for milestones, 2016, ∀ll in increments of 5 ~ our bedder-½ turn'd 45, we turn'd 50 today + next month = our 20° anniversary ~ but 2016 cd go down as th worst year in th hystoria of this planet based on utter recent events, not to menshun ∀ll th deaths this year ~ but we aint gonna try to preoccupy ourselves too much bout this shit ~ as we sed in our last post we dont got kids so dont take no stock in th fewchair of this here planit, xcept for th fine animals + th planit herself + those who aint got no voice ~ but what kin 1 person do? th majority have voted + seems we've chosen a crash-course to self-destruction ~ just hope death to huminsanity comes quick + painless + harms th least # of plants + animals as possible.

Cross'd th bridge of gods back INT. Oregon. Along th Colonvia to Portland. Staying @ a place on th Willamette. «Clothing optional» th bearded hipster politely informed us, th restaurant farm-to-fork. Since we dont got a Prius valet parking = $30. Walk'd int' town. Saw a bald eagle. Did ∫um shopping at Niketown. Went to Powell's of corse. Ate shitake ramen. Saw lots of white people. ∀ll th clichés of Portlandia. Went to Beaverton for dinner. Dont feel no ∆iffrent turnin' 50. Yeah, ok, felt a bit rickitty these past few years .. @ times gimpy, little running injurys, but takes longer to heel. Eyesight's goin' or gone to shit. We grumpyer. Less tolerant of bullshit. Dont sleep as well. Wake up in th middle of th nite mo just lying there datastreaming bout this fuck'd moondough .... + now raining, dear Inurnet. Can see de river outside in th darknest. Th next day now, 4 am, still no lite to shed on herself.

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